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  1. Yeah it is a great time for houses. I am a bit stuck though, I have trads in Heath Cliff, one by a river, and this one in Lostbell. I don't think I want to lose any of them!
  2. Tried my alt again just in case he had a house left in him, and picked up a trad in Lostbell that isn't too far from the water. Might stay put again. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lostbell/36/102/36
  3. I got a couple but was locked out on the naughty step for 24 hours lol
  4. I didn't understand the lemonade thing, but as someone who found out they have a vitamin D deficiency today, I need to move lol (I am in the UK).
  5. I have 3 gorgeous trads now, I can't upgrade another alt!
  6. I had a Drover home last night, I caught two actually, but the ones I had were underwhelming. The Catherine one would have been nice as I have Heath Cliff on my main av (this one) and Wuthering Heights is my favourite book but I think they have a region called Earnshaw anyway.
  7. I think Billydoo might be released next. It's a hunch.
  8. My alt got it I think. It was an upgrade on the previous Vic I had.
  9. There are loads of Victorians that are almost finished, regions upon regions of them (if you fly around you will see the moles building them). There will be plenty of Victorians soon enough and all those who have Victorians now but want a better location will be releasing and having a gamble.
  10. I am thinking that the person (forgive me, I was scrolling on my email so didn't note the name) who was speculating about London, might be onto something. I originally thought that, with London City being in existence, they might not but they already did houseboats which are available to rent at London City. In my opinion, LL did the houseboats better, so it is not a criticism. I also thought about the person who mentioned fisherman's cottages. Years ago (the boom years), unless I am going mad, I think LL had an office in Brighton. I don't think we have had a virtual Brighton in world for a few years now unless I have missed it (possible). That would be very cool.
  11. My alt just got this trad in Parlouf, corner plot by the river and bridge so that is me done until a new release as I have two great trads and a vic.
  12. At the fairground event while waiting for my alt to come off her 24 hour freeze from getting homes lol
  13. Caught a Vic at Morgall. Keeping it as they are too hard to get.
  14. Flying around the regions and I am in love with Pudding and Carrollton Bay. Was also looking at the as yet unbuilt unnamed Victorian sims.
  15. My alt picked up a trad in Gridlock. Nice big plot, neighbours either side, a Linden owned plot behind and train tracks over the road. Unsure. Might hold onto it and think about it lol.
  16. Picked up a Trad in Westlake. It has road on 3 sides and whatr looks like a pond nearby. Staying put for now on this alt, as this is her 4th home.
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