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  1. Thanks, I reckon I will have to keep the next one then. LOL
  2. Just picked up a trad in Sawtooth and I am not sure I want to keep it. Hmmmmm. How many goes do I get? Lol
  3. I upgraded another alt because I am really that bored, and got a trad in Creole that isn't really me. I don't want to get naughty stepped but will be giving it up.
  4. Medicine Hat looks nice and is near me in Heath Cliff, when my alt gets off his time out I might try to get one there.
  5. My alt is still on the naughty step so I am planting my garden in Heath Cliff
  6. Oh well, I'll pick up a nice cast off for him tomorrow lol
  7. My alt is banned for 24 hours from making anymore attempts. Dammit.
  8. I have a lot of alts, just not premium ones! How many do you have that are premium?
  9. When I picked up the home in Heath Cliff I was loitering in the area being nosey last night (UK time), and took this picture, then got my trad. I am a bit conflicted now. My alt has a trad in Stone Harbor and I have a trad in Heath Cliff. I also have a yen for a waterview Vic and Medicine Hat.
  10. The land page was deathly quiet for ages. I thought I would grab it. Until the next yen I get for something new.
  11. I took a huge gamble, I gave up my Vic because I wanted to live in Heath Cliff. I just picked up a trad there. I prefer Vics but I had a yen for Heath Cliff that would not go lol
  12. My alts kitchen so far, it's a Trad. I tried not to go too feminine for this one. In my earlier post I said the fridge was by Soy but it was by Culprit, this fridge is Soy. Kitchen Heart Homes Kitchenette PG (changed colour to white). cupboard/table is by Soy. Coffee grinder is by Post, gourmet food decor is 8f8 gacha. Cupboard is Elsie Pie by Spargel & Shine as are the contents and so is the dining table (Alison). The step ladder and herbs are by keke.
  13. So, am I right in thinking all the new homes are Victorian, as opposed to a new theme? Catching up.
  14. My alt picked up the Trad in Stone Harbour on the corner plot on the road opposite the harbour. I don't like trads as much as victorians but I like the location so will stick with that one for now.
  15. My alt just picked up a Trad in Dogwood. Having a look to see if I want to keep it or try again.
  16. I haven't upgraded an alt to get another one, honest... Do alts get sign up bonuses?
  17. It needs something else in the far corner not in view, and the fridge is not animated plus is the wrong colour, but I like that it is retro (it is Soy). The kitchenette is by Heart Homes. The house is the Victorian - The Verne and the blue kitchen is a custom colour.
  18. I am loving my Victorian in Demitasse. They are quite a challenge to grab so I am hanging onto it for now, I think.
  19. Yeah, my friend got addicted too after seeing me do it and picked up a waterside camper straight away. I think the campers might actually be nicer than the houseboats in terms of feeling more spacious. I haven't tried a Victorian yet. I assume a traditional is a normal house?
  20. I am so bad. I played with my camper then abandoned it and got a houseboat straight away.
  21. What was the rationale behind them being 512, do you know?
  22. Very late to the new style Linden Home party. I wanted one of the new Linden Homes as I now have enough tier for it and started watching the page, missed out on a Victorian and a Houseboat but just picked up a camper, not quite by the water but near the road and path in Castlwellan Overlook. I might wait before abandoning it and getting something else because I haven't actually figured out which style I prefer. They are much better than the old style Linden Homes though. Loving the landscaping, very pretty.
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