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  1. Definitely! When I first joined SL, was happy to simply sit back, relax, and cruise the rest of my life single. I joined SL simply to RP, and wanted nothing to cross over to RL Little did I know just how bonding RP’ing can be 3yrs later, I’m involved with my BDSM RL local groups, met two lovely subs via SL in RL…and now have one living with me. I sure as hell wouldn’t have wouldn’t done any of that without SL. I have no time to do what I had before in SL. I do miss it. I sometimes wonder if I knew what was in store, I may have not clicked ‘download’….and gone for something less social on the computer for entertainment. Nearly quit on the first week too for it being frustrating…but did my time on tiger island to learn about it. You make plans…but rather life getting in the way, it was SL for me
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xondar/163/183/61 95398L in total. Group owned land, but I’m the only owner/member with dividends selected. Cheapist Zindra land around I've seen so far, and large chunk
  3. Chin up, and we are out there. While I have no problem with utterly obedient sub’s who continually do the right thing, they’re just not for me. I love resistance and I relish the challenge put forth. As Freya mentioned in post earlier, there are fine reasons to be bratty. I’ve certainly heard of this complaint in world from sub friends. Alas I’m a master only for one, but a predator for everyone else who wishes to RP with my avi. Probably why my views are slanted.
  4. Hi all, Just helping a friend who’s on a 512K connection (and of course that’s not true speed, probably be 75% of that), who will be stuck on this connection speed for some months. I know sacrifices will have to be made. She’s told me she’s turned graphics down, but I’m not sure if that’ll help with bandwidth, or simply give the GPU some relief. Anyhow I thought up of some which should help with low speeds. -decrease draw distance -decrease LOD factor -decrease max avi’s - Aim for copper modem connection rather than wireless. (overheads with wireless, error correction if badly set up, etc) -all back ground net app’s off! (skype, etc) Anyhow else have any ideas, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Horror/dark themed rp is what I love in SL. And this sounds like a very interesting concept. Will be contacting in game.
  6. Hi all, A friend of mine has managed to get some tiny prims in the floor of her sky box. Rotation: <0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000> Mass: 0.000010 Kg Physical-Size: x-size: 0.050000, y-size: 0.050000, z-size: 0.050000 Prims-In-Object: 1 And to make it better they’re invisible. They’re nigh impossible to click and select to delete. Is there a way to keyboard select these objects so she can delete them, or some other method? Thanks in advance 
  7. Hi, I’m still very new to SL, and I think I’ll be sticking around for a while yet. I’ve always been interested in the history of virtual worlds, even if I’ve never experienced them. So I’m interested if there are an examples of what the mainland use to be like say in 2004/2006/2008. Would LL have preserved some built area as a historic reference? Or are there scattered isolate plots around the place which somehow avoided the abandon land cull? ((which would be better, rather than a sanitised LL version )) 
  8. Hi all, Just been browsing at some land...and notice in description of some as 'low lag' or 'lag free'. Is this just a ploy added by agents to talk up their land? Is there a way to determine what 'low lag' land is?
  9. Thanks guys, just the answers I was looking for
  10. Hi all, When I first came into SL, a whole month ago, I met up with someone who was kind enough to show me some features of SL. One of them I remember was that we went into a bubble contraption and he rezzed skyboxes. Once finished I’m sure they were packed away, and we went and ‘bubbled’ into another skybox of his. I didn’t think of asking him, as everything was new and I thought I’ll work it out. I can’t seem to find information on how to quickly rez and de-rez skyboxes….just the basics about skyboxes, how to erect them, etc. ((create object, z axis in air, build, make sure their on your land )). I’m hoping there’s a way to set them up initially, pack them away, and then re-rez as you need them. Also another question. I just rented land myself, set up a skybox and took a whole night adding objects, adjusting them, getting them moved to the right place, etc. just over 400 prims. I’ve read horror stories of landowners suddenly pulling the plug and tossing their tenants out. I’m quite confident with the current landowner/manager I have now, however I still would like to know: Is it possible to save how my skybox is with all the objects in it as some sort of configuration file? I would hate that one day, all the objects are just dumped back into my inventory, scattered by the four winds! 
  11. Thanks for the advice! Yes I use Phoenix, and wasn't aware of that option there. Got my avi down to 18 scripts..never thought that possible. Woot!
  12. Hi all, My avi is around 87 scripts, however I brought these boots I love which brings it up to 270 scripts!!! I really don't want the sounds and options to recolor them (made a copy). I contacted the developer of the boots and he sent me a 'mod' version of them. I right click to edited them, went to the content section and removed everything (all sounds, kept one texture, removed one script). Howver this only brought it down by one. He sent a notecard that said 'fastest to use the viewer option: remove scripts in selection to remove all the scripts', but I'm not entirely sure what the 'viewer option' is. It's not the little blue menu which drops down top right, because there is no delete in any of the menu. Please how else would I bring down the scripts of a mod'ed version...there's this rp sim opening next week, and I'm sure I'll get some dark looks and a boot with 270 scripts.
  13. Hi, had a visit there with an RP friend. We'll certainly keep an eye out on this place...it's very impressive what you have done so far!
  14. Jenzels

    Buying Linden

    Hi, I have a fair bit of US dollars in my account. I've look all around the help sections which say I can use the US dollar account to exchange for Linden. I type in the amount in the US dollar section, and let the web browser with it's connection to 2nd life exchange that to Lindens. Everytime I do that I get this message Due to market fluctuations, your order of L$ xxxxx now costs more than you have paid. The full amount of your payment has been returned to your account balance, which you can use to make future purchases or try your LindeX™ purchase again. I was hoping the number entered automatically was the current exchange rate, but it appears not. I tried typing much lower linden amounts and get the same message, it seems to be fixed at 1US/250L. Do I need to find a 3rd party to exchange, or do I need to play games like I'll offer X amount of US for Y amount of L....24hrs later, offer refused. I'll pay x for y...24hrs, offer refused! Where's the help for this! Many thanks
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