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  1. It makes me think of someone who isn't here this Christmas for the first time. Kind of sad but also happy memories.
  2. Your description seems familiar to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember seeing something like this at The Looking Glass but it was over a year ago and I might easily be mistaken.
  3. There are a few threads in the forums about it from earlier in the week. Logging out of the marketplace (as in part it thought I was logged in) then logging back in, fixed it FOR ME. Here's one and of course the grid status https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/8qssywpq44nv
  4. Have you reported it? I mean LL might not even be aware there's an issue if nobody has filed a ticket.
  5. I answered here. You were over your allowance according to the peak use
  6. Judging by your picture at some point even if it was only for a moment in the previous tier month you owned a Peak of 51,536 which is over your allowance of 50,176. So that is why you were charged more.
  7. Contact support with a ticket. They will do what they can to recover your account. Theres a link to support at the bottom of this page
  8. I think there really is a song for everthing 🙄 This is for @Scylla Rhiadra Thank you for my croissant
  9. I think you have to specify which group roles get the L$ paid into your group. (It's been a while since I had any group that was paid L$) If this is a new problem and you were getting paid previously then ignore me
  10. Well that needs changing after what he just announced for the south
  11. Peeve - the virus is mutating and Boris just cancelled Christmas more or less for a lot of people.
  12. It does seem odd and it was kind of training my body to do it but when it started to work, I was then sleeping much better at night. I only stopped doing it when my neurologist put me on a new medication for fatigue and I rarely have to take a daytime nap since lockdown meant I am stuck in the house and not very active.
  13. Jeeez that song should wake up anyone Thank you
  14. Time difference, its almost 4 pm for me now. Almost time for bed again 😂 Song for @LittleMe Jewell
  15. We can pull it back. I am starting to have ideas now that I am a bit more awake.
  16. Have a look at "Coffee Nap" I found the technique really worked for me when I was suffering badly with MS fatigue.
  17. I don't know many well enough to dedicate a song but for @Phil Deakins For @Alwin Alcott
  18. I would be interested too as yesterday I clicked something and was suddenly stuck looking at myself when walking instead of looking from behind. I pressed what I though was default and was then looking down at the top of my head. The presets I presumed to be defaults until you create your own but they weren't what i expected. I must stop myself clicking things when I don't know what they do.
  19. OMG @Scylla Rhiadra Thank you so much, I almost choked on my croissant. This had the chance to be a fun thread until some people blunder in. So hopefully this is taken in the fun way it is intended Merry Christmas
  20. Someone beat you to it and I am sure the lindens won't want to monitor 2 ongoing peeve threads for the drama that always occurs 😂
  21. I am aware but when they brush it off as they did to LittleMe, what do we do?
  22. Are we supposed to use forums feedback or the jira then and not support for wonky forum stuffs?
  23. @Fauve Aeon I wish you had made that 2 posts because it looks like your text was referencing me as that
  24. Might have been stalking accidentally stumbled across his instagram for scientific reasons 😇
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