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  1. I am not worried about SL becoming a haven for hate groups, right or left, and I'm not worried about anything that is a TOS violation. LL seems (in my limited experience) to be good at squashing that. No what worries me is people like this: Yes, I know the person who started this thread is completely clueless and most likely a troll, but that doesn't mean he's harmless. He is objecting to something that's well within the TOS and well understood in SL to be consensual. I am still concerned that enough people like him could, if they get mad enough pressure Amazon into cancelling SL. N
  2. The recent news that Amazon kicked Parler off of their cloud servers has me very concerned for the continued operation of Second Life, given that SL has been uplifted to the cloud and is now running on Amazon's servers. Regardless of the merits of Amazon's objections to Parler, Amazon has basically crippled or maybe destroyed an internet service because Amazon objected to Parler's content. I am quite sure that anyone who looks could find lots of SL content or communities they would object to, right-wing and left-wing. Just a search for "Misogyne" produces 30 results to which I'm sure most
  3. LLahal and lahal Koters and Koteras. If you know what that means, please reply or IM me (Bratch! 😆). I've been looking for Dray Prescot fans and have been thinking about creating a Valka SIM. I'd love to hear from anyone else who knows about my favorite hero. Let's stick it to those Goreans and show them what a *real* hero looks like
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