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  1. Rolig is spot on with learning prim-building basics. Sometimes a prim or two is the best solution to a problem and the more familiar you are with them, the better chance you have of spotting it. Prims are also great for blocking out furniture designs in world, which can help you get relative proportions right the first time, which means less fussing about re-doing UVs in Blender. Seeing how other people solve problems has been very helpful to me, so things like building classes have been good. Even if I'm not all that interested in the end product, there's often a wee gem of knowledge or advice along the way which helps me figure something else out. (Add Helping Haven to the two Rolig mentioned, btw. Shout out to MT Mimulus who does great scripting courses there.) Even more helpful has been working with FP mesh other people have made. Thank you L$60 Weekend deals for making that affordable. There are so many steps in going start to finish with something like animated original-mesh furniture that it helped me to be able to learn the different components separately. A lot of the lessons have been what not to do or what doesn't work with the textures I want to use. Plenty of frustrations along the way, but ultimately easier and less time spent than adding those lessons into the middle of scaling Blender's Himalayan learning curve. Studying other people's work has also been invaluable in helping me figure out what's possible and therefore worth searching out an answer for. As for learning Blender, for me it was a matter of trying out dozens of different tutorials until I found a teacher (BornCG on youtube) whose approach worked for me and the right projects to work on, ones that were simple enough in the right ways for me to be able to finish. Living with the objects in SL helps me figure out what I can do better so I really recommend starting with simple things. Trying to take on too much too soon can lead to using poor practices, like using certain 'cheats' to lower LI but requiring users to up their graphics settings to see the items. That's my wee story. I hope something in it is useful to you or others who read it.
  2. Scripting library makes sense, @Rhonda Huntress, especially if it was set up to show how the different bits work together. That's the part I struggle with most. It didn't occur to me at all while reading your synopsis of the questions, but I'm quite happy to accept it as an addition to my reply. The library of school papers has potential. Imagine a bright spark confidently handing in one he found on Gor for anthropology class.
  3. Is this an estate thing? Our mainland sim is fine. The bulk of the LI is probably prims though, so that might be another difference. Right now I think I'll be glad Morgan never got around to learning Blender.
  4. Only missing birthday and mother's maiden name for basic identity theft.... But this couldn't be a scam, no. Would explain the cluelessness about SL though. SL is very good for some things. SL is really poor for others. It's good for visual, weak for complicated texts. Someone really clever and with too much time on their hands might make a 3d portal to access websites for the text, but a decent website already has a useful hypertext interface which is far more scalable. IMO it's better suited to largely visual endeavours like museums. Given the struggles SL museums have faced to get much of an audience or financial support though, how much worse would it be for a library? Putting the artworks/books/teaching materials in settings which aren't overtly educational seems to reach a wider audience.
  5. Plus the ongoing theme of SL friends not being real somehow, as exemplified by the above. (Apologies for having to spread this across two posts. The copy paste in the one above didn't allow for additional quoting or adding my own words.)
  6. Morgan Rosenstar Advanced Member Resident 338 199 posts Report post Posted yesterday at 08:13 PM I can't. I've ridden a horse in rl and it's totally different than in SL. I just can not put these experiences on the same level. It's not the same. Same with some people I'm meeting in SL. They speak more openly than they would in rl. I can't put it on the same level either.
  7. Page 3, half way down. I quoted it when I asked you those questions originally. Do you not look back? It really isn't hard to find.
  8. A gunner uses a gun to perform a task. One is a person, the other is a machine. A real friend is someone who will do his or her best to be emotionally present for me when I need him or her and for whom I will do my best to be there for as well. Since emotions and conversations are the key factors, it can and does happen over the internet. Sharing physical space at least occasionally is a good addition but far from a requirement. Casual friends have less of a commitment to be there emotionally for each other. The relationships will be based on other things, which can include but does not require physical proximity. Friendship is a state of relationship between people. Now that I've answered your questions, will you answer mine please? The questions you posed above didn't explain anything. Thanks.
  9. So some people speaking more openly percludes real friendship with them for you? Could you explain how that works please? I don't understand it.
  10. In all my years in SL, I've only been hit on once by someone who was looking for a RL relationship. He was a chancer too, and pretty self-absorbed - it was all about his needs, even when he was trying to wrench personal information out of me. He was one of those who seemed to figure that if I was still talking with him, he stood a chance. He worked really hard to keep me talking to him too. That he was a chancer matters, because they play a numbers game. It will always feel like there are more of them because they start so many conversations. Just something to keep in mind. Given the persona you project, Talli, you're going to attract a lot of them too.
  11. The hat in your picture would suit the classic slicked-back Spanish hair style with a chignon at the base of the neck. This style from Amacci comes close but might be too high (it's a hair base + 'attachment' for the chignon). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Amacci-Hair-Attachment-Betty-Dark-Brown-Pack/3927349 +elua+ has a pony tail called Sheena which includes a hat version. It's my go to pirating and musketeering and hippying, though I'm not sure if it would be elegant enough for yours. I'll have a poke in inventory later to see if I can find anything else. If you don't require mesh, sometimes sculpted hair can be modified (bits alphaed out, reangled or moved). It's fun when it works, the 'when it works part' being key. edit: See Maddy's for an example of how to mod sculpted hair. We posted at the same time too. Great minds, eh?
  12. Yeah, I'm honest. Why are you trying to fight with me again?
  13. You're not disagreeing with me Amanda. You're addressing something I didn't. I didn't say that role-playing was always a mask. This is what I wrote: There is plenty of space in what I wrote for someone to use role-play as 'self expression' (or explore gender identity, etc). They are bringing something of themselves to it. It's just that some are honest about it while others are less so, claiming that it's all separate, or use it as an excuse. I have no idea what sort of percentage fall into that last category. I've met plenty, though that's in part because many of those chancing play a numbers game. They're the ones I hear the 'SL is separate' thing from most, as is "it isn't cheating, cause it's 'just role-play'". I can think of other examples of less than honest claims of separation, but I haven't figured out how to describe the ones I've had the most experience with without potentially giving away their personal information. My apologies if I offended any role players by not including sufficient explainers and disclaimers in my initial post. I hope this is good enough now.
  14. People brings themselves to SL, especially their dreams and insecurities, even if they call it 'role play' to mask it. I think there's always something of oneself underlying it all.
  15. That hasn't worked for a couple of years I think. The current routine for accounts already established on Aditi goes something like this: Log in to the beta grid. Wait for the nightly update. Log in to the beta grid again - beta grid inventory should be synced with main grid, plus whatever you've uploaded/created on beta grid. This being SL, and it being Aditi, expect times when it goes wonky. But this sounds like more than their usual experiments. I agree with Bobby, a support ticket is probably needed. Good luck.
  16. A friend told me that this sort of software works by comparing relative brightness values. If that's true, then windlight, shadows and the angle used could factor in. I wouldn't be surprised at all if those of us who spend a lot of time in SL are able to adjust better than the software, though it would be based primarily on what we're used to seeing. Maybe the vaunted smoothness of mesh bodies and faces reads as younger.
  17. Since this is all pretend, let it be known that my building alt has made a special amulet which renders all Progeny to be trapped in the Firestarter video from this day hence. Be free, Byte.
  18. Wow, that's a lot of words to miss my point. Again. Congratulations Morgan.
  19. People would buy proprietary mesh bodies because they liked them. How big does their share of the market need to be? Do you truly think that no improvements should be made to the default avatar because it might take a cut of a few people's profits?
  20. Scratches head. I would have thought things like figuring out which body to invest in, and related things like TMP isn't supported, Bento isn't a brand, Omega is a brand (sort of) but isn't a body, that it's perfectly fine to not wear a mesh body, which ones include feet, which don't, what alpha cuts and alpha layers are, and a whole host of other stuff, were also things new users need to learn, and some of them are really important before they buy. But if you're really certain none of that is needed....
  21. The amount of information currently required to be an adequately informed consumer is really quite daunting. There's a ton of jargon to be learned, along with concepts like stuff that was made before a certain divergence won't necessarily be labeled with certain jargon because it didn't matter when it was made. So imagine you've wandered into this thing called Second Life, aren't really sure what it's about or whether it's something you want to do. And now you're faced with a mountain of information you don't really understand and a thousand differing opinions, including some truly nasty ones denigrating classic avs and their users. Forum regulars will have seen a few gems here. How inclined might you be to proceed along the steep learning curve for something that's supposed to be fun and entertaining? I'm all for seeing the best in people and helping them develop their skills, but I think the expectations of many here are asking a bit much of people who are just starting or returning.
  22. Wasn't including you Ceka. My post followed yours so closely there wasn't even a 'Ceka replied' message. Sorry about any confusion.
  23. Are you guys arguing in favour of keeping the out-dated default avatar for the sake of making the SL learning curve harder for new people? Cause that's what it looks like to me. Improve the default avatar. Bring it more into line with today's screen resolutions and expectations. Give it Bento. Everyone benefits. And those who want to can still buy into a proprietary mesh body. It's not like that's going to go away. But maybe new users will feel less pressure to make those sorts of choices while they're still learning how to get around.
  24. I've seen several people write articulate arguments for an improved default avatar. It makes so much sense to do so these days. IMO the strongest argument is how complicated it is for someone new and how they face a big - and a lot of lindens - choice about which type of body & clothes they're going to invest in almost immediately. An improved default avatar would encourage more creators to make clothing and shoes for that (try being a noob female avatar without mesh feet), so new players could buy some clothes and wait till they get more of a grasp of SL before deciding whether or not to splurge on a proprietary body. About the only argument against an improved default avatar is 'breaking existing content'. There has to be a way to code in a choice so people could use the current default avatar if they really need to.
  25. To be frank, I got tired of the convolutions and excuses and lies men came up with when they were trying to get me to help them cheat on their RL or SL partners. Rather than get caught up in their twists and turns and complicated philosophies, my answer is now just this: there are limits as to how low a priority I'll let myself be in someone's life. I'm just not interested in being a hidden option for you. It will take too much from me.
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