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  1. Phew, finally done. I put up a few curtains, pictures, plants, candles, and my home is finished It is really basic, not up to standards with newer furniture, but it is functional. No landscaping was performed, as to save as many prims as possible. So, I have used a total of 32 prim, plus an additional 26 for my kittycats Which leaves me with plenty to create multiple skyboxes, that I can spawn whenever the desire hits..
  2. Thanks for sharing that, it is a bummer for sure, but I don't want to cause that sort of harassment to people. That is how I feel too, I thought the bees would be a better alternative for when I want privacy - and they would be more entertaining as well. If they are going to cross out of my parcel or cause disruption to vehicle owners I'm not going to place it in my yard either.
  3. Even my kittycats are enjoying their new home ❤️😺 They approve of your handiwork Lindenites.
  4. Even though I had used my ban line recently, for a few hours, I am not opposed to seeing them removed. I am happier to see security orbs are going to give people time to fly through parcels, I wish that were to become universal because compared to banlines, zero second security orbs are impossible to avoid at any altitude. Now, for my question to all of you veteran SL members. I saw this pretty funny security item on the market place, it is not a security orb, rather it is a beehive that will spawn bees and push people around. I think it is hilarious, but I can have a warped sense of humor at times. Do you think this is an acceptable way to secure my property, when I want some privacy, or is it taking things too far? Also, do you know if this would damage other people's vehicles, or cause problems for them? While I find it funny, I don't want to cause other people problems while they are just exploring the area on their vehicles.
  5. I would be happy with rez zones, especially around the docks in the rivers. A gathering area would be pretty nice, a place to dance, socialize, perhaps play a few games that can be accessed by everyone. Also some sandboxes, that do not intrude on other people's views. That is assuming the older premium membership sandboxes are removed, I'm fine with just using those if they keep them.
  6. Do you know if there are going to be different themed areas, like there were for the original linden homes?
  7. Okay, I'm just about done 31 prims used for slight renovations, and furniture, now most of my rooms are completed. I'll hang some pictures later, I can probably put ten of them in my home with only using a few prims. I'm happiest so far with my kitchen, I modified the windows so on the outside it looks like the shades are half closed, on the inside I added a few strips of white wood that are invisible on all other sides besides the one facing the kitchen. I'm not sure if I am going to do any landscaping though, if I do that I'm going to try to do so with nicer looking items and those tend to eat up the prim count.
  8. I'm really enjoying all of these pictures, you all have a fantastic eye and capture the landscape so perfectly.
  9. Thanks They were not so bad, I never asked them to leave because I hate confrontation and never knew what their intention was, so they didn't do anything against the rules. I think they were just a couple of goofs, looking for some fun.
  10. I love that lighthouse, the shark board is a nice touch . I made a video of mine, it is still very sparse but I am trying to keep my prim count as low as possible while hold on to as many $lindens as possible. I also have a skybox I have been creating for the past few days, that needs a ton of work, new textures, and I need to build more furniture for it. I'm at 110 prims total so far, 26 of them being my two kittycats The skybox is completely linked together at 62 prims, besides a security orb and teleport pad. I love building my own furniture, houses, and so on, I'm not really good at it, but I find it to be really enjoyable. The great thing about having a 32x32 parcel of land is that this really opens up new possibilities for me. Using a petite avatar, makes 32 x 32 seem more like 64 x 64, it is so cool!
  11. I never really used mine, but I was mugged yesterday! 😣 A couple of strangers came into my house, one wearing a burglars outfit, complete with a bag. They asked me to turn on the scripts to my furniture, and wouldn't leave for several minutes, it was kind of weird, yet funny at the same time. I just screamed "EEEEEK!" and jumped out of my window 😂 They wouldn't leave or say anything outside of asking to turn on the scripts for them, so I wasn't really sure of their intention, so I just teleported out and came back five minutes later. I later noticed them hopping from house to house in my area, I think people were kicking them out.. I hate to do that to people, so I just put up my ban lines as a temporary measure to avoid any griefing. I welcome RP, but if I don't know the people, it is a bit weird.
  12. ☹️ I am right next to the river, and saw a dock which excited me because I thought there may be a rez spot near it. Perhaps LL will create a small area by each of the docks going into the rivers.
  13. This is a lot of fun So far, I've decorated my house and then put up my skybox I had created a few days ago. I wasn't expecting to be moving in this soon. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a rez zone for boats?
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