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  1. WillowTenage

    Game crashes when opening picture mode.

    I'm sorry I wish I knew more, but that was the best I had and was hoping it would work for you. The best advice I could give you at this time, is to get in contact with their support team and hopefully they can figure out why it is crashing on you. https://www.firestormviewer.org/support/ Beyond the freezeframe, I would probably be tinkering around with it for hours until I finally figured it out and trust me, you don't want me doing that to your PC It would all be guesswork, because I'm not sure how their camera snapshot works. It is strange that just pushing the button crashes Firestorm, that is why I felt it might be freezeframe doing it. One more thing you could do, is try to run Firestorm in admin mode (I'm assuming you're on Windows), as perhaps it could be as simple as a permissions error that is crashing your viewer.
  2. WillowTenage

    So I just found out about Sansar

    I have dabbled with Sansar, but I use my laptop in my living room and whenever I want to use VR I have to move furniture around, calibrate my walking area and disturb everyone else that wants to use this room. Not to mention, every time I put on the goggles I have others that want to join in on the experience so I end up sharing and never really get a chance to fully enjoy it. A couple of days ago I tried it in desktop mode, and it was pretty good. I'll probably log into it later on today, to experiment around with for an hour or two.
  3. WillowTenage

    Game crashes when opening picture mode.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with freezeframe. It is kind of quirky when I have it enabled on Firestorm. Try this: 1. Press ctrl+shft+alt+s to bring up the "Debug Settings" 2. Type in "UseFreezeFrame" 3. Change the value to false 4. Restart Firestorm - I had to do this, it needs to restart to take effect. If the value was already set to false in UseFreezeFrame, then that is not the issue causing you problems. There is an option in the camera dialogue box to do this as well, you may have accidentally clicked on it earlier. Since just clicking on the camera is causing the crash, I suspect that may be the issue. Best of luck
  4. WillowTenage

    What would be worse?

    I keep thinking of Gunter for some reason, if Gunther is a penguin then you can count me in.
  5. WillowTenage

    What are you doing today!? :D

    Exploring western themed sims, pilgrim.
  6. WillowTenage

    What are you listening right know.

    I've been on a Coldplay kick lately, so right now I'm listening to Yellow
  7. I only use system avatars, the mesh ones look great but for me the system avatars are just fine and better yet free. I love this outfit, although I am wearing mesh hair, my favorite prim hair is in the last picture, that outfit is usually my default.
  8. WillowTenage

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I've been killing griefers in the cornfield, and upgraded my weapon to a chainsaw! 😎 This game is pretty fun, I wish LL would create a few more like this one.
  9. WillowTenage

    Netflix challenge

    Don't forget Orville, it is great. While you are at it, try to give Pluto a try, it is free and has a few live streaming channels you might like.
  10. WillowTenage

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    Nah, I am fine with people wandering around my home. I even have an automated message telling them they are welcome, it also keeps count - in the past year it shows I have had only two people other than myself there. I'm not home often anyway, I'm out exploring everyone else's creations. When I am home, it is just a little interior decorating, or watching videos on the couch. It is not like they can do very much anyway, it is a pretty boring place and small.
  11. WillowTenage

    Voice or Text?

    I rarely speak to anyone, but on the occasions that I do, I prefer text. I spend most of my socializing time on forums, such as this one where I have plenty of time to sort through my thoughts, read what other people have to say, and respond in a manner I find satisfactory. I am lousy with small talk among strangers, and voice chat is the worst.. When talking with people I'm unfamiliar with, I'll think about what I want to say which causes pauses, and just feels really unnatural. Plus, when I have turned on voice chat which is pretty rare, it seems people are arguing, playing music, or going on with drunken ramblings.
  12. WillowTenage

    Second Life = "Barbie Doll game for adults"?

    It is apt for some people, I do enjoy finding a nice outfit so in part it is kind of like a barbie game for me.. but I would do the same thing in World of Warcraft and few people would consider WoW a Barbie game. Most of my time spent in SL, is either building something, exploring what others have built, or playing around with vehicles. Accessorizing is fun, but not my main activity, in fact I still use a system avatar rather than a mesh one because for me that is good enough. So, it could be explained as a Barbie game, but it could also be explained as a sandbox like Minecraft, it could be explained as a driving game, a flying simulator, a zombie shooter, an RPG, a virtual classroom, an online business, the list goes on and on.
  13. WillowTenage

    What are you doing today!? :D

    I like that idea! Thanks for the advice I'll have to give it a try tomorrow.
  14. WillowTenage

    What are you doing today!? :D

    My Internet connection was splotchy today, so I did not spend much time in SL. I did, however, play around a lot with opensim. I spent most of my time trying to figure out how to fix scripts involving animations, and getting my boat to work when crossing sims, I copied AVsitter to my character, created a couple of regions and I played around a lot with Paint 3d, as well as blender. I love trying to figure out how things work, not that I am very good at it 😛 Below is what I worked on for the past couple of hours, the graphics are horrible but it was fun to do. I want to eventually find a script that will levitate me up the beam into a skybox I will eventually create. The other picture is of me sailing up to a light house, I did get the boat to work when crossing regions but it was a very sloppy job.. I don't know anything about scripting in SL. I also got the animations to work. I even created my first tree today, which was fun Tomorrow, I hope my Internet connection cooperates with me. Opensim is fun, but I prefer SL a lot more, it is a lot less buggy.
  15. WillowTenage

    What makes you block someone?

    So far, I have blocked a TV in the property next to my home, which was set to autoplay on youtube. I have also blocked two bots in portal park that were playing 7 nation army on repeat for several days. There hasn't been a need to block anyone or anything else for me, most people are decent here as far as my chat window displays. I'm not much of a socialite, so there really has been no drama my way. If I were being harassed for whatever reason, I would probably block the person. I'm not opposed to using the feature, I just haven't the need to very often.