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  1. If I'm understanding this correctly, SL already has the ability to switch base avatar. They're distinguished as female and male now, but can it not be extended to include improved avatars as well? Then existing content could still be used by choosing an original avatar and LL would be free to make all sorts of improvements to new ones.
  2. You might be able to fake it by using layers and/or masking and darkening parts of the image or playing with the opacity settings for some of the layers. Good luck.
  3. The texture variations are why I bought that particular item, one which was exclusive to an event. The plain knit ones in the store have no interest to me; my interest was all about the prints and how they well they work with the piece. The creator did a great job with choosing scale and laying out the pattern of the prints on the item. So, from my point of view at least, that's one example of something of value which is high quality, desireable, and no longer available since the event closed. The fact that it's still available in a set of textures I don't like doesn't change that for me
  4. I'm fond of the Genre event and they ask for new, exclusive items so I own several which would qualify. My avatar is currently wearing a poncho from the Mongolian round. It came with five or six different prints in a texture-change HUD. A friend complimented it a few days ago, so I'm not alone in liking it. It was L$100 (another Genre requirement) and I'm very glad I bought it. The same poncho base is offered in the store in plain knit fabrics. I don't know the price but it's nowhere near as interesting IMO. The base was re-used, but the texturing wasn't. Are you going to get so picky wit
  5. Can you prove either of those claims, Phil? Many creators offer high quality, desireable exclusives for an event and don't sell them later. I would guess that they generally make enough of a profit during the event to justify their time and then benefit from the exposure. It seems to be good advertising. Maybe it was different in the boom years, but nowadays I'd wager that the majority of creators do so because they like to create and they like to share what they've made with others. Not all decisions will be seen in terms of maximising profits to their utmost.
  6. Especially given the way so many merchants use a woman's name instead of anything descriptive. Probably with a slightly different spelling than the item from another creator with a nearly but not quite identical name. Hmm, is the one I want Stefani, Stephanie or Steffi? Oh wait, it was Stevie for the hair and Stefani for the jeans and Steffi for the necklace, but none of them are the one I would like to wear.
  7. Something like that would help me a great deal. My inventory got out of control during the years when I was most ill and trying to get it cleaned up and reduced has been more than I can manage. It's a huge task now and I really need a way to break it down into smaller bits without getting distracted by a hundred other folders. With something like your proposal, it would be easier for me to do a bit here and there, or set up sorting/cleaning projects to do inworld. What I would really like is a way to put infrequently used items into a separate searchable folder structure which isn't
  8. All of those circles would fit well with your rez-on-demand approach to building, Penny. So it wouldn't take much by way of land or LI to make it work, maybe a simple build to show the descent and then detailed sections rezzed as needed.
  9. Rest well then. We can continue this later.
  10. I would like to be a wild-eyed squid with faster than light space-travelling capabilities who speaks in burbles.
  11. I did say 'part of your thinking'. I don't understand why you say 'constant frustration'. Can you not find places in real life to be united with others and do things together?
  12. Let's try this another way then. Is this part of your thinking, media? 1) Some games are set up around cooperation between players. 2) Life doesn't have rules, so it's not set up around cooperation.
  13. I don't understand what you see as the point of this issue then. Do you not make those sorts of cross-cultural frienships or alliances to achieve common goals in real life as well?
  14. Yes, we agree on much, media. What you say about achieving it only in outer space and online games doesn't fit with my own experience though. For all that parts of the world are going through a divisive, polarised time my experience has been that, in face to face interactions, when I accept someone as they are, they tend to accept me. Occasionally it can take a bit of time, but not that much. This has been true for me with regards to race, ethnicity, gender, age, and pretty much everything else. Location plays a factor, of course. In some places I've lived acceptance has been the nor
  15. Depends on what you look at, Alwin. At the heart of it, aren't we all mixed-up confused beings trying to get by and find a bit of safety or contentment however we can? We have different ways of going about it, different circumstances and different definitions of what it all means. When you strip that away though, there are a lot of underlying similiarities. That's how I see it. Do you think that I am so different from you?
  16. I'm not sure I'm understanding you. Could you elaborate please?
  17. I think we carry at least some of those ideas with us wherever we go, even when we nominally set them aside for a different virtual identity. I think we are all truly the same regardless, no matter how others treat us or how we see ourselves.
  18. Have you spoken about this with any likely creators themselves? It matters less what the majority of SL creators might or might not do and more what a few in your niche are happy to support in some way. I would start by building up relationships amongst others who are involved in the genre and asking what they would like to see, what they might hope to gain or be able to contribute. As for the idea of voluntary donation or free rent in exchange for providing ambience, decor and a bit of traffic, that's pretty much what I bring to a friend's sim. It works for both of us because it mee
  19. My apologies then. I'll see if I can get my posts removed from the thread. I thought looking at a rezzed object still told you something about it's geometry and construction, even if it's rigged when worn.
  20. Which is why I advocate looking at the geometry itself via wireframe or edit and zooming in and out to see how LoD changes are handled.
  21. post removed lest it further contribute to misinformation on the subject.
  22. Aside from the occasional shudder when I stumble into poorly made content, I haven't changed anything really about how I dress my av and my complexity numbers run under 10k. I generally have to work to get it higher and why do that? System body, good skin, short mesh hair, my favourite shoes (which are probably simple sculpts) as standard. Current clothes are mesh jeans and a lovely poncho top with a Mongolian textile print from a Genre event. Mentioning the latter because its visual interest is from the print, at least to me. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if the low complexity of my
  23. A Marketplace presence only tells you that the creator has a Marketplace presence. I know of a few who've sadly passed on, others who couldn't afford tier or the time required to manage an inworld store. Some of those seem to have left SL altogether (without taking the MP store down), others come and go depending on RL. Better to check the creator's profile inworld - how ancient are the pic landmarks and groups? - and last log-in dates via the store group. We've had several big changes, like the introduction of mesh, which increased the number of creators starting over with a new store na
  24. Could be that the psych group guy may have been looking for someone to troll and took your 'no slex please' as his starting point. If it hadn't been there, he might have just found something else in your profile to start with instead. Those types though, will decide that they've won whatever you give them, so only play along if you're having fun with it too. It's tempting to speculate on a connection between faux-Domming and aggressive trolling, but probably best not to do that without a proper psychological analysis of the bloke. As for sex expectations, it seems to me that some wil
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