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  1. Been premium since May 2007, currently got 1/4 of a mainland region plus my 512 sq m fee free elsewhere for when I need to escape. I've always owned directly from LL either via mainland or for a private island so probably always needed premium membership. I pay annually as I get clobbered for VAT and it makes it a bit cheaper. Stipend gets swallowed on classifieds but is very nice.
  2. I find it odd you never got an email and here is why. Ever had the email notification that LL need to take over your account to investigate for 30 mins and it is generic, something your av might have seen or done. This has happened to me twice in 4 years, both times I got an email before they did it and an email after saying they were done and I could have my account back. Both times I never found out why. I assumed people had ARd me, club owners can rack up a few ARs over the years, most loon ones. I know this is not the same as administrative hold and may be a different dept but it is an example of how they communicate.
  3. The only real issue with mainland for me is neighbours, and I've owned a lot of mainland. I have nice plots of land but had to get creative to get rid of glowing monstrosities and my script performance is constantly bad due to a self replicating physics scripted thingy on some plonkers land near me. I can't tell him to move it so I'm stuck with running a business in that environment praying he moves. Object issues such as parcel encroachment I easily solve myself because I feel confident asking people to move things in that scenario. I think it is about doing your research before you move in and trying not to stress yourself out when you get selfish people causing you issues. The random traffic you get on mainland is a constant source of entertainment for me and a feature I missed when I owned a private island for a year. It's not all bad, the powerlessness I feel about performance being broken by my neighbours is the only thing that wears me down. Your nice mainland can change overnight if someone moves in with a truly unique idea of beauty and I think having coping strategies in place helps.
  4. Yeah I have to say running events has got far harder than it used to be due to diminished visibility in search, events disappearing when I know I've listed them, things like that, niggles adding up really.
  5. I have a feeling if you list the event before you change the landing point it works. I'm sure i've done this. I list the event on search then change the landing point after. Give it a test go and let me know if it works.
  6. A bit too white, though I totally understand the convenience of white, I have similar issues with the Marketplace but for those of us with visual problems an accessibility widgety thing on all white LL sites enabling us to change the background colour might be considered to be kind. I've seen the widgety thing on a UK University site. A minor grumble as I don't want to wear my fugly speshul glasses.
  7. LOL this was in relation to Venus' post about an adult section but it didn't make it look like a reply - A very valid point, I hope it is taken on board.
  8. I am finding that so-called event spamming groups are becoming increasingly less effective, probably because all members are advertisers and the ones who aren't have notices turned off. The SL official event listing is ok but I release my schedule monthly which means I can no longer list a legitimate month in one sitting as only 5 events can be listed in a 24 hr period. I am finding though that there are less spam events, so maybe it is just a trade off. I am a 1.23 LL Viewer user mind you so I cannot vouch for the accessibility of events displayed in search via V2. I use my groups, one pay per notice group, my subscribe-o-matic (which rarely bears fruit these days) and hope for the best. I am trialling the Second Life advertising beta this week to see how effective that is but the cost is a bit prohibitive for club owners with very little income, so it might not be done every month. I use Avatars Events (free) and I am about to advertise on SL Universe (free event forum and paid banner ads) and a radio station (paid) too. I do attempt to maintain a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account, although I don't want to spend all my time listing events in a zillion places with no reward. I want to work smarter, not harder and I find Google calendar particularly useful for this - I have a Google event board in my club linked to my Google calendar and it is also embedded in the clubs website.
  9. I think too much is made of event security. I run a system where the volume of events is never beyond what myself, and staff, can cope with in terms of security. Cheaters can easily be spotted as can spammers, and if a tight ship is run there are no real threats to security. Clubs try to grow too big too quickly and burn out, for little reward. This is usually why they close. As for the recent fuss over alts, they are easy to spot without the need for dodgy databases stored in some random persons basement. Stopping object entry and the running of scripts are two basic functions that can be configured on the land, mine are set to group only, as is rez. I have a security system that is grid wide running off a server, which enables me to give out Remote HUDs to staff in the event I can't get online and gives them the option to ban people. My land is not, and never will be deeded, although it is set to a group. There will always be obnoxious people but they are rare. The main issue appears to be contests. I have my contests configured so that only contestants can vote which stops the mass TPing of friends at the end of an event. Contestants do have to join the group now too, which I resented doing but now the group limit has been increased is less of an issue. I add casual staff to a block list in my board which prevents the awkward conversation about reminding on duty staff they are not permitted to enter the contest. My DJs take a personal interest in helping me to spot people not in theme, or any other dodgy goings on but really this sort of thing goes with the territory and is not really a security issue per se.
  10. It is a bit unfortunate really for those of us who returned to mainland only to find that because of neighbours use of physics and scripting, events are now unable to run effectively due to poor region performance (in particular poor script performance). I know a portion of my visitors complain about the crashfest and I am powerless to do anything because mainland has no real restriction on rezzed content. I know that as a small community-based club owner since 2007, I am mindful of excessive scripts and try to create my environment responsibly. When I owned a private region, it was nice to not have this issue, but the price tag with VAT was prohibitive. On mainland there is very little you can do for optimum region configuration but on private estate I would suggest that monitoring top scripts and a regular restart regime of at least once a week are the absolute minimum things you would need to keep on top of for event configuration.
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