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  1. I am still learning myself - doing some more reading on the rules. Thank you!
  2. Here at Maximus we are always having many cool things for the secondlife community. Maximus is Public Beach Adult Sim. Nude Welcome. - RAFFLES & CONTESTS - 3 MONTH RENTAL BEACH HUT/HOME: Every 3 months some lucky person will win a fully furnished home of their very own. Rounds start at the End of each 3 month period. 500L GIVEAWAY: Every Holiday we give one lucky winner some cash! - FISHING EVENTS - 7Seas Fishing! Grab those poles! Every week! & LINDO! - CLUB EVENTS - See our website for ALL the upcoming Club events! https://www.maximus-sim.site/e
  3. Hi y'all! I'm Aeri Xaris. When I am not building I love to chill at my sim. It is open for the public to come & chill, hangout & be yourself. Dance, swim, with me. I love the beach so I got my own little piece of heaven that I don't mind sharing. I would like to give back to the community since I almost lost my life due to cervical cancer. So while am on this earth I plan to make every day count! Love often, live free & make as many friends as I can along the way. Stop on by and say hello! Would love to meet you. Sincerely Aeri
  4. Sounds like I need to come over with lots of wine & chocolates! That always solves everything! Sorry your not in good health my thoughts are with you on. I understand all too well what not being able to do things due to health issue & psychical limitations. I'm only a virtual world away darlin! If you ever need some cool fun to take the stress away I can battle you in a friendly game of bumper cars B I G B I G B I G B I G B I G B I G B I G HUGS!! To you my friend. ❤️ stay safe<3
  5. Aeri here! Tacos? Anyone have any? We are now besties! Hey who doesn't like tacos? Come have some with me at Maximus!🌮🌮🌮 Owner of a newcomer friendly adult vintage environment! Pg fun too! Single just out in the sl world providing fun & happiness to others.Cancer free since June 2019 life is short so I dedicate myself to helping others & offering a safe heaven for everyone. I love shopping for the sim always upgrading it with the best sl creators that I can find. The sim itself has the best animations for adult furniture for our rentals. Ohhhhh I almost forgot! Our RE
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