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  1. possibly this If the Merchant hasn’t logged in in two years *and* a specific product hasn’t sold in 1 year, the product will be unlisted. If the Merchant hasn’t logged in in two years *and* the store hasn’t sold anything in 1 year, their store will be disabled.
  2. well sometimes, when the forums are slow... the urge to peek at stuff is strong 😂
  3. So glad I don't have the picture threads in my forum feed for reasons like this.
  4. Listening to this because RIP Gerry Marsden. 😢 Legend around here and a song that has graced many occasions in my life
  5. If you are premium, you can use live chat and ask them to look at it. If its been less than certain number of years, your store would not have fallen into the catchment of those deactivated
  6. Not for me but next time a student comes to the forums wanting to study us, maybe we could point them here and leave them to it
  7. I always thought there were some seriously weird people in SL. This thread has evolved to prove that to all
  8. Find what? We identified the song as you asked and Tari even linked it. Not sure why you found my answer amusing after I went to the trouble of looking for it for you.
  9. it tells you in the video description?? Song What Are We Waiting For Artist Danny Rose Album What Are We Waiting For
  10. That's because the menu only goes to one sitter for couples and the dance only starts if your partner picks. you also won't get a menu if nobody is on the 2nd ball. If you are both sitting on the balls then touch the dance ball again and you should get a menu to choose dances. I have also seen it where a couple both touch the dance ball and therefore both get a set of rezzed balls. Then they end up sitting on a separate set of rezzed balls and nothing works.
  11. I was thinking of this (which without words only some will get) #
  12. Sunday morning I logged in to visit a friend. There were 8 of us when I tp'd in and everyone was a cloud for maybe 20 seconds max before they all appeared completely normally. Personally I prefer the cloud rezzing in than the flying mesh body parts.
  13. I wonder how many of you boys squirmed a little when I mentioned her name 😂
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_and_Lorena_Bobbitt
  15. I guess it could be worse. We haven't had the thread from the guy with explosive diarrhoea yet these holidays.
  16. I actually expected someone else first Anyway, we are being trolled. The OP was viewing/visiting though not "discussing" this thread for hours after its creation. Also this is their 2nd ever post and I cannot find their first post, suggesting it was removed in the past. Finally, shouldn't this be down in the adult forums?
  17. Check your block list. You might have blocked the dance instead of accepting the animation.
  18. We are all residents here like you. Linden Lab staff will never (or very rarely) see your issue Aishagain is correct. Contact support. Theres a link at the bottom of this page under connect with us.
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