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  1. This is my alt, I'm a store owner and designer that reviews MP on a daily basis. I haven't been a victim of an MP scam becasue I'm familure with the companies and designers of the products being used in the scams. I guess you're not up to date with the daily ongoings scams on MP during the last few months. To start a bussines there is always overhead needed to get things going, 3000L is a very small sum to reduce a lot of these scams. I also mention a reduction of the percentage LL would get from each sale to offset the startup cost.
  2. The major mesh full perm MP scam has been going on for some time now. Mostly likely it's the same person with multiple avatars. They are using ads and products of major full perm designers and selling them at a fraction of the cost. The ads usually stay up for a few days before LL takes them down, but by that time the person doing this already has another avatar selling the same products. I don't know anyone who purchased from this scammer, so I really can't say if the actual product is being used or if the buyer is just getting an empty box. If anyone has this answer please post it, I'm interested to know how bad SL is being degraded by this scam. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed by LL and only ruins the credibility of LL as it continues. The only way to prevent scams like this from happening is to make it not worth their while to do so. Anyone can open an MP store and pull off a scam like this and reap some reward until LL shuts them down. I think an effective way to deter this from happening is to make it not worth their while. This can be done by LL implementing a 3000L MP store set up fee and reducing the percentage of LL cut for each sale to 4%. By charging an MP store set up fee it will make it less likely these scammers can reap a monetary gain from their scams before LL shuts it down. My Idea might not be a popular one, but something needs to be done about the integrity of MP.
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