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  1. entity, if all of that is what you think you're doing, all I can say at this point is that it doesn't seem like you're doing it very well.
  2. IMO long animation names make sense in inventory and store stock but not so much in menus, so they're best shortened anyway (at least in my experience). Presumably that gets around the problem created by making them no mod?
  3. First page, you were taking copybotting in stride, entity. I remembered that, even if you didn't. Theft and copybotting were the stated motivating concern for the OP. A ban option won't stop theft, but it might slow a particular thief down for a bit. And from the second page: "So Second Life is Real Life for you? Well that's your fault. Just because you decided to put all your financial eggs into one basket, and therefore you are dependent on your SL success to pay the utility bills in your house - doesn't give you suddenly the right ot dictate how you do business on a site that you do not own, and have the privilege to operate on. "Your job as a creator is to make Second Life better - not to serve your own wishes - although if the two can meet and are agreeable, and do not come at the expense of others while doing it, then that would be fine." Not only did you take it upon yourself to tell someone what her job as a creator is, you told her how to run her RL. You told someone how to run her real life. Third page: "Also, in a free market society, if you want to benefit from such a system, it is a given that you will have to deal with subjectively 'unpleasant' people from time to time." "I've never had to ban anyone from my marketplace or the lands I've rented so far. You must have a lot of enemies, though I don't understand why - you are such a kind, patient and helpful person." all the stuff about freebies, ending in this where you tell others how to feel as well as how to run their businesses: "Also, since the item is free, you should not care about how it is reviewed, as long as the review is constructive. If it isn't, there are tools available to you to remove the offending review." I take it you didn't bother to reread the thread, or even your post immediately above mine, to see where I might have gotten these impressions from. So now I've done that work for you and you have your quotes.
  4. Why is it such an enormous deal to you how others choose to manage their SL businesses? Are you seriously saying that the possibility some merchants will ban customers who leave bad reviews trumps EVERY other concern, including copybotting and reselling full perm goods?
  5. Start by learning some of the separate skills needed. If your focus is mesh, at some point you'll have to learn how to work with a mesh software programme. Blender has a steep learning curve but is possible (even I've done it :matte-motes-smile:), it's free and there are a ton of tutorials across the net. IMO the best road to success is to start with fairly easy shapes and static objects. Clothing requires additional skills like fitting different sizes (and if you want to support them, mesh body shapes), weighting and rigging. You'll need to learn how to use software like GIMP (free) or Photoshop (expensive) to create textures for your mesh whatever you make. If your focus is clothing, take a look on marketplace and inworld for full perm mesh clothing. These are pre-made mesh objects for creators to texture. Which means you're dependent on all of the choices the full perm creator has made, but you'll only have to learn one software programme.
  6. Slow it down entity. You're moving into personal attacks and that is just not on. Beyond that, you don't really need to know details of other merchants' SLs. Pam has said quite clearly that there are people she would rather not deal with with. She does not need to go into details in an attempt to satisfy you. And at this point, I would guess that that is impossible and you will always find something to argue about. (And if that's not true about you, you might want to reconsider your posting style so you're not creating that impression.) From what I've seen of you in this and other threads is that you are failing to engage in the other half of communication - listening. So please slow it down and take your own advice about this "just being virtual goods".
  7. entity0x wrote: Wow, a lot of anger and judgment against men on this topic I think you need to read more carefully if that's what you come away with, entity. The negative feelings are against the bullying creeps who do this. The only way for you to get that it's against men in general is if you think men in general act this way. I don't. (Part of my point was that their number probably seems higher than it actually is because they tend to pester lots of women in hopes of finding one or two.) Freya, who you replied to, doesn't seem to either since she ended her post with "find a better quality of friend.... There are many who don't play these pathetic games." Some of us made the distinction more explicitly than others, but I don't think there's much anti-male sentiment in the thread. The original poster wrote about her experiences, which were men doing this to her. I and others replied from our own experiences and the genders mentioned reflect those experiences. I don't like what you did at the end of your post. The rest of us have been advising the OP to "move on", but the way you've written it, especially in adding that "kindly", makes it sound like you've reversed who it is that is doing the bullying in this situation. Are you reading yourself into this too much? If you aren't a creep who pressurises women into going onto voice, oh voice isn't working for me, let's skype, it can be just chat, oh turn on your camera, take off your top, just give me a peek, (followed by insults when she doesn't), then this thread isn't about you.
  8. I think I followed that. :matte-motes-smile: But no trans textures can be downloaded from SL? I thought they had to be full perm. If they can, then they are effectively full perm anyways. The risk is so high. It could end up being easier for creators to mod their own stuff instead of having to keep an eye on the applier-ers. Can't see many creators being happy to let someone else modify their babies either. Could be tricky to do without the layers anyway, depending on what changes are required. I still vote for keeping a system av on hand. :matte-motes-smile:
  9. I don't understand addiction from a personal, experiential point of view, but I have seen how immune to reason and rational thought processes psychological addictions can be in others and how adept the profiteers are at exploiting this. I just want it all to stop. :matte-motes-sour: Please don't give your money to them, even if you can afford it. They are harming people who can't.
  10. Know of any in Europe and UK friendly time zones? I am not likely to be coherent enough for real conversation at 2 am. :matte-motes-smile:
  11. OK. What service is the OP offering then? What you describe is just asking creators to give textures for use in appliers. I guess that's what the OP gets to in the end, but he did start out by saying that he would like to offer a service.
  12. If you offered some sort of appliers service, the permissions system is such that it would force creators to give you their textures with full permissions. That's the only way you would be able to sell it or give it to someone else. Not ideal, but unfortunately the creators (or very trusted business partners) pretty much have to be the ones to take care of it. There's also the matter of whether the clothing textures (and/or creators) are even in SL anymore. Lots of reasons why that sort of situation might occur, especially for things which are no longer supported (i.e. set out for free). I guess it probably matters more where there is a romantic relationship and a partner to get attached to the beloved's appearance, but IMO the simplest and best solution to the not mesh compatible problem is to keep a classic av in inventory as well. In other words, use whatever is best for the situation at hand.
  13. I think a yardsale marketplace is confusing for customers, especially if you're going to put your own work up as well. As tedious as it would be to move that stuff to another av or two, it might be worth the time. You said that your customer base tends to shop inworld. Is it something that might help draw traffic to a sim and keep it there? Trying to find someone who's willing to give lindens to a stranger to buy stuff for her business seems a rather hard sell, but you might have better luck finding someone who is willing to give you some spare prims and space and share marketing with you. That's come through for me a few times, though it's all been from close friends who wanted to seed new retail areas they were developing or appreciate the traffic I generate. What can your work bring to someone else's SL? IMO thats the question to ask rather than hoping someone is willing to take a risk financially. (P.S. It took me ages to get the hang of Blender, but I am so glad I invested the time in myself and my shop. It gives me so much more flexibility and control. Keep plugging away at making your own mesh. It is possible to learn and very rewarding. At least when you have something finally finished and uploaded and your hair has grown back in. :matte-motes-smile:)
  14. Purge the notecard as soon as you see it. You don't have to read it or let it get under your skin. So what if the other person can't let go of whatever is going on. You can.
  15. I gave up on trying to weave my way through the mesh body situation for now, so I'm not going to be much help on picking out a body Bettsie. Maybe I'll get one some day. It's all too changeable right now and since I'm a wash and wear, keep it simple kind of woman in RL, I prefer to be one in SL as well. Too much mucking about with huds and such on the mesh bodies for me. If it means someone looks down on me, that's their issue not mine. Do what makes you happy and what works for you. If that means sticking with a classic av and the clothing you already own, go for it. Move to a mesh body if and when you decide it's the best choice for your particular SL. That's how I see it at least, as unpopular an opinion on the forums as it is.
  16. Perm is short for permissions, copy, mod/modify and trans/transfer. If something is mod, it can be modified (altered) to improve fit and what not. Rigged mesh can't be adjusted though and mesh in general is limited in how it can be modified. So a skirt made of flexi prims (like the swirling ball gowns) can be adjusted IF the creator sets permissions to Modify. Some allow you to do it manually, some use resize scripts instead. Most of mine are mod, even when they have resize scripts. The permission restrictions are listed after the name in inventory (No trans, no mod/no trans, etc.). Some creators have made appliers for their older work. I don't know if it's common practice. Appliers are painted-on clothing layers for use with mesh bodies. Mesh clothing are mesh objects worn over a mesh or system/classic body. Part of the body will be made invisible with an alpha layer. It is very complicated, fragmented, confusing, and perpetually changing. Some merchants are great about explaining what their creations work with. Some seem to assume that everyone is on the same page of mesh body mania as they are. Take your time, ask questions and always try demos. :matte-motes-smile: (Include your favourite dances when trying mesh gown demos. The mesh will follow the legs, but some of the positions will distort it so much it loses all sense of style or class.)
  17. They're really cute. Well done. :matte-motes-smile: The price seems very low, but it's in keeping with the shirt base and that will set a limit on how much you can ask. I don't know this market at all so I can't say any more on that. And because I don't know much, I'll ask some questions instead and offer a couple of suggestions. Are there any kemono-orientated events? Might be worth getting a stall at one or trying out a small shop or kiosk in a kemono-orientated area. Add a link to your marketplace in your profile picks and use a pick or two to show pictures of your work. (Probably want to drop that yip yip line if you're selling clothing for child-like avatars though.) Where do you and your friends buy clothing for your avs? How did you find those places? Do the answers to those questions offer any ideas on how to promote your store? And one more, on a different aspect. Did you use a flat background colour on the t-shirts? It's hard to tell from the pictures. A subtle cross hatching type layer (under the drawing, over the background) will give the fabric some depth and realism. When it's done well, it's not the kind of thing one notices but it does give a sense of something well made. Good luck. :matte-motes-smile:
  18. Asking in public for info on how to keep something secret? The drama is strong in this one, Luke. :matte-motes-smile:
  19. Flexi prim skirts can be modded if needed (and perms allow), but system components can't work on mesh bodies. Check the creators' stores to see if they've updated any with appliers. Maybe you'll get lucky on a few. I wish I had better news for you.
  20. No, I build, talk with friends, make new ones, and fly around looking at interesting things. Probably because SL means 3D to me. :matte-motes-smile: Too many other places to find 2D stuff on the internet.
  21. From what I've read on the forum, this isn't a Marketplace problem or SL or Firestorm. It's a problem with two specific browsers. MP is working fine for those of us who aren't using those browsers. If Marketplace was down, it would be on the status page, right? We have the grid status page for updates from SL, the jira system for long term issues, inworld groups for a quick check to see if others are having similar problems or have heard something about it, and the forums for more detailed information and discussion and the archives. All in all, I don't see any real need for a second status page or even an expanded live chat that's available for everything and spends most of its time helping new residents figure out why their Slink shoes don't fit their default feet. As for the forums themselves, I've joined in with posting here in hopes of giving something back in thanks for the kind and generous help I've received while learning how to create mesh. Following these conversations often means watching the asker make out like it's everyone else's problem when the bulk of those replying disagree with what they want. It gets tiring. I don't agree with your complaints. No one else who's posted does either. Maybe that says something about your premise.
  22. Plus the status page and the forums, so there are places to look.
  23. It's working fine for me. There was talk about a browser-based problem in another thread. Might help to have a look at it. Changing browsers seems to be the solution.
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