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  1. When I sold my private region in 2009 I was prepared to negotiate on things like transfer fees etc etc. I sold mine in this group, I believe https://my.secondlife.com/groups/4b169c85-4c84-957e-6834-58216d9a5390 but I don't know if it is still active. Worth noting that making a sim pay is extremely hard, and that is an understatement, be certain you can cover 295USD pm without it paying for itself before you buy. But I am sure you do not need me to tell you that. If you are outside of the US, VAT will usually be applicable too.
  2. I just saw the comments. This is a general reply to the OP but I refer to people specifically within it, they know who they are. I replied to the person quoting me in context with Dogboat so my reply was very much justified. But by all means call me Miss Thang if you like. You showed yourself up by your comments, not me, which is why you are lumped in the same category as Dogboat - I hope you will be very happy together. I am 35 not 16 and thank you to, I believe it was Melita but forgive me if I am wrong as I only skim read, who explained precisely why I can't metabolise medication. And g
  3. Thanks for the thread Scylla but people are being so rude I won't be replying anymore.
  4. I would explain but you have pre judged me so I have consigned you to the loser bin. I have not labelled myself, what an ignorant statement to make.
  5. Comments like that are why I am not "out" in RL. People are very ignorant, rude and think they are the first person to ever say it to people like me. I am interesting enough to the people that matter, I don't need to justify a formal diagnosis to anyone.
  6. The irony can be that when it is *you*, you don't always feel like being the trailblazer educating them through example LOL. I guess it never hurts to show people that you can hold down a full time job and not need to take copious amounts of lithium to do it (no offence to lithium takers, I can't metabolise meds) and I may be the first bipolar person that person has met. If they have only known me, their default assumption will be that a person with bipolar can do a job, and that is a cause I feel quite strongly about right now.
  7. Plenty of good clubs in SL. Numbers of people are meaningless if you can't navigate through the endless gesturebating and hoogasms to make any kind of "connection".
  8. I navigate away from the topic if I see it happen. It's snobbery and rude.
  9. It's not just sexuality or sexual identity, I am "out" as Bipolar 2 Rapid Cycling as my avatar but it's on a need-to-know basis in RL. If I was outed in RL my world wouldn't end. While I want to tell people in RL there is never really a right time for that conversation, and I have no real patience for other peoples prejudices. My sexuality and gender are the same in both lives.
  10. I understand the question, she is asking is it ok to sell items that have been customised/modified that are in the library or is it a breach of intellectual copyright. I just don't know what LL policy is on that - Anyone know the answer?
  11. In large coalesced object situations you will be contacted in-world post support case with a LM to Unpackistan. Happened to me recently.
  12. Just so you know, my security system allows me to set my range via prim corner markers. It is less obtrusive that way, it gives them chat and a blue menu and you can set the time of warning and set it to automatically boot it if they come back. I don't know if I'm allowed to say its name but I don't get commission lol, Triple Labs, I have the Grid Wide System which is overkill for most residents. There are domestic versions.
  13. Send me an IM when you get to Annapurna, I'll put the kettle on :-)
  14. Many people I have a lot of contact with in SL, I am in contact with outside of SL. But there are people who do just disappear with no message for a long time, some do eventually return and some don't. If it is not someone I am close to, I don't mourn their exit, I assume they are busy RL or their PC died (it can take a long time to save up for a new one).
  15. You sounded ok until you offered up Franks Jazz for a date venue (no offence Franks, not my cup of tea)
  16. I go by the Statistics Bar for monitoring dilation, FPS, how many scripted objects there are on the sim (active ones) and how many objects are on the sim. Where it is in the viewer depends on the viewer you use but you might you want to give it a go to see if its numbers differ. My view is that dilation drops several times a day if your place is open to the public, if they are only transient dips then it isn't really anything to worry about if you have a fair amount of traffic. My dilation briefly dips during a day, but it never stays down for long, and it can drop quite low too.
  17. Thursday 21 July 2011 ** Club Josephina 4 Year Anniversary Glitterball ** 1-2 pm SLTMapoo Little Live! 2-3 pm SLTDJ Mapoo Contest: Best Dressed (Glitter)Prize: 1000L (Prize Split Mode) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Annapurna/176/125/22 http://www.clubjosephina.com
  18. The 6 I have aren't very laggy. I never liked breedables but Meeroos are just that little bit more sensible, and cute.
  19. I got my first meero today, Lulzy,and I don't do breedables. He lives in my outdoor club via my picks on my profile. I bought him from a friend. He likes visitors but I'm still figuring it all out.
  20. I would say it is true of my friends in SL. My biggest issue in SL I find is people lacking in integrity approaching me and trying to get them to understand my position, which is usually not at all complicated. It goes something like this... manners cost nothing, don't leave them at the login screen and don't lie to me. I'm having the manners issue with my new neighbour at the moment.
  21. Likewise, feel free to contact me in-world if you want some help. I would suggest joining some groups in areas you are interested in, you can search groups, try a few different combinations. The Destination Guide is a good explore point and events are too - They don't always have to be clubby ones, some are art exhibitions and book readings.
  22. If he is deceiving his wife he might deceive you next, old fashioned principle but in reality has a hint of truth.
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