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  1. Increasing the Premium Membership feels like I'm being punished and the perks wouldn't really effect me as I don't have loads of friends or a member of many groups. I've been a Premium Member off and on for many years, I can't afford to pay for a year membership so I really do feel like I'm being punished for being not so rich IRL, this is pushing me away imho, I'm in two minds weather to continue my membership. This feels like a cash grab!
  2. They didn't like the zombie spawner, that spawned zombies, whenever someone came within a few meters of my land and muttered BRAINS!!! Wall was removed and was said to be a mistake, with a polite remover the zombies! Haha
  3. So I Derender the huge black wall and returning to my land this evening, they made it bigger! Very childish, oh well at least I can derender it agin
  4. What is derender? EDIT: Oh wow I never even knew you could do that! Thank you so much (happy again)
  5. Hey everyone, today I logged into second life to find a huge black wall obstructiong my view of the ocean, thinking it's to block my house to find it's transparent on their side so I can only suggest it's to grief my view :/ I have contacted the land owner and the owner of the object to ask nicly for it to be removed. I really can't understand the mentallity of some people to simply ruin someones expirence, that I pay for being a member, if this can't be resolved, I will just simply abandon my land and cancel my sub I can't justify paying for something that makes me feel annoyed. ;(
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