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  1. Thank you to whoever abandoned this one https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Redding/124/188/0 - My alt caught it on his last try.
  2. Ugh I keep getting my non Caithness abandon back so wasted 3 goes.
  3. Yeah I will never give up Heath Cliff, and Medicine Hat is similar but with more trees. I am now in the awkward position where my riverside plot in Parlouf is too good to give up (stunning), and Heath Cliff and Medicine Hat are so lush and green, with a secluded feel - I don't think I can do much better now lol
  4. The Lostbell abandon was me, I stealth abandoned hoping to get the Vic by the river and nearly did but was pipped at the post. I got a nice cliffside/pond view Medicine Hat Trad though, and I like that area (I have one in Heath Cliff).
  5. Thanks, I have 3 currently, I need to make a decision which ones to abandon, or not, so I might miss this one
  6. I preferred the Vics originally but now I prefer the Trads. I prefer a single story simple house with a lot of garden.
  7. They are nice, I took pics but I won't post them here. I predict a mass abandoning.
  8. Yeah it is a great time for houses. I am a bit stuck though, I have trads in Heath Cliff, one by a river, and this one in Lostbell. I don't think I want to lose any of them!
  9. Tried my alt again just in case he had a house left in him, and picked up a trad in Lostbell that isn't too far from the water. Might stay put again. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lostbell/36/102/36
  10. I got a couple but was locked out on the naughty step for 24 hours lol
  11. I didn't understand the lemonade thing, but as someone who found out they have a vitamin D deficiency today, I need to move lol (I am in the UK).
  12. I had a Drover home last night, I caught two actually, but the ones I had were underwhelming. The Catherine one would have been nice as I have Heath Cliff on my main av (this one) and Wuthering Heights is my favourite book but I think they have a region called Earnshaw anyway.
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