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  1. I sold my private region in the For Sale by Owner group in May 2009. A very useful group. I personally would recommend getting your feet wet on mainland first unless money is no object. Learn how to select good mainland, start small, and increase your land holdings gradually as parcels become available. It is true, you may never own the entire region if people never move on but in the current climate there is also a possibility you could own it one slice at a time. Solely relying on renters to pay tier is not enough of a business model, you need to offer *more* than what the others are of
  2. Live Chat is sleeping and I find support unsupportive these days. I'm on the local payment system beta which means I can't pay with Paypal anymore but have any international residents successfully cashed out via Paypal on this system? I need to cash out and I'm considering if I have to do it via Wire if Paypal is not working. Thanks for the answers, it appears that despite the local payment system beta, Paypal is an option for cash out - It is processing now, or appears to be,
  3. I keep my office on my fee free premium 512 sq m in Levkoy. It is a nice size and I have a tree and swing all at ground. I prefer being at ground level and always try to avoid sky, it just doesn't cut it for me, being at ground level is much more fun. I live within my 1/4 region in Trueblood so I am less pressured than most.
  4. Excellent guidance. And yes, I agree it is a ploy.
  5. I'm not averse to the idea but I would be scared they would break it. Unlike most posters here I do feel they could probably find the money, if they really wanted to. I had no use for Avatars United but I do use Twitter.
  6. I refuse to deed land anymore, most things I get around by purely setting land to a group but for media I use a radio, with the URLs programmed in and it either runs off an access list or is set to public access. I have people changing my stream several times a week and it works fine.
  7. Some of my items were recently delisted, I'm not entirely clear how to correct them and I am so irritated I can honestly say I may not bother to relist them. All this crock does is just make me think I'll delist everything because I truly cannot be bothered with it. I will think about it this weekend, I really do not need the aggravation.
  8. My recourse, is normally what you have done already, if I am buying something "big" or from someone who can be a bit "iffy", I buy it from the Marketplace. If notecards for support or any other reasonable contact is ignored I then review both the product and customer service (giving them 24-48 hrs notice usually to correct it prior to leaving the review). I shouldn't have to do it but it's life. Some people have idiotic store policies that forget we are customers and preach about how we should or should not make contact instead. If I have had no contact, I probably would not review until I
  9. I see a lot of desirable mainland, it just requires more innovation and inventiveness. And I used to own a private region so have experienced both types of land. When buying mainland you need to choose wisely and have a variety of options in terms of dealing with neighbours "taste" in architecture. However, my 512 sq m of mainland elsewhere (I own 1/4 region in Trueblood and 512 in Levkoy) has neighbours who are mostly sympathetic to the environment, except for minor annoyances further down the parcel chain. Mainland living is not for everyone, but I think it is great, I like the design ch
  10. I think there are a variety of safer delivery methods, as already mentioned. I personally have received items from download sites without incident, but not the one mentioned and also via email. I would be happy to forward items to customers over email, or place them on a safe download site - there are many. This can all be avoided with a bit of research and careful planning on the sellers part.
  11. I am very interested in lending a hand if you need it. I will try and visit in-world soon.
  12. It could well be down to that, from a business perspective. But their losses are going to outweigh any benefits, and here is why... I asked to be taken off the local payment system and put on the old US system because it is making my life hell, no one will do that for me. The idea in theory is fine, the reality is a disgrace. I'm caught up in the local payment system drama, my billing info is fine for everything but recurring payments e.g. mainland fees so my account has been on the brink of delinquency. In the meantime, I am inconvenienced through no fault of my own as manual payments
  13. Vassnia also does a Union Jack Dress, not sequin'd though.
  14. There is a Solution Providers private forum and the Merchants Roundtable, those are the only two I can access.
  15. Check out Romantic Spots in the destination guide. I know normal folk get in it now as I am in it under that category (or was last time I looked). It is being updated in a big way. I keep meaning to rent my Japanese themed honeymoon house as a holiday let but forget - I am sure others do similar.
  16. I can't buy either, says transaction cancelled when I did no such thing, UK based. Support were uninspiring on live chat and telephone, to say the least. Was promised an email I never got, an email acknowledgement that again I never got and told I will receive an update in 72 hrs, not holding my breath.
  17. I am in the UK and get this: LindeX™ Exchange: Payment Cancelled We are unable to complete your request. Your payment was cancelled. Try Again I rang LL after an unsatisfying Live Chat conversation and had to email a screenshot to Billing as they can't fix it. They say they will update me in 72 hours which is a disgrace. In 4 years I've never had this carp. They made me feel like I'm a tard and it is something I've done. My tier and annual premium fees go out end of the month/early May. I assume this will fail too if they don't get a grip on their virtual reality. Edit:
  18. My neighbours are by no means bad, I do have a glowfest to look at on one side and have to endure buildings which are not to my taste but that is the price of mainland. I left an encroaching tree on my land for years because I couldn't be bothered to tell the neighbour to move it even though I didn't like it much, it is gone now. I do have a neighbour I do not consider to be a good neighbour, in that uppity/catty comments have been made. I muted her, job done. I'm not interested in getting into anything with someone like that, especially as my land is well received by most people and not
  19. I guess it depends what aim it has. Clearly posting events with a view to advertising on a forum would be pointless as there is an event calendar so I guess it is just event related issues/info/blah blah. I have no issues that can conceivably be resolved, I list my events monthly so have to post 5 at a time due to the spam guard assuming if I post a whole month I am the spawn of satan, but it is a necessary evil I suppose. The word filter is a bit hardcore but I understand why they feel the need for one. None of it is a huge trauma for me. Overall traffic fluctuates at events from none to
  20. My inventory is a disgrace, I am not going to say my number but multiplying by 6 might do it. I delete everything called object and new note, if I don't know what it is, I don't need to keep it. I used to store stuff in boxes until one went missing due to inventory loss, losing the inventory inside it. I give outfit layers that are trans ok to alts if I never wear them. I pass on trans outfits I don't want to noobs, but very few stuff is trans ok these days. Someone once suggested I use Second aka Stored Inventory to clean mine out. I do have it from way back so may do this, the interfac
  21. I sold my region via the For Sale By Owner group in May 2009. In fact I could have sold it three times over. It is a very active group. Would recommend it, but I was fortunately selling at just the right time (before prices tanked).
  22. I have these problems everytime I do the event listing and my event listings can in no way be construed as adult in any way whatsoever. It is a pain in the backside.
  23. Feel free to stop by my land, I'm not really a huge gesturebator but we welcome everyone, including furries.
  24. Everytime someone says something obnoxious to you say "thanks for that". Never say anything else. Repeat it in response to everything they say. Works every time.
  25. 19 Motorcycle is good, I got one from there. Some nice free things there too.
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