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  1. Sounds like I need to come over with lots of wine & chocolates! That always solves everything! Sorry your not in good health my thoughts are with you on. I understand all too well what not being able to do things due to health issue & psychical limitations. I'm only a virtual world away darlin! If you ever need some cool fun to take the stress away I can battle you in a friendly game of bumper cars B I G B I G B I G B I G B I G B I G B I G HUGS!! To you my friend. ❤️ stay safe<3
  2. Aeri here! Tacos? Anyone have any? We are now besties! Hey who doesn't like tacos? Come have some with me at Maximus!🌮🌮🌮 Owner of a newcomer friendly adult vintage environment! Pg fun too! Single just out in the sl world providing fun & happiness to others.Cancer free since June 2019 life is short so I dedicate myself to helping others & offering a safe heaven for everyone. I love shopping for the sim always upgrading it with the best sl creators that I can find. The sim itself has the best animations for adult furniture for our rentals. Ohhhhh I almost forgot! Our RE
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