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  1. Some ideas: Wear platform shoes. Use the hover slider to raise yourself up a bit and hope no one notices that your feet don't touch the floor. Hang out with sensibly sized avatars cause maxed out sliders tend to make for distorted and strange looking avs. The gotta be taller than all the other men arms race has a lot to answer for. Scale your environment down and adjust your camera angles. Try rezzing the body (make sure you have a copy in inventory in case you muck it up) and see if you can make it relatively taller that way. You might be able to if the creator made the body (not just th
  2. Try again today. Lag tends to be worse on Saturday and Sunday, especially Sunday. I couldn't manage all three leaps when I made my building alt (additional account specifically for building projects), so I just left her there in frustration. Tried again a month later and I did it on the second go. I can't rule out quirks of the internet on my end, but I do know there were several avatars around when I was first trying and no one when I finally succeeded. And since you posted on Sunday, which tends to be the worst day for lag in SL, you may well have better luck at a quieter time. Third party
  3. Besides creating the item, you also have to worry about rigging (getting it to move well with an av) and fit. The fit part of it is rather complicated with all of the different mesh bodies in addition to the classic av. I think those are expected to be fitmesh as well now. (There will be info on fitmesh elsewhere. It's an attempt to make worn mesh sort of size adjustable.) The clothing market has become fragmented and awkward. You don't have to try to create for all of that of course, but it does help to understand it somewhat. Have you looked into purchasing texturable full perm mesh clothi
  4. I like the idea. It would make it easier (for me at least) to remember to look in on a store to see what's new or go back to explore something when there's more time. I would have used this a lot when I was buying full perm mesh for projects.
  5. (reply to all posters in general, not Pamela in particular. was that forum quirk where it decides who it wants to put the reply to.) Psst. The only game this person is playing is seeking attention by getting others to comment on her posts, preferably with some degree of annoyance. The different roles are just ways of casting the troll net in different directions in hopes of finding a new audience to bait. Make a game of it yourself, like we did with the fake pregnancy threads, or just recognise it for what it is and move on. It's not worth any more time than that unless you're particularly b
  6. Experimenting with some of the settings helped greatly during my brief adventure with FS. I think the ones which may have helped most might have been under View in Move & View in preferences, like Transition Time and Smoothing. It was trial and error and guesswork, so I might have that completely wrong, but the FS default settings were a nightmare for my computer and changing things helped.
  7. agentronin wrote: I do not know how to get rid of elements of that avatar I no longer need, such as its skin. Skin, shape, eyes and hair base all influence the head and are very much used and needed with mesh bodies. Newer mesh bodies tend to be something called fitmesh, which means they change based on the underlying SHAPE. So that shape can really change how a fitmesh body looks. The mesh body demo may come with an example shape to use. But you can also use any other shape, including one you make from scratch, one someone else made, or an existing one you've modified through the appea
  8. Thanks Gavin. The open sim Kokua test viewer was mostly stable this morning. A couple of glitches but no crashes, even in two mesh heavy builds that usually take me down. :matte-motes-smile: I really hope people are slow to increase their LI usage. More polys on sims will just make things harder for those of us who bought our Macs at the wrong time. Going to enjoy the small relief for now and worry about how compromised visuals will affect creating later. Thanks again, you're a star.
  9. LolitaFrance Anthony wrote: I just changed back to using my human avatar, after ... several years. .... I guess there's no work-around for the issue. I'll just permanently use my tiny avatar, with an Avatar Rendering Complexity of 25529. I refuse to look like a gummy bear in the shape of a person to everybody around me, while I look normal to myself. The part in bold is the entirety of your problem. You are wearing hair and shoes which are several years old. Standards for those in particular have changed a great deal in recent years. Update them to better choices and your complexity
  10. Thanks for how much effort you're putting into this Gavin. It's much appreciated. Is the Open Sim viewer you linked to the one at the top of the page, where it says Looking for the latest version? I've been trying that one out. Will try the driver from your other link as soon as I feel up to it. Thanks for the links. The rest of this is for anyone who might find it helpful and in case someone from SL peeks in. Do they not realise how serious this can be? Or is it just not as sexy as Sansar and increasing LI? Cool Viewer is generally the most likely to be stable for me at present, or at leas
  11. Take a look at SWAN Animations. They have drunk and jester animations which might suit. I think you can buy them individually (to add in an AO or furniture) or as an already put together AO. Just found a place called Animation Station. They might have something too. Had fun in their inworld store going through them
  12. If I say I think you're a troll, will you yell at me too Hoki? Please. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  13. Thanks Gavin. I pushed everything down as low as possible, except mesh at 1, turned off OpenGL Vertex Buffer Object and lowered texture mem to 256. Still lagging like it's 2008. :matte-motes-confused: Didn't crash, but movement is shall we say impratical and I didn't really push it. This is so stupid. A not quite four year old desktop with reasonable/good specs is essentially obsolete for SL. And running on 2008 settings is so gonna help with making things that look good for other people.
  14. Good to hear. Time zones complicated things for me. A speedy response was the next day. And since it was a question and then another question.... :matte-motes-smile:
  15. Any advice on what to do? I'd really rather not lose SL, but this isn't a great time to buy a new computer and I have absolutely no reason to other than SL. Am feeling rather lost and stressed about it.
  16. Open a Support Ticket and ask for your inventory to be synced with Aditi. That seems to be the way they are currently doing things. You should have access after they do the next reset. I have heard it is at 6 am SLT but cannot verify that. Should be within 24 hours.
  17. So I installed the most recent nvidia driver I could find, all was working well. A few days ago, Apple gave me a new driver on an update. (I didn't realise this was what the update was, otherwise I wouldn't have agreed to it.) Hadn't done much moving around in SL until today when it was doing that graphics overload crash thing again. Tried to reinstall the driver I used before. It is now incompatible. http://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driverResults.aspx/107851/en-uk The nvidia website says this: "CUDA Application Support: In order to run macOS Applications that leverage the CUDA architectu
  18. I always thought of gumballs and lucky dip as you pay for something and the something will be one of whatever. You get an item for your money. In some cases, you accept that you have less choice in return for a reduced price. Gachas can be like that. I know I've bought from a few where I was happy to get the item for the low price and wasn't fussed about which colour or thought twice the low price was still a bargain in case I got the one colour I didn't fancy on the first go. Would you still call that gambling? I'm not defending gachas, just pointing out that they are used in different ways
  19. I've seen Victorian/period nightdresses which were similar. The store that comes to mind is Montagne Noire, which is sadly no longer inworld (the last I heard) but may still be on Marketplace. My Victorian days were pre-mesh however, so I can't suggest anywhere in particular if mesh is an absolute requirement. If it's not I can have a rake through my inventory to find other store names.
  20. Arljne wrote: The question is : do we really want to live in Second Life as we are doing, or do we want to try to create a new game, a game where we don't have just to think about our sexual side, but we are humans, and we express also a higher level of interaction ? SL is what you make of it. If you're running into jerks, find new places to hang out and things to do. I'm happy with my shops and some really great friends and if a random chancer wants to pretend to be friends with me after I politely decline his sexual advances, I'm also happy to invite him to my shop and watch him prete
  21. Thank you thank you thank you Qie. That makes sense now. I hadn't thought about it in terms of the rounding up factor. I especially appreciate that you've given me enough information to evaluate beforehand whether or not a project will benefit from a single script sitter. The one I'm working on just now probably won't, but a chair with pillows probably will.
  22. I haven't seen a titler in years, but from what I know now I would guess that they use an alpha (transparent) box with hover text. So click BELOW the words or use whatever means your viewer has to highlight transparent objects, Ctrl Alt T and/or a menu option. Titlers are meant to be worn rather than rezzed, not that you would know that from a box of ancient freebs. :matte-motes-smile: When you figure out how to click on it, try looking in the description. If it has the same words as the ones you see in the hover text, then the text will change to whatever you type in the description. If it d
  23. Aww bless. Is your prim baby old enough to have her own account now? :matte-motes-smile:
  24. Thank you for the suggestion Xiija, but very few (if any) AO sits will work with this project. I will need to use specific ones instead of relying on what avatars bring themselves.
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