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  1. This is forum feedback section. You probably need to put this in general discussion forum or merchants forum to get better responses
  2. I just used the app that predicts when I will get it and it says the same for me. It said June originally but that was before I remembered to tick the box for having MS. I am good with that. They should know a lot more by then.
  3. Well the result of me telling my sister not to come on Christmas Day if she and my niece were going out celebrating in the days before is... she has decided going out on the lash for those days before are more important and so won't be coming. Win for me, I can stay in my PJs all Christmas Day and not need to worry about all my crockery matching I do actually feel kind of mad with her right now over her priorities but que sera sera.
  4. We have been talking about the log in issues for both marketplace and dashboard over here
  5. If you can't log in to raise a ticket it gives the option to log in as guest so they can explain but since so many have the issue it might be better to just watch the grid status and see if they are working on a fix
  6. A lot of us are having the same issue with the marketplace and dashboard For future issues anyone can file a support ticket by following the links on the website or here on the forums https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  7. It could well be. I have logged in without clicking the remember me fine. Then logged out again. Then logged back in again, this time trying the remember me and now it all seems to be working as normal and it is remembering my log in details as usual.
  8. More weirdness, I tried to log in without ticking the REMEMBER ME ON THIS COMPUTER option and I am now logged into the dashboard and the marketplace as normal.
  9. @Arduenn Schwartzman More issues for me. I just tried to purchase something from the marketplace, as far as I was aware I was logged in. I searched a previous purchase of a demo and it found it so I attempted to buy the full version. On doing so it asked me to log into the marketplace again and now I am back to that blank screen.
  10. Live chat isn't open for a good few hours I think. 5 or 6 am slt if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I needed to use it.
  11. Nah mine is the same. I can log in my alt but I can't log in Cindy. I get the blank redirect page on her
  12. *pockets Phil's hearing aid batteries and skips off to watch the footy giggling*
  13. Venting about Christmas and Covid. Just had to compose a difficult text to my sister to say in a nice way if she and my niece are planning on going out places celebrating in the days before they come to my house for dinner on Christmas Day, don't bother coming into my bubble. Then I get the snarky .. "well if you don't want us, you just have to say" (with the 4 kisses that come at the end of everything she texts) I never said I don't want you, I don't want you bringing any virus in because I see your pictures on Facebook every weekend of you out and about and I am pretty sure that won't change in the days before Christmas. I didn't say that, just thought it. Now I am the one feeling bad, through no fault of my own for wanting to keep myself and my boys safe.
  14. I've seen a couple of other complaints about it around the forums. I just got an offline though so it's not everyone
  15. Reversing my earlier peeve. Workmen have left. My new doors are amazing. They cleaned up after themselves, even hoovering right through the house not just in the door areas where they had worked. Wiped everything down with anti bac wipes and off they went. My toilet was spotless. \o/ It was a bit of a stressy day being confined to one room and the noise but the result now is worth it
  16. They are still here. The radio is off now. Most of the doors are hung (there were 7 new oak doors) just waiting on the handles to be fitted and then I can kick them out and go check the toilet (Bored now, GET OUTTA MA HOUSE)
  17. Peeve: Workmen who turn up at my house, immediately put on a crap loud radio station and demand tea and coffee when they can see I am trying to get the kid off to schoo.l (and now I am freezing because all the doors are off and the front door wide open) I pointed them at the kettle and said help yourself.
  18. Cindy Evanier


    Did I pass? I forgot to revise
  19. Theres a lot to read in the knowledgebase
  20. When did you open the ticket? It can take time get a reply, especially at the weekend or busy periods.
  21. I made myself a feed and just have forums I want to read in it. EG when I had a linden home, I had those forum topics in it. Now I don't have a linden home I have removed that from my feed and only read that if I actively want to read it. So I just click "Unread Content - Cindy" Cindy being what I named my feed as I was feeling imaginative that day.
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