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  1. Well, I bought some L the other day. So, let's hope this thing starts letting me sell them.
  2. I'm 947 days old and get on SL a few times a week.. hm.. I'll just have them check it out then. Thanks.
  3. I entered my billing information today but my L$ selling limit is still at 0. I can buy L$ but my limits haven't changed. Did I do something wrong? O.o Or do I just have to wait a while?
  4. Okay, so I'm not a land owner BUT I live on land my friend owns. She wants me(and other residents on that land) and her husband (other owner) to have access to changing the media. Her husband tried to change the url but he said he couldn't type anything in. I have the same problem. The only one able to change the url is my friend. She wants that to be fixed.. so does anyone know what could be the problem? Is there a box she may have forgotten to check?
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