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  1. Have you contacted Support? Link at the bottom of this page under Connect With Us
  2. Peeve forum notifications. If someone quotes me, I lose the notification of this in the drop down anid a sea of notifications that someone reacted to my post. I don't care about reactions but I would like to check/reply to a quote. Maybe it's me and I am missing somewhere that I can choose just to be notified of quotes and not reactions?
  3. I wasn't brave enough to look under the sheet!! Also not brave enough to watch horror movies but I still know what a sheet with feet usually means
  4. I'd be very worried if @Alwin Alcottblocked me. Even being friendly he sent me a dead body once 😮
  5. the way I guess is if someone posts a lot and their posts don't have any reactions or requoting, I pretty much assume its because they are blocked by so many people they are just yapping pretty much to themselves.
  6. OMG I do this all the time. Just right now I went to laugh at something and found myself stalking @LittleMe Jewell 😇
  7. When did this thread change from venting to spamming random links?
  8. Just add as a new credit card as per knowledge base
  9. I was just thinking, those who complain about cold tea have never had or don't remember having babies, making a cuppa, settling down to drink then waaaaahhhhhhhhh feed me/change me/amuse me time. An hour later you are just grateful for a sip of tepid wetness before it all kicks off again.
  10. I have never looked closely but I think people also put playlists on amazon music these days
  11. Just thought I should mention though Spotify is a good place to discover music, you can't stream from Spotify to SL. You can find music you like then go buy it from wherever.
  12. Spotify is full of genres of music. They claim 40 million and growing. You can easily find yourself in a rabbit hole of different music after just looking at one song. playlists.net is also a good place for ideas which takes you to spotify playlists.
  13. but does that make you a REAL vampire though? 😁
  14. From their website https://www.tilia-inc.com/contact/
  15. Brace yourselves for the 2021 edition of Second Life is dying.....
  16. Resident suggestions given to them at the beginning when they had a contest.
  17. They need to contact support and talk to Linden Lab by filing a support ticket. They are the only ones who can help with verification. They will probably ask for proof of identity like a passport or drivers licence
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