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  1. My member is so long that -- Oh, wait. That's not what the OP meant. Never mind.
  2. That's the goal right there. I pointed in the direction she needs to go. The rest is up to her now. I know better than to get involved in other people's drama and I know you can't help everyone but sometimes I still gotta try.
  3. I'm trying to talk her into seeing someone RL but anything would be better than doing nothing. I did see a place that says they have RL certs. Mostly what I want is to be sure she sees someone that is not role playing and get her comfortable enough to seek RL help. I have been to couples counseling before. It is actually enjoyable once you get started. She is so depressed, closed off and angry it is hard for her to do anything
  4. I could say asking for a friend but no one would believe that. Does anyone know of a counseling service in SL? Marriage counseling preferred but depression issues too. They kind of go hand in hand in my experience. I'm sure other people have asked this before. let me add, I know we can search for counseling services in world but I would like to know if anyone has had any good experiences with any of these places rather. Otherwise it's like picking at random.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I widened the mouth just a bit. I am almost happy with it. They still look a little soft but I'll take kissable. What was throwing me off before were the animations that played automatically. Once I found out how to turn most of them off it helped tremendously. Maybe I should put a shirt on next time. I do own clothes and can get all the way dressed. Does this mean I can order the Club sandwich now?
  6. Is it OK to ask for advice in here? I bought a new head. Catwa Dude. I feel like I'm buried in HUDs but I'll figure that all out in time. What's bugging me is I cannot get the lips right. They look a little pouty to me. What do you all think of this? Too boyish or is the mouth OK?
  7. As a public service announcement, I would like to state the we at Manly Men, Ink do not condone such sweeping biased and groundless statements. It is with a sad heart that we here-by reduced Brother VK to the probationary rank of Knuckledragger. This is only a probationary censure. Brother VK will be returned to his previous rank of Macho Hombre if no further infractions occur in 30 days. I know many others are like myself and hope to see Brother VK returned to his previous status and avoid the possible fate of banishment to the He-Man Woman-haters Club. In that regard I would ask you all to help support Brother VK in this endeavor. Be aware that Knuckledragger ranks typically have an ego as fragile as a spun sugar doll house window. Handle with extreme care. Thank you very much for your time,
  8. You were preaching the dogma for you campaign of the week using false assumption and sexist ideas as you foundation of facts. I decided it would be fun to dispute them. So I did. With solid and repeatable evidence. This is not the hill ... 10/77 we're clear.
  9. Good idea! I didn't know the viewer's calculations were wrong. Do you know where they said that? Possibly why it might be wrong? The prim box is a perfect idea for finding exact height. I just did these a few minutes ago. I set my hover up high so I could get a good look under it. With build mode pose turned on I was set. Then I stretched the box up until just the tips of my hair are showing. The box says I am 2.098 meters tall. Google says that is 6.8832021 feet or 6' 10 1/2" tall. That is 3 1/2" taller than the height window says. 7 1/2" shorter than the script-o-sizer thing said. Does the script writer have some sort of agenda or is the calculation just flawed? I think I'll stay with what the engine calculates. I have found myself a nice average size and don't feel like changing it very often. I am to scale with most women and that's all that matters. If I hang around long enough I am sure I can find some 8' tall men. What I have seen so far, the men don't have any sort of Monopoly on that. I see everybody in all sizes in equal measures.
  10. I tried to look into these places. First, my size: 6.61' I thought it was 6.66 or 6'8" but I am just a little under that. At The Doomed Ship entrance I saw some rods with heights over them. There was another one to touch that said I was 7'6" tall. While I was looking around a woman came in. I said I didn't think I was that tall. She laughed and said not to trust those things. After I left I noticed my hover was set at +0.200 which was a little bit off the floor. I set it back to 0 for the next stop. After that I went to Amazon Rain forest. There were 3 women at the landing point. These were the smaller of them. They were about scale to me. The 3rd girl left before I could get a snapshot next to her. I then went to Revendland. I waited at the entrance for about 30 minutes but did not see another person. There was the statue or NPC guy there that was much shorter than I so I took a picture with that. After that I went to Wastelands. I am not dressed for most of these places but from the name of the sim I thought I could go in past the landing point. In the Wastelands, I am a head taller than the entry bot guard bot guy. I went in to the big area and looked around. I did see a guy named kitty that was much smaller than I who immediately came over and attacked me with a sword looking weapon. I didn't hang around to get a photo since it was obvious I did not fit in. My quick look at RP places were not much different from the last info hub I was at. 6' 7" according to LL. 7'6" according to an object. I am plainly not wearing 11" heals so I'll trust the only solid reference I have. In any case, I met 2 women slightly taller than I, two women slightly shorter than I and one man that was much shorter than I. I never got the chance to meet a giant male or ask why he was out of scale with everyone else. This is all just one trip late on Sunday evening so maybe it is different at other times.
  11. Can you give an example where you see this often? I can only comment on the places I have been. What did the guys there say when you asked them about their out of character height? Can you tell me where to find this place? Are these combat sims maybe? As a 6.66' avatar I am usually boob high to women whether I'm at a jazz club or a family RP sim. 6 foot 8" not counting boots and the top half of my head and yet I have been called a kid on an RP sim.
  12. I remember you asking this same question once before. The same answer still fits. Because that's what women expect from men.
  13. Underwater and hidden away means one thing. Having done my share of construction jobs in my life I can be 100% certain that this is where the Linden Lab maintenance workers hide to play dominoes.
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