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  1. Historic mainland for rent in the heart of Second Life: - San Francisco Sims 2002 - Color Sims 2003 Protected waterfront, full 40/40 terraform. An exclusive address for discerning residents.
  2. Oh dear, a religious nut. My favorite is a Chinese female-Jesus cult that beat a woman to death in MacDonald's for not joining. Mind you, it's hard to compete with Jim Jones or the Moonies. I suppose in this media age, one needs more than charisma to start a religion; one needs sensationalism. To be honest, I prefer L Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer who deliberately set out to construct a religion. It worked a charm and he died rich.
  3. Well, there's odd, weird, eccentric, crazy, bat***** crazy...and then there's serious mental illness. I've met them all. My favorite bat***** crazy was a heroin addict who'd wander in and out of coherence like an old radio with a broken antenna; polite and completely harmless, but he could fall asleep mid-sentence. Serious mental illness is another story entirely. These people can be incredibly destructive, particularly to innocents who've never encountered it before. Such people should be eliminated from SL without hesitation. They are poison in the well. Never will I forget one person i
  4. @Ceka Cianci Magic, wasn't it? UC Black Legion was my fave DJ at SR. He had a knack for rolling out song after song that couldn't be resisted. There was a bunch of us that would go together, sometimes as different couples, sometimes the whole group. The guys were very cool, rarely any of the usual nonsense. Staff became family. Club Zero and Demonic were also very good and the avatars were amazing! What surprised me were the number of clubbers from the UK, France and Germany. Like me, they were on all night. I was a big fan of Emilie Autumn and Porcelain Black as well as Evanescence
  5. Back in 2006-2008, I used to go clubbing almost every night in SL. I'd log in at midnight my time (20:00 California/SLT), put on the headphones and head off to Sanctuary Rock or one of the Goth/EBM/Industrial clubs depending on who was DJ that night. I had 30 dances in an orb that I could switch between quickly as the songs changed. It meant memorizing the names of those dances and their code numbers (/99 play 26, for example). I was a clubber in RL, so wanted to reproduce real dancing in SL as best I could. Why go clubbing in SL, you ask? Well, I could smoke, the drinks were free, there was a
  6. My philosophy is simple: anything and everything is acceptable in SL and RL as long as it's consensual. Want to risk your life climbing Mount Everest? Go for it. What isn't acceptable is telling other people what's acceptable.
  7. I've been in SL almost daily for more than ten years. I've seen the changes coming down the pike, seen them imposed (usually against strong protest from the residents) and seen the results (usually bad). Regarding mesh, I thought it was interesting. When it arrived, I tried the clothes and it was a disaster. It was as if I had gone to MANGO and the salesgirl had said I'd have to gain five pounds to try on a pair of jeans and quit the gym to fit into a tank top. Meanwhile, she's advising my friend to consider breast enhancement and liposuction before attempting to try on an evening dress. Sorry
  8. This week is summer in the UK. We get one week per year, so everyone is out dancing around the maypole, chanting ancient songs. Tomorrow, we kill a goat in Trafalgar Square as a sacrifice to the Sun God. Needless to say, I'm out in the park daily.
  9. Crap Mariner, holy crap! Nice to see your name here.
  10. Interesting that your suggestion works now. I had tried it earlier, but the quote box stubbornly remained. There was no alternative but to post inside the quote box.
  11. What I was going to say before being snagged by the bug is that I agree with everyone about being ignored by LL. It was a bitter pill to swallow - and I railed against LL for its bad management - but all to no avail. Visions of Macbeth out on the heath, raging at the storm. The storm didn't care about Macbeth any more than LL cared about the forum or the intelligence and experience of its customers. Well, finally, exhausted, one accepts reality: denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance. I gave up and retreated to my home in SL. I guess this is one of those big lessons of life that we learn a
  12. Yes, awkward bug. It is a natural reflex to click Quote at the bottom of a person's post because it's where one would expect 'Reply'. The problem is that once one accidentally clicks Quote, it can't be undone. There is no way to clear/delete the resulting window. Even logging out doesn't solve the problem.
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