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  1. oh man, if they think YOU look like a teen, i would hate to see what they thought of MY avie lol.
  2. I also added this to my blog post, asking my readers to participate. It's hard to choose just one, especially if you are in both categories.. but, I tried haha.
  3. I only use the firestorm viewer, and it didn't work but, they had the correct assumption. That insane floater that tells me my tp failed. It's like.. No! Really? lol
  4. I am so confused by this BOM. Some are saying that mesh bodies are out the door if we use this feature.. Others are saying it's so we can use our old system skins ON our mesh bodies. Even in this thread, the opinions bounce back and forth. I think I will wait til there is less confusion.
  5. I believe this is what they were referring too.
  6. Did they help you? Sometimes, people will do that. They will see someone that they feel needs to update their look and, may seem to go out of their way to help, and then just POOF... It happens in RL too. A stranger will come into your life for a moment and leave their mark on your life, and then just disappear. It's not always a bad thing. Plus, you never know, maybe they were going through something, and just had to get away. I hope that whatever happened, that they are safe, and that they managed to touch your life in someway positively.
  7. Personally, I only have a premium account for the group space. It was affordable, and it fit into my budget. 2-3$ more may not seem like a huge deal to some but, I know there are others out there that understand my disappointment in this. I have already begun seeing my timeline on FB light up with ppl not impressed with the changes. I think that I may end up having to downgrade, which will suck. Is anyone else here not impressed with the new prices?
  8. Well... I was at the Exhale Dance Club tonight. Took some photos. you can see them on my flickr... https://www.flickr.com/search/?sort=date-taken-desc&safe_search=1&tags=exhaledanceclub&user_id=8884276%40N04&view_all=1
  9. oh, also sometimes, when I do not mean too... I could be in the middle of changing my clothes, and double click "something" only to find out it was a landmark. Those are fun times. naked in a strange land lol
  10. I am down to 270K! 70 more to go and I will be in my goal! I am getting there! lol. I have also decided to delete all my unpackaged "fatpacks", as long as I still have the packed boxes. You have no idea how much THAT will get rid of lol.
  11. I wish you luck with this. I know personally, it can be very trying. lol. I have considered hiring ppl to do my landscape and interior... but, I think I am doing... Okish. this is what I have so far
  12. I often wonder what people mean exactly when they say "Indian"... I am native Indian... so... I am sure you can understand my query lol. I assume it is east Indian.
  13. I always blog, and when I sort my inventory, i tend to strip, so I can just quickly switch outfits. And... well... it's my home, lol I can run about naked! ?
  14. Every single time I accidentally tp naked. or if i forget that i was naked when i logged out, and log in somewhere other than where I logged out. It happens.... often.
  15. Ok, my new goal is under 200K. And since as many of you know, I started over 400K, I am now at 270K, I am doing pretty good! And I have sorted a ton of unsorted folders lol. weeee... and so it continues!
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