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  1. I would say by working. Places will want 2 weeks or a month in SL usually. If you are newer, spend the time putting together a decent avatar that is appropriate for the work. Hang out at a place where someone is doing what you are interested in. Who knows, they may even help you get started in some way.
  2. mustangstud wrote: And how is it working out for you? Do u ever plan to meet or is it simply and "online" thing? A better way to put it than my misguided 'fishing' topic that I posted in a huff lol. Thank you. To answer. No, not presently but I have in the past. I found it quite fullfilling, truthfully. It's the only type of relationship I'm really open to right now. Sometimes that can be discouraging and frustrating as it does feel like I am being 'fished for' by those wanting to meet someone in this world and pull them out of it. Particularly when you tell someone that up front and a
  3. Dresden Ceriano wrote: It's not about lag... it's about rules. What good does it do to have a list of rules for your sim if you can't enforce them? The OP was breaking a rule and was told to stop and that, if they didn't they'd be banned... where's the drama in that? The drama started when the OP decided to come here and create it by accusing the sim owner of lying and threatening them, at which point the sim owner banned them because he didn't want them causing any more needless, foolish drama. I'd have done the same thing... in fact, I'd consider that "going with the flow" and lettin
  4. I agree it's sneaky to not just ask you up front if you wanted to play that way, so trying to fool you was insecure and manipulative. People in an equal relationship sometimes do that for their own fun and entertainment. There is nothing wrong with it. I guess for some people it's not really dominance unless they can feel like they are getting something over on you. As far as the bracelet it'self just familiarize yourself with the scripting enough to know how to get out of it. And you can always just exit SL if something gets too stupid. Usually though it's a matter of turning off RLV script
  5. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Eileen Fellstein wrote: lol, I am looking at this and wondering if in this case the alt actually wasn't an alt but a friend or someone she knew playing her alt for her. That or she is terrific at erotic RP add drama You could be right but I also was seeing some one a few years ago who made an alt to see if I was cheating or would cheat. His alt was fun, charismatic and amazing to be around. When he found out I was a faithful girl he confessed at what he did. I understood why he did it. There was another woman who was feeding him lies. However I missed his alt
  6. Turn off pute Go to local 7-11 Meet someone if that don't work, buy soap, it's in isle 3 In the meantime, c;mon in the water, it's fine! :D
  7. lol, I am looking at this and wondering if in this case the alt actually wasn't an alt but a friend or someone she knew playing her alt for her. That or she is terrific at erotic RP add drama
  8. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: Not trying to be racist here, but lately been seeing people refering to each other, aswell as groups/profiles with the N word in them. I mean, sure people use it to talk to one another, but when is it going too far? Is their a line it has to cross before you can report it? Looks like the world of warcraft riff-raff made it to SL. any use of that word is too far for me and the person will just be blocked. You can't stop them, but yea, you can turn it off on your own end.
  9. Dresden Ceriano wrote: It was a freebie place... which makes your whole argument a bit feeble. ...Dres Hehe, not the whole argument. Just the part about wanting their money. My point is SL is for fun. I've hosted and DJ'd with club authority a lot and had huge and/or silly avatars come in. It's so not worth the drama to make a big deal about it and much much better (and funner for everyone) if you just go with the flow and groove on whatever it is they are trying to show off. and really. the 5th different dance chim you have out is more likely the culprit on lag issues than anythi
  10. Personally I think you were absolutely right and have not a single thing to appologize for, nor did you to begin with. Most of the sims I have been on, the sim owner is way more guilty of causing lag than anything the guests are doing. And yes, I know what the tos stance is in sim ownership and all but I am of the opinion that is entirely bogus also and needs to be changed where owners open up the sim and are asking people to come spend their time and money there. I think there is a responsibility that should go along with that to be reasonable to people and have rules reasonable to the sim ra
  11. PudgyPaddy wrote: I think they love teasing me. Yup It's the old quarter every day or a dollar once choice. Keep taking the quarters. Enjoy the show!
  12. I need to look for that Rando, it sounds so cool Early this morning I went out for a ride along the linden roads near my home on mainland and I saw that there are some reall nice things. Not sure how new they are but it was just neat to see and I hope it's some inclination of more things to come. The Highlight was finding a zoo! What a fantastic piece of work with animated animals and sea life. The whole thing was just brilliant. I TP'd a couple friends and we spent a good 2 hours there just checking everything out and having a great time. (The penguins need a bit less thorazine is my only
  13. kristin34 wrote: Well I don't think people are crazy if they chose to do that. It's their choice but u must be careful if the two are on two different planes of how they want the relationship. I met someone who was very nice and married in sl. I was more into the role play but my prtner wanted to take it to rl. I didn't and broke it off because the person was a bit obsessed. I'm still dealing with this same person. I had to change my house because he would not leave, when I blocked him he would stay right outside the house. He would IM me constantly till I muted him. He made other avi's j
  14. I just want to add that some things are built with sculpies. The actual prim is much larger than the sculpt so if you didn't activate the menu and sit on a ball but rather just clicked the bed, then yes, you would probably be floating in the air above it, because the actual prim that you don't see is a round globe much larger than the bed. But as has been pointed out, there are beds where you can click-lay and may or may not have additional menus. A friend of mine made one and had it on MP for a while very cheap but I've not seen her in some time and forget the name of it
  15. A week is a bit quick I think, lol. Several months (depends what you mean by 'several',several to some is 3 or 4, to me more like 7 or 8-sh or more) may be longer than a just here relationship will even last. Time burns faster here in SL. I personally believe that it's because we are forced to communicate and be interactive more. In RL you can just be chilling together and a smile is sometimes all the affirmation you need from your partner that the connection is still alive and kicking. Through this increased communication, we get to know each other better. Myself, I have had partners here th
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