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  1. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

  2. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    Я с тобой согласен! Я преподаю вам русский язык. Вы пытаетесь повысить уровень моего английского языка
  3. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    lol do you want to learn Russian well?
  4. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    my browser translates if I click on the button. If I did not click the button, I read the native text English
  5. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    I understand English. Sometimes I use an interpreter. More questions?
  6. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    I know everything perfectly! Yes, and I to test my words ... I do reverse translation
  7. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    my translator works well. I'm not complaining that I have an auto translation
  8. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    I realized this yesterday, that he wants to work on the Event All questions to the linden lab, anyway! Perhaps OP will want to become an employee of the Linden lab, you do not know about it. Maybe he dreams, be a lol employee
  9. spellbound Auster

    SL 15. birthday

    now there is a Linden lab career on the site, see what's closer to you .. in spirit. and write in support that you want to work with them >> https://www.lindenlab.com/careers
  10. spellbound Auster

    password probs

    Perhaps there was a mistake in the username, there is another option, then if you pressed the button it may not work as the - keyboard is not clean and the fuse button inside the keyboard - or poorly function. clean the keyboard that everything, worked well! good luck to you.
  11. spellbound Auster

    add my payment method

    Now the Linden lab has been corrected, filling in the questionnaire, for a new sample. You should fill in all the fields .. even without the symbols * not mandatory * I without any problems added Visa card
  12. spellbound Auster

    Old premium member and new double land allotment

    Hello! According to the Information, from Linden Lab give you 512M if you have your premium house and your house it is 512m. If you give up your premium home, then you will have 1024M 351 Prim You have to buy a plot on the mainland and you do not pay for the plot once, for rent ... but! you do not pay every week, you only pay for the purchase. You too can leave your home 512, and then take a plot of 512 .. without giving up your house
  13. spellbound Auster


    Totally agree with you. Any new, person should know that there are vampires in the SL. P.S. When I came into the second life I did not know that there are Vampires for example, me did not say who. That's why I created this teaching post.
  14. spellbound Auster


    Lol its not spamm end not trolling This post is training for beginners.
  15. spellbound Auster


    This post was created for training to prevent accidents of vampirism. PS the main thing that you would like