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  1. Morgana Hilra

    What are you doing today!? :D

    Well... I was at the Exhale Dance Club tonight. Took some photos. you can see them on my flickr... https://www.flickr.com/search/?sort=date-taken-desc&safe_search=1&tags=exhaledanceclub&user_id=8884276%40N04&view_all=1
  2. oh, also sometimes, when I do not mean too... I could be in the middle of changing my clothes, and double click "something" only to find out it was a landmark. Those are fun times. naked in a strange land lol
  3. Morgana Hilra

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    I am down to 270K! 70 more to go and I will be in my goal! I am getting there! lol. I have also decided to delete all my unpackaged "fatpacks", as long as I still have the packed boxes. You have no idea how much THAT will get rid of lol.
  4. Morgana Hilra

    Landscaper/Decorator for hire

    I wish you luck with this. I know personally, it can be very trying. lol. I have considered hiring ppl to do my landscape and interior... but, I think I am doing... Okish. this is what I have so far
  5. Morgana Hilra

    Calling all Indian players :)

    I often wonder what people mean exactly when they say "Indian"... I am native Indian... so... I am sure you can understand my query lol. I assume it is east Indian.
  6. I always blog, and when I sort my inventory, i tend to strip, so I can just quickly switch outfits. And... well... it's my home, lol I can run about naked! ?
  7. Every single time I accidentally tp naked. or if i forget that i was naked when i logged out, and log in somewhere other than where I logged out. It happens.... often.
  8. Morgana Hilra

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    Ok, my new goal is under 200K. And since as many of you know, I started over 400K, I am now at 270K, I am doing pretty good! And I have sorted a ton of unsorted folders lol. weeee... and so it continues!
  9. Morgana Hilra

    Did they leave a mark?

    In second life, we all have likely come across someone that "touched our lives" in one way or another. Be it a chance meeting, or a person you considered a friend and they just disappeared suddenly. Or maybe you were friends and had a falling out. Has this ever happened to you? (pointing to the reader). Mine was Shawn McDonnagh. The one person in SL I will never forget because of the lasting impression they made. Maybe one day he may see this, and message me. Or take out a stalking order on me. JK! geez, how many of you actually groaned at that?
  10. Morgana Hilra

    Do you think you are an interesting person in SL?

    I think that we all have our "interesting" qualities. Everyone has at least one or two or fifty things about them that may be seen as interesting by someone else. Personally... idk. I would have to talk to ppl more often (which engaging in the community forums is me trying to be more engaging lol), to be able to draw an opinion on if I think I am interesting. I would have to draw that conclusion based on how others interact with me, and then I could share an opinion. I think the person that started this thread is pretty interesting
  11. Morgana Hilra

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    OK! I did a blog post/video about this topic. This is NOT advertising lol. I am posting it here because, I mentioned many of you, and this post directly. So come have a looksie! https://sohawtsl.wordpress.com/2018/10/11/taming-of-the-inventory/
  12. Morgana Hilra

    Let’s see who shares the same taste of music

    Very much! When I lived in Toronto, I use to sit outside of Ontario Place when they had live concerts and such when I was a kid, and just read, and listen to the music. That's the other thing I love. Reading. Everything. lol. I was bored, so I read the FULL (up til all of the 2018 releases) series "for dummies" list. lol. I didn't pay much attention to side notes but, hey... When the feeling moves ya, you know to grab what you can lol.
  13. Morgana Hilra

    What are you listening right know.

    I will be honest.... I am sitting here, listening to this girls whole channel. I am stuck on loopers, and it's so awesome when it's a chick. lol. This is one of my favs!
  14. Morgana Hilra

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    Oh another set of keywords to search and delete! Unpacker, unpack, delivery
  15. Morgana Hilra

    Question about Second Life Couples.

    One thing I will say, and you can call it judgment if you wish but, when I am partnered to someone on SL, if they LIE to me about being with someone in RL, then all bets are off. I cannot stand liars. It's one thing to say that they have someone in RL and would rather keep the two separate, because then at least there is a reason that I would end the relationship. I have a complicated RL but, I share it because, no matter what people say, RL affects your SL and vice versa. It's important to have someone that you can confide in. If I am with someone, their RL partners have to be OK with our relationship. It's a personal preference. That is a HARD limit for me. People NEED to be honest with me. It's the only way for it to work. Does this make me seem... mean? Idk, maybe that is the wrong wording.