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  1. You still teaching german? dispite the diffrences I like the languge, I am a native English specker from scotland uk and I love learning languages and maths well math is a language so I guess I love learning langue, I have been abroad since I was 2 and I have picked up a few words from diffrent contrys along the way, I love a challenge, I never condem or judge till that person does me wrong, I have a slight learning difficulty but that never held me back long story lets just say I lead a normal life if you whant to call it that lol, My fav langue is spanish italian and german I do not know muc
  2. I am looking for modeling in sl if adult modeling I have a adult alt who is a blue eyes blond all mes curvy avi with some sexy cloths or I can do cloths modelling I have a child, teen and adult and even animal and fury avis not alot minds you so plese mail or im me back in world, and if I am not on ill get back.
  3. is the classes still going? my native language is scottish english im from scotland and id love to learn new languages I chose german so maybe I can use sl to practice and learn german? I h=just like the language along with spanish.
  4. 36yr old Scottish female looking to learn German, I rp at St Columba Abbey, as a 12yr old Student, I think I have a Todelldoo mesh body to rp kid and 3yr and up, if not on this profile I might have anothere profile if not ill make one, I could use it to rp a german child at the age of learning to speack and write and read I think would work, I just like the language somehow its strange but nice, don`t worry if you can`t write it in English I can allway use google translator website, if you whant to learn my language Scorrish English maybe at least we can help, put it this way it will help us u
  5. Im not a rl dentist or dr but Id love to start in the felds and go up the ranks in sl? and I am allways willing to learn.
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