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  1. Asking in public for info on how to keep something secret? The drama is strong in this one, Luke. :matte-motes-smile:
  2. Flexi prim skirts can be modded if needed (and perms allow), but system components can't work on mesh bodies. Check the creators' stores to see if they've updated any with appliers. Maybe you'll get lucky on a few. I wish I had better news for you.
  3. No, I build, talk with friends, make new ones, and fly around looking at interesting things. Probably because SL means 3D to me. :matte-motes-smile: Too many other places to find 2D stuff on the internet.
  4. From what I've read on the forum, this isn't a Marketplace problem or SL or Firestorm. It's a problem with two specific browsers. MP is working fine for those of us who aren't using those browsers. If Marketplace was down, it would be on the status page, right? We have the grid status page for updates from SL, the jira system for long term issues, inworld groups for a quick check to see if others are having similar problems or have heard something about it, and the forums for more detailed information and discussion and the archives. All in all, I don't see any real need for a second status page or even an expanded live chat that's available for everything and spends most of its time helping new residents figure out why their Slink shoes don't fit their default feet. As for the forums themselves, I've joined in with posting here in hopes of giving something back in thanks for the kind and generous help I've received while learning how to create mesh. Following these conversations often means watching the asker make out like it's everyone else's problem when the bulk of those replying disagree with what they want. It gets tiring. I don't agree with your complaints. No one else who's posted does either. Maybe that says something about your premise.
  5. Plus the status page and the forums, so there are places to look.
  6. It's working fine for me. There was talk about a browser-based problem in another thread. Might help to have a look at it. Changing browsers seems to be the solution.
  7. Don't know if it's worth my time to post this since you've apparently flounced out of another of your threads, but it is worth my time to mention that my impression of Amethyst is that she is kind, gentle and genuinely wanting to help people. ("Recognized Helper" is a tag given by the system, with the American spelling of course, so don't diss her for that.) My impression of you, Sylvia, is that you have a chip on your shoulder the size of a mountain and that you are the one setting yourself off, no matter how certain you are it was someone else. It also seems that you want very specific things and expect the rest of us to fall in line with them. Not everyone shares your tastes. I haven't seen anyone insulting yours, but you do seem to feel quite free in insulting others'. Do you realise that you are doing this? Why do you expect everyone to "bend over backwards" for you? If I can make something that works for the widest variety of people in SL on whatever graphics settings they are running, I will. And that means making sure my diffuse textures are as good as I can get them. Materials aren't all that. They can be poorly used and are even more subject to different settings and graphics cards than diffuse textures. Good diffuse ones can not only be better, they can be better more reliably. But bottom line, if you want to go into business selling something that can only be viewed as you intend by a subset of the population, go for it. Just make it very clear on your marketplace listings and offer demos. Or else you'll be back here whinging about poor reviews left by people who choose to run SL in the way that works for them. And if you're serious about creating jewellery to sell, you really do need to get used to making your own textures whether they are diffuse or specular.
  8. I did a search for Specular in the same category Amethyst recommended and found a neck chain with specular maps on the first page. It's expensive and not a merchant I'm thrilled to drive traffic to, but it is there. I don't think the jewellery component creators are lousy at describing their products. I think you're looking for something really rather specific (one type of item, full perm, with a particular feature) that no one is supplying. Having spent way too much time frustrating myself with marketplace searches for full perm components, I can sympathise with the state you've gotten yourself in. So please keep that in mind when I suggest that if you want something this specific and no one is supplying it, the choices are to change your criteria or start learning the skills you need to make it yourself.
  9. Whatever makes it easy and obvious to use, though I do shy away from random things which add to inventory clutter. But then I'm still amused by rope climbing animations and crawl through spiral doors. :matte-motes-smile:
  10. Go for it with the drawings. Diversity is the lifeblood of the arts. :matte-motes-smile: Someone sent me a notecard titled "You've been blogged" a few years back when he featured a hunt prize I had made in one of his photographs. Absolutely made my day. It was a good photograph too and really showed off my item in a different setting than I could have visualised before hand. A few people might get weird about it, but then a few people will find a way to get weird about just about anything. Most of us would probably feel a bit flattered for the attention or just happy to help.
  11. Could it be your approach, entity? The forum regulars have been great to me. Btw, the discrepancy between what's available in tutorials was one of the pluses Sassy gave for Avastar. It doesn't seem fair to blame Avastar users for not making other sorts of tutorials. I wish there were more tutorials available for static items geared towards the concerns of SL but I'm not going to harsh on the tutorial makers for showing what works for them and their concerns. As I understand it, you want SL-specific tutorials which don't use a commonly used SL-specific tool. Perhaps you can take a moment to realise that this is going to be a rather narrow field.
  12. Jinxui wrote: If it's ROI you're looking for, try sinking your time into learning to make the animations instead, Only if you value your time less than your lindens.
  13. What everyone is saying (perhaps too politely) is that you can't have a texture which is both no copy and no trans. The permission system is such that you have to allow one or the other on an object. Even if a glitch did happen, it wouldn't affect the way a texture was applied to an object manually. No mod is the one which affects editing. So what the previous responders are saying is that you've misunderstood something in the situation. I looked up the items in marketplace and they look to be standard mesh where you simply drag your texture from inventory onto the object or into the texture window whilst editing the object. A few of the reviews praised the completeness of the instructions and simplicity of use. Have you tried dragging the texture onto the object or into the texture window? This is a niche object so chances of finding someone who has used it on the forums isn't all that high. Since you have a friend who has, asking that person will be a far simpler and more productive route.If you are absolutely determined to make the person you know can answer your question your last resort, you could ask the item's creator. Chances are they will be as confused as those who have posted here.
  14. My belongings are things I've acquired over the years. Some have memories of course and some are especially cool, but overall there is so much that it all blurs together a bit. My creations are things that have pushed me to learn new skills and work through multiple problems in order to bring an idea together. Art is too fancy a word, at least as its normally used, but like all arts, they're an expression of something jangling around inside my head that hopefully someone else appreciates or is entertained by as well. I don't own them. For a while, they own me.
  15. Sounds like a glitch, one of those things that just happens sometimes. Relogging, logging into a quiet sim (try typing Aqua or Pooley into the destination bar on the login screen), or clearing cache are progressing ways of fixing this sort of thing if you're not happy to wait until it resolves itself.
  16. Have you tried putting your texture on a basic prim? If it's fine on a prim, it's a mesh issue. If it's not, then it's texture.
  17. Have you looked at the mesh toddler avatars? I've seen some on the grid but don't know any details. If one works for the body, then you just need to sort clothes and hair.
  18. Teagan Tobias wrote: And every creator that uses this tactic knows exactly what they are doing. That's a very strong and angry statement. Surely some are just making mistakes because the whole thing is so confusing.
  19. I sent you an IM world with a slurl (SL link) and LM to a store that has a good basic AO free for avatars less than 14 days old. You were inworld but didn't reply, so if you didn't get it but see this, get in touch with me and I'll resend.
  20. But i LIKE standing on furniture. It brings back fond memories of logging in to find my av standing on her bed, ready to start a noob day. :matte-motes-smile:
  21. HonieIsle wrote: "why don't you just get a pair of scissors and cut YOUR **bleep**ing ears off?" Wonders how to do that with a system avatar
  22. In GIMP, it's Filters, Maps, Tile. Scale your texture to something close to what you want to finish with, then use the Tile and choose the finished size you want. There is probably something similar in PS.
  23. Have you spent much time inworld? All of this about the forums is making me wonder. Only a handful of people read the forums regularly, just look how the same faces show up again and again in threads. Women's fashion is the most competitive market in SL by far. Tons of established stores you will be up against, but also tons of promotional groups and events. It's not hard to find the most popular. Which are the best for you will depend on the niche you want to carve for yourself in all of that. So my advice is to get inworld and do your research.
  24. What kind of shop is it? Knowing that might help us give better advice to you. Also, how often do you create new items and do you have a fair bit to sell already or are you just starting?
  25. Since this means so very much to you, rent some land and make your own inclusive BDSM place. Set up the group tags exactly as you want. Put all this energy into promoting it and making it somewhere fantastic that people want to join. You're demanding that others see things the way you do on this matter and it's not working. It is quite a leap for the majority of people to accept your claim that in your psyche you really are a different species. Telling them how to run their sims isn't the way to do it. It just brings in too many other issues. So make your own area and use it to promote the kind of acceptance you want.
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