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  1. Happy to say my real life partner and I met in SL in 2006, he moved to my state in 2007 and we've been happily together ever since. 14th anniversary this month. Depending on the people involved, anything is possible.
  2. Yes, one of my closest RL friends is in SL, and still is. We both took rather long breaks but since covid life started SL is looking interesting once again. I did meet my RL hubby in SL in 2006 and we're still going strong but he doesn't SL anymore.
  3. Yadni's was an SL institution, fun place to pick up cartons of crazy stuff... can't count the amount of people I took there. Found some really fun stuff among all the goodies, it's sad to see it go!
  4. Yeah, it has a goal: the goal is to get people to stop saying it has a goal.
  5. In SL since 2006, newbe. Obviously I don't spend nearly as much time on the forum as you do.
  6. It helped me, so there's that.- THANKS Shaade! Self appointed forum police crop up around here all the time, I guess they have nothing better to do.
  7. ZoeTick wrote: Shaade Fallen wrote: I feel pretty silly now, but hopefully this'll help someone else in future That's doubtful. Nice reply, Zoe... Shaade, that certainly could help someone else - it's exactly what this forum is for.
  8. What if someone actually has permission to make it, plus Square doesn't care if people remake her, free publicity. You clearly have no idea how copyrights and trademarks work.
  9. cateaua wrote: Good evening! I have been into making skins for some time, but I have a problem. I gained some experience and I can do then well, I think they are actualy good, but I cannot finish them.I cannot sell them as they are.They need to be adjusted, tuned up just a bit. Can you explain more or post pics of what you mean by 'they need to be adjusted?'
  10. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: Say i found some games related to gambling and you can pay them.. A Roulette table and some blackjack.. If i report it as gambling, will LL ever come out and look and check it out? Or it's worthless? why do you care? does it hurt you somehow?
  11. You may want to check and make sure you aren't wearing a 'cleavage' layer from a lighter skin and forgotten about it. I've done that so many times...
  12. Sorry, alphas won't cover up attached items. If the hair can be modified, make a copy of it and then choose the strands that stick out and edit them down to a small size that will disappear inside your head, or replace their texture with the transparent texture
  13. Rhys Goode wrote: I like local textures a lot, especially for something like an alpha mask. I can load the local texture onto my avatar and start dancing. (How the mask works when animated is my focus.) Then I can poke around in Gimp, tweaking the mask. As soon as I save it in Gimp, it gets updated on my avatar. *Much* better than having to upload and apply. Agreed - I love that when I save a new version of the texture it automatically updates on my avatar!
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