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  1. Professional and polished graphics does not mean good graphics. Utility and novelty count for a lot more. For example, those mesh (or sculptie) dirt paths one walks on everywhere are lovely, proficient, professionally made, but they're also mass produced. They were wonderful the first time. By the tenth time, I think: "Can't you think of something else?" Even something, home made that's less than perfect that's different from what you see everywhere earns kudos. I have a zinnia texture I hand drew years ago. There are zinnias in my yard growing on a four prim spiral. Flowers don't get old, and I know no one else has envy (lime green...There is such a thing in real life too!) zinnias, or who has tried a four prim spiral for texture plants. Utility, works in a complementary direction. Every time my avie jumps over a wall, I cheer. I've done it a million times. She may not jump as well as an avie in some other game, but she can do it, and it's fun. It will always be fun. If I still want something I built six months after I built it, I probably did a good job with the graphics. They fill a need. For example, a house on stilts built with green painted wood and with sturdy, easy-to-climb stairs made all the land on my 2048 useable at ground level and provided living space for a young, Zooby baby, and me for over a year. I liked the color. I never got tired of the house, which provided indoor space for bathing a baby and taking care of his bathroom needs. The house' inspiration was a building used on academic sims. The original that was 64 prims. My house was 35. The original structure is also an excellent, though primitive (2006) piece of work. If you want to see what can be done with simple graphics in SL, visit Studio Moya or Derpyland (Possibly Derpy Land).
  2. Keep your ten bucks For years, I paid rent to you And then you do This that makes me say "what the... Luckily the Linden Labs concierge truck Let me come to my critters' rescue. And it's a first world problem...true... Still, I feel like a hat trick hockey puck. Yes, you ran out of luck... And I'm left bruised and knocked askew... A rat forced off a stinking ship Clinging to garbage in the sea... A VERY STUPID RAT. Still we had a relationship. Why didn't you at least warn me? I deserved that.
  3. Second Life Grid Status says everything is just fine. I can't get in either. I thought I'd be the first to post the bad news.
  4. I tried squatting once on a no return sandbox. I got my stuff back in twenty-four hours. It was just an experiment. I used to find "sandboxes" on private property, built stuff, rezzed stuff, cleaned it up and took it with me. After I got my 512 n 2008, I became very anti-squatter. Finding them on academic sims made me even angrier. If I find squatters, I alert the sim owner. I've even reported one idiot who left X-rated stuff on a G-rated academic sim to Linden Labs because the sim owner, was busy dealing with floods in real life. I wrote the sim owner and explained how to set autoreturn. My attitude is I pay. You should pay too.
  5. I have been making plants i n Second Life for ages. They are easy. They are fun. They are special because they are one of three good reasons I have for keeping land. The others are breedables and a Zooby baby. I'd rather spend time in the garden than in the house any day of the week. The first picture is of borage which dates from 2009/2010. I still like it because there aren't that many blue flowers. There are jicamas (they date from around 2013). You can't grow them in Georgia or further north. They are a tropical plant and will only produce their edible roots in a very warm climate. Last, we have one of my Ozimal rabbits, Cunegonde, among the chocolate nasturtiums (Created this year!). I love the detail that goes into plants. I have more plants than I can rezz these days, but still dream of making more.
  6. Dear Vehsta, I would say leave the car at home and go down to the big SLRR Railroad Station at Tulip Trees, where you can get a free locomotive. You are free to modify the thing, which I did. Heterocera has a huge railroad and you can ride the rails. Also walking the great wall is a lot of fun too.
  7. Ah, there is a solution to the day 91 dilemma if the script allows a Boolean statement. Ban if (90<x OR member of group). Start a group with an alt or friend. This will prevent you from being banned at day 91. Newbies who want to become habitues can join the group. Seasoned players.... sorry you're out of luck. I hate the whole policy of banning anyone except for rank abuse, but that's just me.
  8. You can dream it. You can build it. At Eddesign Island, you can do it! For rent -- Three 4096 m2 parcels for 1250L/month. Flexible use. Few restrictions. Bring your dreams to life today!
  9. Please say this is not so. Sunday night http://www.gridsurvey.com announced that close to 80% of the NMC Archipelago NMC sites, East Carolina University's Islands, University of Delaware, Teaching # islands and a few others were gone. Most of them are still gone today. I hope this is not permanent. If it is, the educational world in Second Life has lost a major player.
  10. I think something else is going on. I wasn't a cloud when I logged in, but I put on long pants, socks, and a sweater in an attempt to go to a sim I thought was snowy. Long story short, the new outfit did not "take." After several encounters with a nasty security orb, I saw I was still wearing my summer shirt and shorts. When I took off all my clothes to take a bath. My legs were still pants shaped even though I removed my pants and my underpants. This is an intermittent problem. It may also be an inventory problem. I had no trouble with the viewer update last night on another machine.
  11. What I think I wanted/needed was a viewer update. LL offered one a few hours after I wrote my post above. I updated both computers where I access SL and went to some crowded clubs. No more line mesh issues, and my avie has sore feet and a sore nose. Hs5 is one of my favorite dances.
  12. I had the same issue and I use the latest version of Viewer 4, and rigged mesh has worked fine for over three months. I was surprised to "get my eyes poked out again," so you are not alone. So far I've only seen the issue once, and I blocked the offending avie.
  13. I can't name names, so I'll edit this song slightly. It is best to begin my adoption experience to a song, I still sometimes sing. You can sing it to the tune of Lady in Red. If you want the story in all its gory detail, it is on my blog. It was a cold winter evening. The guests were all leaving. Omatsu was closing the bar. When he turned and he said to the avie in green... GET OUT! YOU CAN'T STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Oh she wept a sad tear in her bucket of beer As she thought of the cold night ahead. Then a little, cute tiny, emerged from the rest room And these were the words that she said: She's been too long at can't say but YOU KNOW A parent she wants to be. But there is no child in Second Life who'll live with her harmony Sweet har-mon-eee.... Now she's bleary from reading those note cards... She's someone you'd like to forget... But it's parent panels that pay the tier, And don't give up hope just yet. TOMORROW WILL BE A NEW DAY. The agency made money (and used it to keep the land rented and the lights on). A fair number of us wasted our time. I went on to buy a Zooby baby on September 6.
  14. I was in your shoes until very recently. Exodus (which is two years out of date but nice and stable) will run with XP. You may or may not get your eye poked out by rigged mesh, but you'll be able to get in world.
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