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  1. You can't name and shame people on the forums. Please remove the name of the avatar and flag the review on the MP if you think its wrong.
  2. and yet they are still here after all these years. Where is your big eye roll picture?
  3. Because like any relationship in sl or rl, not everybody has the same feelings/committment/love [add other nouns] as another. Your whole post is truly confusing to me. examples; that friend you make who IMs you the second you log in wanting/demanding attention when all you want to do it escape rl for a bit of peace or those people who are madly in love with their sl soulmate and partner within 3 days of meeting but the other side just wanted a quick bunk up and ghosts them on day 4. In your scenario you seem to have different expectations to the other party. They might be family to you but to them you are just someone they enjoyed roleplaying family with for a while and now something else has their attention.
  4. Yeah I am sick of telling people to duck off 🦆 That happened to me a lot on Wednesday but I just thought awww this feels like the good old days of 2009 when we wondered if we would ever get that item.
  5. How close to the 45 days are you? If its just a day it could just be falling the wrong side of a linden day. If you are premium, then you can use live chat when it opens and ask but I suggest waiting 48 hours after you expect the 45 days to be up and see if the payout comes. Stipends are usually paid on Tuesdays but at no set time of the day.
  6. The post you quoted is over 4 years old. Viewers change over time and its possible things are now different. No need to get angry about it
  7. No, I just sent an abuse report with my thoughts on the links being off topic and just spamming links with no discussion about someone needing to vent about Covid. No conspiracy, the mods can decide if I am correct or not. 🤷‍♀️ I have been upfront about it and I am pretty sure I am not the only person who reported them.
  8. Thanks BYE (sorry I had to say it before someone else did0 😇
  9. I wrote a long AR about those posts earlier in the week 🤞 Fingers crossed they listened and are on them fast
  10. you'll have more luck in the adult or employment forums
  11. Been shielding since March 2019. I have actually spent less time in SL than I did before that.
  12. don't say that in a busy club
  13. Can you explain a bit more? Emoting a baby is like /me screws up my face and cries or something like that but I don't think thats what you mean
  14. It could be she paid for a name change and its still updating or as Alwin said deleted or banned account. If it was a bug I would think it would affect more than one person but expect the unexpected
  15. I don't quite understand. Most people type in SL or will type rather than voice if you tell them you can't hear
  16. I was just thinking, I have 3 weeks left before everything goes wrinkly 😭
  17. Oh the irony. We all know who brought toxicity to the forums
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