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  1. greetings, last july i attended a concert for the band HIM, was wondering are there any upcoming concerts happening anytime soon, me and my freind would like to go to a HIM concert. :)
  2. I need a Scrolling Marquee script that rolls text in an upward direction on a prim. Is there such a thing? :)
  3. hello, i am new to the forums, I am thinking about buying a region, i have several questions :) This is the largest amount of land one can buy in secondlife yes? How many parcels/section can you have on a region? And does land rent fast? or would i have an empty region sitting around with nobody interested in renting, cause i have to tell you the set up fee for 1000 bucks is alot of money and so are the monthy fees, if i had nobody to rent to cover the fees then i wouldn't be able to afford to get a region. thanx for any help or advice :)
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