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  1. Old pic of mine. It's *Ahem* cropped to say the least...
  2. Speaking of, Jim Dale can narrate my life anytime he wants.
  3. Sometimes roaming around SL with no real sense of direction does wonders, as is wearing particular articles of clothing and etc. I've had some IMs come out of nowhere doing just that as well as having a title of mine referencing something like a favourite video-game and conversations just happen. Winging it like that can get ya going places too.
  4. Which is understandable, but no harm here, I just have a scientifical mind is all. With that said, conducting surveys can be interesting just to see what kind of statistics pop up. At my place of work I did a survey on the average birth month and that was neat, turned out most were borne in like March or something Feb or something while those borne under June/July were more rarer. For some reason, musicians tend to be borne in March which is curious of itself.
  5. Real story; years ago as a newbie I was flying a C-Tech anti-grav ship around in a circle in a Sandbox (at the time I had no idea being a newbie and such) and some members of the Alliance Navy were on the ground, they just had to be big and bad and... get this; put a hit on me in SL of all things for supposedly being a rivaling army's spy. When someone pulls out a weapon and aims it at me; I stand there like: "So, what's the worst it's gonna do? Send me me home if the sims has LL damage?" I guess if anything it's symbolic or gets their frustration out, but in the end it's a total waste of time and makes them look foolish.
  6. Not even gonna bother with this one, to consider me possibly deranged for it just because of curiosity? Humm, I guess that makes all scientists curious in something deranged as well then, it's no wonder SL can be a toxic place at times. Good day.
  7. Way I handle it? It's a two-way street process, like a flower, a relationship needs to be nurtured and if party A is giving in more effort than party B is then most likely it's not worth keeping around, so in that instance I'll remove a contact and carry on; as it's a good indicator they probably didn't care much to begin with and are just there to be there. But, for the most part I keep people on my list, no matter for how long they haven't logged in or some such because things happen and real life is is real life. If there is a clear sense of "I'm here and there for you" then it's no big deal.
  8. I think you're putting words into my mouth and reading into it in a certain way that was not intended to be taken. As per the OP's question, the intention in mind was only to help them identify an ALT should the need arise, like for a malicious purpose on the ALT holder's end.
  9. Curiosity one might say, it is rather fascinating to see what drives people to do such things. I wouldn't really care if they had an ALT unless it was used for a very malicious purpose like playing someone you know? Otherwise, it'd just be curiosity. I sometimes like to take a step-back and just observe people and see how they interact amongst each other, quite interesting. As it reminds me of The Sims in many ways. As someone that's into sociology and such you get the idea.
  10. 'Simo' is just short for a name I used on other platforms, which was 'Simomatic' and Vodopan I just picked just because it sounded cool I guess. Though, apparently according to some Czech people Vodopan translates to Master Water. So once fully translated it says: 'Simon Master Water' with Simo being Finnish for Simon ofcourse. Alot of people think I named myself after Simo Hayah (and while I do respect the figure alot) that's not the reason hah...
  11. Just contributing to the thread like everyone else here, don't see how this question has any relevance.
  12. That's me today, had him for over a year and can't stop using him, it's what I pretty much identify as. And if you're wondering what that tattoo is, it's the Mark of Chaos (Warhammer 40K fan here). Sailing ships and spending time on beaches? Only typical...
  13. That and if they have a bunch of restrictions and post their likes and dislikes, it's a good indicator they're not fun to be around either. Oh and the ones that say: "I will come after you" blah blah are fun ones to be around as well... Alot of em' when it comes to that stuff it's like they're expecting us to impress them when we don't owe them a damn thing. With how our profiles and such are done. It's a viscous cycle, as many of these sorts are down on themselves and life in general they'd rather bring others down to their level in some sort of sick pleasure with how self-centered they get at times. "If it sucks for me, then it's gotta suck for you and this is how I get my good, fun times". Sorts like that are also immensely judgemental on not just your profile being blank or whatever, but anything at large, it's a whole cesspit of toxicity. Oh and ofcourse the people that have like: "I don't like most men" or some crap I ovoid as well.
  14. I've got a number of ways of finding out if it's an alt of a person or not. They're subtle ways, if you're very attentive you can catch them by how they act, how they talk and how they normally like to dress or what kind of sims they frequent and then that can in some cases translate over into their ALT without the target in question realizing it; on a subconscious level despite trying to act different they'll sometimes act the same making it easy to spot. Ofcourse once the jig is up they'll do anything in their power to deny that it's them and yeah, but we know better. Ontop of this you can open two IM windows and chat with both accounts and if you see there is a delay between typing then that strongly suggests it's the same person trying hard to make it seem like they're two totally different people. Little inconsistencies like that could make a huge deal of difference. I've also noticed that if some accounts have the same styling of font and for example a heart on either end of the name or something other out there like that and you're talking to two accounts like that it's probably the same person.
  15. Well, my memory's been pretty fuzzy as of late so thanks for the remainder (been alot of stress on my end these pass few days so it's hard keeping track of this and that). But uh, that's exactly what I was saying, if it's something like that then it's no big deal, unless it becomes too big to be ignored (could happen never know).
  16. I always say: "When in doubt, yolo", that's a great way to make friends I'd think. I'm just one of those furries out there, a shark to be exact, into a variety of things like the military and video-games; my biggest passions by far in life and when you combine the two you get an ideal duo of pleasure for me. That being said, for the most part I like to sail military ships around in SL, fly planes while jamming my tunes normally or just general messing abut you know? Like going to sandboxes and messing with guns, testing the physics of things out etc etc... Maybe, sometimes strike up a chat about world history and what have you, anything goes pretty much. As I say: "With Simo, anything's possible". We could be discussing SL happenings to like the Cold War in a flash, to discussing theories on life like what if the universe is a sentient being that knows our desires and projects them into the world as such? That sorta thing. Been around for over 13 years, needless to say I've seen my fair share of stuff haha... and with that stuff I do like to do alot of experimenting around myself.=.
  17. Not saying I know, just saying it's a likelihood considering the thousands of residents doing this and that at any given time.
  18. Here's my method, as a Cancerian myself; we have a grand sense of intuition (I'd like to think there's something to astrology because I've noticed something 'interesting' things happen) and most of my life's choices are based upon my intuition. As such, if I get a 'meh' feeling then most likely I'd pass the person by, but if I get a "Humm, might have potential, this could be good" feeling then normally I'll talk to them and continue further on with it. This has helped save my ass more times than I can count with not just relationships, but things in general.
  19. Sadly as sucky as as it sounds, LL wouldn't normally spend their time on something like this as they see it as nothing too major. To them it'd be like an everyday thing: "Oh, hey, guys we got another this guy's doing so and so report, let's just trash it". Unless ofcourse the guy gets enough Abuse Reports filed then maybe they'd act on it, otherwise if it isn't illegal or of the nature that's that kind of situation LL would just yawn and move on. Much voice of experience myself here, I've filed Abuse Reports on occasion and nothing has seemingly been done before. If you consider it like this; the Abuse Report feature in most cases is just a false sense of security by LL to make the resident feel safe when in reality it doesn't really do anything. I mean, the average SL resident isn't some big name celebrity and what not so why would they bother to take the time out of their day over something as petty as that when the block feature is there? I would think there is some degree of bias with it, such as if you're well known or have premium then chances would be much higher something would be acted out upon. It would just be wasting their time and resources on something that can be helped by the individual themselves with the block feature, where time and resources could be spent elsewheres that has a much bigger impact in-world. Such as sim-wide attacks etc etc. It would It's like in the same way how most cops handle most situations, they'll be there to comfort and say: "File a police report" but more often than not they wouldn't do anything. It would be just a "Between them" sorta thing.
  20. Right? From what I've also noticed, some of these people it seems as though thrive off of drama and purposely create it as either a form of entertainment or some other reason such has having an insecurity of sorts so they compensate for it or all of thee above.
  21. Here's the thing about it: usually what you see in someone's profile is usually the opposite of what they really are. "I don't like drama" Normally starts it. I got a list of 'rules' in SL that are related to these such things and that's rule one.
  22. Mostly I sail ships around or fly planes about, in general I just mess around; try and make people laugh. ... Or creep into their windows and stand there awkwardly works too lul.
  23. Black, white, red, greys, yellow, mostly military colours such as tan and green. That being said, all I dress as IRL is black. Black t-shirt (with a graphic sometimes), black combat boots, black pants (tucked into the boots), black leather fingerless gloves, sometimes a black beanie or my C&C 3 Brotherhood of Nod hat that's black (rare piece) and my black jacket that has the Nod symbol on the side (gonna put a UK flag patch on that same arm as well to complete it). This one's inspired by a couple of things; Command & Conquer and basically how the SAS dress; so one nice big mix of badass. Also got a black fedora, black leather gloves and a black trench-coat on the way (gonna dress up like Mr. X) for a alternative style.
  24. *****, I wish it was completely dead. We gotta so many statues in Second Life as it is, these AFK Sex Places are just sad cash-grabs... I miss the interaction between people.
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