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  1. I am as old as dirt so remember the original gambling ban. Everyone is a lot calmer than I remember them being then. I also remember the banking ban. My interpretation: Giveaways and raffles will be fine as long as no money changes hands. Selling no copy items is also fine. Reselling existing gacha on MP also fine (until they run out). You might find you can charge more. I personally hate no copy items. I have done gacha to get specific things, like buildings, furniture, landscaping, occasionally hair, etc but preferred policies where you could exchange unopened gacha to copyable stuff or buying the fatpack as something copyable. I once recently ended up with an 07 sexbed on a reasonably well known creators gacha. It was literally full of stuff I consider unusable. Pure trash. I always saw it as gambling, and was always pretty careful about what gachas I went for. I think people are over thinking it. You could argue land buying and selling is gambling but I don't see that being banned anytime soon.
  2. Motivated to sell - dropped price at Derwent to 125k and Keswick to 14k. Grab a bargain.
  3. I am currently selling the following plots, price negotiable for sensible offers. They are next to each other but in different regions. Photos show land bare, there is a road behind the larger plot but there is a finger of land joined to it that is on the other side of the road. Included some photos of what the land looks like landscaped. Derwent, 18,032 sq m, Moderate, 2 sides protected (one water, one road) - Currently set to 175,000L - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Derwent/200/224/32 Keswick, 1,792 sq m, Moderate, 1 side protected - Waterview - Currently set to 25,000L - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keswick/6/142/26 Reason for sale: Bought a private island - Prima Materia, from LL, so no longer needed
  4. Picked this up in Rollingstone. Cool name. Undecided.
  5. Picked up a cool Trad abandon just now that I may have to keep.
  6. So after gambling both my accounts to be put on the naughty step and end up Linden Homeless last night, I have just logged on and selected stilts home on pier for both accounts and got them. Not looked at them yet, mind you. Heading there now. Just thought I'd say. Holiday Dock and Alagoon were the ones I got. Gambled Holiday Dock to see what the trad and vic was. Abandoned and got a stilts on pier at Glimmer Cove on the end (Alagoon, the one I kept, also on the end).
  7. Thanks to those that replied. I am pretty cool with the boundary thing as I build a lot, it just looked like there were loads of posts when I originally got it but that could be because I was cammed out. I am not sure what I think about the stilts homes themselves. I like the houses, they are light, airy and spacious but I am not sure if I will keep it long term. I will have to try to see what a pier one looks like. I am not at risk of going over boundaries as I only have a small MadPea dinghy that de-rezzes when not in use. My big boat is on my large parcel elsewhere. The house I have rezzed, the Tortuga, has a really large deck. I am keeping it for the weekend at least and will try to investigate the neighbourhood more.
  8. I am completely ignorant about stilts homes. I just picked this one up in Delta Blues. Stilts home on water. It looks like it is on the sim edge with the pier posts littered about (something I am not sure I fully understand). It looks like a good catch to me but I am not fully sure what ones are the nicest ones, I have only really seen the land ones. I might keep it a while and try to educate myself.
  9. Yes, it is in Stone Harbor, which is a nice place. We have a nice Vic in Price that backs onto the Banebury river but my husband vetoed me gambling that so I upgraded an alt to play LOL
  10. Thanks to whoever threw this (red) Trad back. My recently upgraded alt was playing GoH to take the edge off RL and this will really please my husband
  11. My alt is maxed out and I seem to recall it being a rolling thing but was struggling to remember.
  12. Script errors aside, the Linden Home security system has worked really well for me in keeping my SL perv free since I posted. I will never use security orbs anywhere else, but here it does help me get a bit of peace (my mainland plots are public "destinations" so I use my Linden Home for down time). I did get a bit creeped out by that guy helping himself to my avatar while I was afk in my home. I know it wasn't "me" but it is still sinister somehow that someone does not need you to be mentally there in order to ...... finish. But that is a whole other debate LOL.
  13. I get the same script error but did manage to get up to 16. I am not an orb user but I fell asleep afk and found someone trying to do heinous things to my fully dressed avatar. I decided if this security system was a non annoying one then I'd start using it.
  14. It really is quite impressive. As of: 2 April 2020 @ 6:25am SLT/PDT Home Type Available Campers 43 Houseboats 2 Log Homes 4252 Traditional 73 Victorian 81 Please note these inventory levels may change drastically and suddenly without warning. We will try to keep them updated as time permits!
  15. Exhibit A, no home has actually rezzed, it has just given up.
  16. Apparently, they are asking people to stop changing the houses in Belli chat (my alt doesn't have it but a neighbour messaged) as the server has gone blurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  17. It is really nice, I don't imagine giving it up to be honest
  18. All my alts have water views now, I still have South Haven (Trad), which is lush. My alts have Parlouf (Trad) and Mountebank (Vic), which are great spots, too. I think I am out of the hunt until Log Homes come out now as I dare not upgrade any more alts in uncertain RL times.
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