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  1. This isn't something I have much hands on experience with, but since no one else has answered I'll do my best. Appliers are the functional equivalent of system clothing (the 'painted on' clothing textures) and system skins for mesh bodies. They are textures which go on ('applied' via a scripted device) the mesh body. There are some very helpful people in the creation forums, but not so much for clothing. Medhue Simoni has rigging tutorials posted on youtube and also answers a lot of questions in the Animation forum here. He might be able to help with specific problems. As far as I kn
  2. We have enough rules and normal and grown-upness in RL. Wear whatever makes you happy.
  3. Was Claireschen offering you advice or supplementing the information you provided? I thought it was the latter, but then I do use low draw distances regularly (cause IMO why make it work harder than it needs to) so I appreciated learning about that trick. I don't use FS much but will for close-up local texture work. Anyway, thanks Claireschen.
  4. /me quietly notes the similarities between what Klytyna doesn't like in RP and how she treats people in the Forums.
  5. Subscriber with a small gift for subscribing maybe? Generally fewer expectations for those because they don't take a precious group slot, so you can change it for a new one as and when you want. A hunt maybe? There are a couple of blogs with listings of upcoming hunts which are accepting applications. If you have a way to communicate with your customers (like a subscriber), you can invite them in to find the gift. I like participating in hunts because the themes often suggest new ideas and directions. Just pointed out my hunt gift to a new customer last month and he was confused about wha
  6. I really like Inkheart. Haven't been there in a while, but they always used to have a half dozen different ways to get a pair for free so it's easy to try some out. They have different sizes of system eyes plus mesh in each package. Had to leave their group because I needed the group slot for something else; really should get back there soon. Thanks for reminding me.
  7. That's not a safety precaution. It's just an after the fact record of what happened. Safety precaution would be more like requiring the account it was coming from to approve the transaction before payment was made. (edit: mistyping)
  8. Would you be happy to use an alt account that was just for the beta grid? That's the only way to keep a beta inventory from re-filling with main grid stuff.
  9. Does it count as being naked if your dress is horizontal and two feet to the left?
  10. Whatever you do, make sure it's set to No Mod so people can't change it. If you're texturing full perm mesh, make sure you're following the creator's ToS. You can still offer a demo for free, but it needs to be 'broken' in some way (and more than permissions). A few strategically placed DEMOs written across the texture on a no mod copy will work. If you don't want to have to do two uploads, find another method like attaching a large overhead sign. Whatever fits with your way of doing things and makes it obvious that the person is wearing a demo but still lets them see the important detail
  11. You have a very strange way of looking at things, Prok.
  12. I seriously doubt my avatar is my brand. All feedback suggests that it's more like the bulk of my work speaks for itself. Other people have come back with entirely new names and brands and carried on just fine in their businesses. But what I suggested above was testing. I said "If I were in your situation, Prok, I'd try sending the transferable stuff to an alt or new account with a smaller inventory. It would rule out some of the variables like your history of inventory problems." It wasn't necessarily intended to be a long term solution. If it did remedy the immediate problem though
  13. If I were in your situation, Prok, I'd try sending the transferable stuff to an alt or new account with a smaller inventory. It would rule out some of the variables like your history of inventory problems. Good luck.
  14. LAQ doesn't have an MP store, but there is a lovely group gift inworld (Camille) which might suit you. Don't be put off by the serious advert photo, it works on happy av faces too. Hopefully the group is still free to join. If search isn't giving you the store (LAQ Avatars), try the creator's profile (Mallory Cowen). Lumae seems to be moving again. She reinvents herself periodically and I don't know what kind of work she's doing now but her stores have often been favourites in the past. If you don't mind young, there are some good kawaii skin creators. Had a look in my inventory but
  15. \me wonders if the OP is trolling and decides it's not worth giving the question that much room in my head
  16. Does this mean only premium-payers will lose their clothing during TPs?
  17. Cause they can no longer claim that the 69 in their av name is their year of birth whilst also claiming to be 'late 30s' in RL?
  18. I've never seen mention of this. It would be really useful so I'm going to reply in hopes of getting one of the forum regs to show up to tell me I'm wrong.
  19. That's good news. I think. Have you tried experimenting with other viewers? Kokua (Open Sim version) and Cool VL are best for my mac, but it has the nVidia problem.
  20. If you just replaced your graphics card, it's probably not nVidia. From those stats, I'm guessing your old one wasn't nVidia either, probably a Radeon IRCC. nVidia in Macs + Sierra + SL is a known bork. That's my situation, symptoms were different from yours though. Mine crashes SL but not the computer. Pretty much all my knowledge on the subject comes from Gavin Hird, who makes the Kokua viewer and recommended the OpenSim version as a substitute (page 2 of this thread). I don't know if it will help any. Good luck and much sympathy. It's a very frustrating place to be in.
  21. I get grey when I upload something with multiple materials from Blender, white if it's only one material. You could try changing the material colours to white if you're going to be doing lots of uploads for testing. I'm pretty sure I did something like that back in the days when I was able to manage complicated projects. (OK, looks like I'm wrong again. Sorry.)
  22. I've decided that wishing we could prim stuff for storage and take back into RL inventory isn't a sign of addiction. It is simply sensible.
  23. I don't think it would be a shape thing. Just posting it here so someone can come along and tell me I'm wrong and you can get an answer. In the meantime, have you tried it without the mesh body parts? Does it do what you want with just a system av? At first I thought it might be a Bento thing, but in another thread authoritative people were saying that TMP is an abandoned project - which means it won't have Bento bones either. Good luck finding your answers.
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