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  1. do you happen to know transcribe and audioswitch webpage and are these windows/mac android/iPhone?
  2. AH, if you been to a class on how to do something, and the presenter is voice then you're sitting in silence! People who hear don't understand that you just can't turn up the volume. According to the this website (https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/statistics/quick-statistics-hearing), 15% report some sort of hearing loss. Perhaps you don't understand that I get a notice about a great place to be, or a seminar of something cool and get there to only find it's voice and I can't hear it and participate!! If anything being able to translate a voice to a text file would be great for presenters who wish to have a written transcript. ALSO what about the those who suffer with dyslexia? they are just the opposite, typing and reading typed text is hard for them. This would be good for that health disability too.
  3. AH! one more point.... I was informed by someone that people who don't speak English could also benefit with a voice to text by passing the text into a language translator!
  4. With my loss of hearing a lot of voice actives are no longer possible without help. The best solution I can do is to have an phone app that 'hears' the conversation and displays it as text on my phone. Trouble with that is the phone needs to be close to speaker and ties up my phone. I am using windows 10 and I wonder if anyone has worked out how to get MS voice services, Alexia, Google, etc to listen in on the PC and even with a desktop app type a response that a synthesized voice will speak in SL? If anyone has done this please share, or I understand some are working with software for dictation & gamers maybe doing something similar too. So if you have any input Please share your experiences, suggestions, or links!
  5. another suggestion to determine if a string or number. Once you determine if it is a number then you can truncate or round to an integer afterwards. integer isNum(string s) { s = llStringTrim(s, STRING_TRIM); integer l = llStringLength(s)-1; float Si = (float)s; llOwnerSay(s + ":" + llGetSubString((string)Si,0,l)); if(s == llGetSubString((string)Si,0,l)) { return TRUE; } else { return FALSE; } } default { touch_start(integer i) { if (isNum("-1")) { llOwnerSay("TRUE"); } else { llOwnerSay("FALSE"); } } }
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