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Found 10 results

  1. I am experiencing a very weird reset issue my emitter is in link four and is set by llLinkParticleSystem( fire_emitter,[ //Flames were fire-emitter is 4 Now when you save this script it seems to produce a particle from link 0 which makes no sense and there is no particle script in root to do this .I am confused what is causing this I have tried llParticleSystem([PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE,0.1]); state_entry() this does this with or without this and only when saving : https://i.gyazo.com/fc186e5cee18bfd85d006e811096a166.mp4 Now this does not do this when its reset and I can find no reason why its doing this particle emission.
  2. I tried to get into the Logo event for the new head to celebrate the anniversary. I paid the 1 linden for the head, and was waiting for the item to be delivered. Unfortunately, I was logged out of SL due to problems. The item was not delivered to me prior to me leaving, despite the money being taken. Do I need to pay again for the item to be delivered? Or if I wait long enough (even outside the sim), will it be eventually delivered to me? Thanks for your advice, I'm new to SL and this is my first really busy event so I don't know what to do. Update: I think a combination of the group tag not registering and the sim being really busy meant that money was taken but the transaction was never actually verified on Logo's end. Third attempt at the purchase seems to have triggered a transaction notice. I kept on being booted from the sim, perhaps because it was so busy, and so nothing was being delivered, but a kind user on SL eventually advised me to re-deliver the item from another Caspervends machine, and that worked!
  3. list List = ["n","n","13056ed9-7351-446d-b7ee-3152aeffed1a"]; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { list TOUCHER = [llDetectedKey(0)]; integer found = ~llListFindList(List,TOUCHER); if(found){llSay(0,"Found");llSay(0,(string)found);} else{llSay(0,"Not Found");llSay(0,(string)found);} } } Result when touched: [14:37] Object: Not Found [14:37] Object: 0 The integer that is reported should be 2, corresponding to my UUID in the list when it matches my UUID upon touching the object. -1 means it was not found in the list by listfindlist. As far as I know (found) should be triggered when the integer is not negative. As you can see, it's not finding my UUID in the list and listing it's integer as 0... when it should be -1 for failed find or 2 for the list position. I've been messing with this for a few days and am completely lost as to how to make it work.
  4. Hey, is there a way I can make my avi touch an object via a script? I've been looking for a while and there's been nothing I found, thanks for any help!
  5. Okay, I switched to dark mode (white text on blackish) and I hate it. But I have lost where I did the switch. I tried settings, no, profile, no... Where is it? Thankies.
  6. I have been struggling to do this correctly, take things as slow as possible, and really understand this lovely world. I bought an extremely nice looking Sailor Jupiter outfit from here for my girlfriend. She's trying to use the Morgan model and equip the outfit, but if required, she's not set on the model. When she equips the skirt, it equips sideways. It's nomodify, so I can't edit it, and otherwise it looks great! (picture attached) Additionally, I noticed they're all labelled "(resizer)", any ideas on how to utilise this feature? Edit: Very obvious, just click the items lol. Thank you for your time :).
  7. I want the word "ass" in chat to trigger a twerk animation. I've named everything correctly but the animation doesn't trigger. Is my script wrong? I have purchased this script from a creator, please don't use without permission.
  8. hi everyone. I'm having a problem with my naked avatar which I keep as a base onto which i can then add clothes etc. It's always worked before but now i have some clothes on. Its as if I had added them then saved over my naked one except I haven't. They're not in my 'Naked Maitreya' avatar or my Current outfit (please tell me I haven't missed them). The attached image is of my avi with the inventory/current outfit and the saved outfit. Could these items be appearing on my avi without me asking? I've relogged/rebooted/changed avatars etc. it still comes back to any outfit using this maitreya body. Please help. thanks. S
  9. I couldn't find any scripts that just have wisping smoke that lingers in place.. all the ones I found shoot it in a cone or explode it. Is it possible to have a simple wisp effect that is left when an avatar moves/wisps around the avatar?
  10. good day someone can give me a hint for solving my problem i have a box with allowdrop active trought function i want to move item dropped inside the box to other item rezzed on floor,now the problem if i have only one item rezzed the script work without problem, when i use the function for having a spare copy of the item , the script give to me the error unable to find destination 1° object uuid is obtained trought llisten string a 2° object uuid using sensor ( i used llsay for check if the script work,and llsay give to me the correct uuid of the item)
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