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  1. Hey folks, I am still writing up my travels of a few months ago, after taking a bit of a break. I have been really pleased with the responses, including those in-world. I am up to Part XI now, which is about halfway done. I am glad some of you are enjoying the journey. You can check it all out at http://lulutravel.wordpress.com/ Please leave comments or send me an IM in-world (loli sass).
  2. Daisy, thanks a lot! These are wonderful (although I feel even MORE naive about my own little journey now).
  3. Hey everyone! I just completed what I think is a major journey through Sansara. I wrote up a travelogue you can see if you like. I would love to see comments. I am pretty new at this sort of thing and was a little naive. I made a lot of silly mistakes, but I still hope you like it. http://lulutravel.wordpress.com Lulu Sass
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