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  1. good, always nice to find others older than me 😛
  2. As I approach my 16th rez day I was wondering who was the oldest active member of this world. 05/16/2005 is the day I stumbled into this life
  3. My land loard has lost there sim and All of my home and such are still there but I can Not get in to pick my house and other things up. please help..... Reahastar Kitty
  4. Sighs I was hoping it would be that ez but sadly not, But I did discover a strange quirk, If I wear an outfit that has a jacket layer then the middriff is covered, also found that the tattoo layers will not show up unless worn as clothing, so strange that this just started happening Have uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers and made sure I had the latest ones
  5. All of a sudden none of my outfits rez properly, the Middriff is always uncovered even on full catsuites I have cleared cache uninstalled and reinstalled the sl viewer, Phoenix and firestorm all to no affect. there have been no changes in my pc in over a year and this just started happening in the last few weeks, would be very greatful for any help
  6. does LL offer a short term sim rental>? we are planning a very larg wedding and are wondering if it is possible to rent a full totaly empty sim for say 48 hours the wedding party alone is 20 people then theres the staff as well as about  30-40 guests.
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