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  1. I got Faydra's South Haven property and my alt got a Vic in Mountebank or whatever it is called that is across the road from the train tracks and railway bridge and the unreleased Vics next door.
  2. Releasing Libria at 11:35 am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Libria/220/112/23 It is a trad
  3. I might release this one later https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Libria/220/112/0 I like it but I am just not feeling it. I will post before I do.
  4. It does mean I have 3 trads though, all with water views, but no Vics lol. A good problem to have.
  5. A better view, still awful graphics lol Multi tasking and home hopping is a challenge....
  6. Ah I must have missed it in the lag lol It is a nice spot.
  7. I am working at the same time so my bandwidth is poor (this will show in the pic because my graphics are down low right now) but my house is the white one at the bottom left and there does not appear to be a beach back entrance/gate in the fence, unless I have missed it. It is a great location though. I might sleep on it.
  8. I might abandon that Libria one, the fence is annoying me, the houses either side of it are better.
  9. I just caught this one, it is beach, but kind of corner beach, I still think it is a keeper though https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Libria/220/112/0
  10. Thank you to whoever abandoned this one https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Redding/124/188/0 - My alt caught it on his last try.
  11. Ugh I keep getting my non Caithness abandon back so wasted 3 goes.
  12. Yeah I will never give up Heath Cliff, and Medicine Hat is similar but with more trees. I am now in the awkward position where my riverside plot in Parlouf is too good to give up (stunning), and Heath Cliff and Medicine Hat are so lush and green, with a secluded feel - I don't think I can do much better now lol
  13. The Lostbell abandon was me, I stealth abandoned hoping to get the Vic by the river and nearly did but was pipped at the post. I got a nice cliffside/pond view Medicine Hat Trad though, and I like that area (I have one in Heath Cliff).
  14. Thanks, I have 3 currently, I need to make a decision which ones to abandon, or not, so I might miss this one
  15. I preferred the Vics originally but now I prefer the Trads. I prefer a single story simple house with a lot of garden.
  16. They are nice, I took pics but I won't post them here. I predict a mass abandoning.
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