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  1. Guys like that really are pathetic individuals. Some of em' have it in their mind that every girl in Second Life is a real female and expect things to go like a dating sim and not understand the fantasy and well anything can go in Second Life aspect with SL being just that; your 'SL'. I understand that it's great to be honest about who you are but often at times if a guy plays as a female and displays they're a male in their real life tab they get harassed about it and I can also understand why some people just keep it to themselves. At the end of the day, what's it anyone's business what your real gender is unless you are looking for a relationship, you are wanting a particular gender and honesty? I think if people come into Second Life with much more realistic expectations they'll have a better time. I mean, for casual pixel-bumping I don't care if the female is played by a guy, to me a Second Life vag is a Second Life vag and we're both there to have enjoyment. Which is what counts at the end of the day, you can desire a relationship with a real woman that's fine but when you expect and out-right demand someone to show their proof as a girl and expect them to play the gender they are in reality that's deplorable and shows the kind of toxicity you are as a person. I've had it at times myself where I'd get harassed for having it say I'm a male in my profile and it's not a fun feeling when I just wanna have fun you know? It's great to experiment with all sorts of avatars (furry, elf whatever) and genders (female, male, herm)... and that's another thing that's about Second Life; the thrill of the journey, finding yourself, experimenting and so on.
  2. Yeah, from my experiences when you're actively searching for something it's less likely to happen and when you're not it's more likely to come at you when you least expect it and it leaves a great feeling 'randomly' stumbling upon something. Somehow it seems like life is it's own living entity and knows our desires and fears and manifests them accordingly at it's own leisure. It might sound crazy but I've noticed alot of weird 'happenings' like that go on with me.
  3. Humm, I think I get what you're saying. I like to think there can be varying degrees of bisexual or gay or whatever. Such as, one could be more into girls in real life while in Second Life one could go eitherway. I know for me, when it comes to males I lean towards anthropomorphic men than I do human men more, while for females I can go every which way (though, if there is like a cute human femboy or something that is delicious). Greatly depends like that.
  4. The biggest issue is setting high expectations anyways, over time you realize things are not as they seem and it's just how they go as you roll with it. Take it in strikes. Second Life has the potential as does everything else, just gotta take the time with it and all. There's really no real fix, nothing we can really do about it. I remind myself of expectation - reality on the daily. Such as an avatar might not turn out how I want it but I'll go "Sod it" and work on another project until I find whatever 'fits' as an example. Overall, I sometimes say: "When in doubt, yolo" within reasonable means ofcourse but yeah.
  5. Tbh? Voice itself is an annoyance for me half of the time. It alienates most of us and for those of us that are hard of hearing, it's a struggle as they generally expect someone to chat on voice. I have mine turned off most of the time for reasons like that and more. Other reasons it's annoying hearing those munches and overall sounds people make with a bloody open mic. Voice in it's concept is an amazing thing but more often than not in practice it's a headache.
  6. You could say I do 'Halloween' things in Second Life everyday; by getting some oddball avatar or whatever and doing random things to people like standing near their house's window and peer in silently then walk off. I did just that with a Waddle Doo from the Kirby series and it was lulzy seeing that huge eye-ball gaze into the place like: "Hey, how ya doing eh? Nice place ya got here...".
  7. Pretty much, for around the similar price of 9 USD you can get 2,500L. It's more cost-effective than premium. The only advantage I can see owning your own land is that you have no restrictions on how you can theme your house and what not; otherwise renting from someone has alot more pros. The stipend and such, while it's a nice kind gesture and all is a little too low for the value. It almost seems redundant when buying L$s is like paying for premium; you're supporting LL eitherway but getting more in the process. Which reminds me of how some residents would look down on 'free' members back in the day when the jist is we're all giving our support here like that it's silly.
  8. Exactly and not only that but the guy can just get a girl roomie of his or whatever to talk on mic for a split second to 'confirm' he's a real girl (get the two in on it, it'd be lovely). It's pathetic how some of these people act; so starved for sex and what not they'd go to such desperate lengths to get some real chick. I don't care if the female is a male, at the end of the day you're getting your rocks off regardless. It's a win-win like that. But I guess they wanna hear the moans of a real girl or whatever... *Shrugs* just don't be desperate, take your time and most importantly don't be a cuck then they'll get the girl (er if they do, I mean anyone with enough sense would ignore em' but you get my point).
  9. One thing I've learned over time? There's a certain group of people that are aware of the ToS and all of that but they just don't give a sod about it. They get a certain thrill out of doing it.
  10. 1: It'll take a little bit to explain but there's a number of bots in Second Life that serve various functions and they'll be around in particular sims like info-hubs where there's less lag and they'll be logged in for months on end. Each has their own differing behaviors as well, such as one will instantly TP away when you walk up to it and another will instantly walk/fly back to it's original position perfectly if you bump/otherwise mess around with it and at times there will be a whole platoon of bots roaming together (I've seen 20 in one stack) and when you go up to them all instantly TP out at the same time. That's what I mean by the 'bot phenomenon'. There's actually a place inworld where you can purchase a bot, get the password to the account and control it as you see fit; program it and just let it do whatever. There's much I can touch on about it but yeah. 2: Depends on the people really, SL is highly diverse like that. Yeah, you can get into fights (pretty much, got a military community and all of that, that have combat sims). 3: Avs=short for avatar. I experiment with various looks. Male, female etc.
  11. 1: Sail 2: Drive 3: Fly 4: Explore the mainland and uncover the mysteries about it (there are a ton like the bot phenomenon). 5: Observe people and see how they interact with each other like Second Life is The Sims but on steroids and take notes. Learn alot. Etc. 6: Sometimes engage in conversation. 7: Yolo and just do whatever as Second Life has virtually no limits. 8: Haul cargo around Tulagi and score tonnage. 9: Mess with the natives, who knows. 10: Experiment with different avs and such. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Second Life is as limited as your own mind makes it and when I factor in what's in the name; anything can happen and I sometimes do it.
  12. One of my current forms at least...
  13. I guess this counts as a selfie being with my caterpillar bud? Caterpillar gang!
  14. Well, one way of not doing it is pretending to be something you're not like that dancing thing there. At times, some people can sense it and it's a turn off for them. I be as real as possible and just go with it. But other than that I do agree that yeah at times it can get difficult making friends on here regardless of what you try and hell, even having the common-interests and all of that isn't a guarantee you'll make a friend out of em'. I've accepted that over time friends will come by. There's no rush and when someone rushes into it that's an even bigger problem.
  15. I've made a couple of alts to test Second Life. Such as what it's like to see what my IMs look like from another user's perspective and vice versa. It's 'neat' like that to me, that kind of fascination/curiosity.
  16. Got some nostalgia for EXL, Titan Industries, C-tech and etc. Oh and the cars that used DT driving scripts, another time-warp; now with how Havok's changed throughout the years they're just time-capsules that are big paper-weights.
  17. The thing with these people is it shouldn't even matter given what Second Life is. I've had dudes say things like: "You're not a real person if you play the opposite gender" and my logical sensors go heywire. These are just *****ing simps desperate to get a girl so they ask the million questions about this and that. I openly admit I play both genders. If they got a problem with it they can sod off. As for 'tells'? Well, speaking style, mannerisms I'd say, sometimes girls do like using emojis and what not so. At times it can be a easy tell for these lamers.
  18. When it's obvious they're just not into you anymore and you can feel how they 'ignore' you is when I let em' go. Upon seeing the signs such as less contact, meanwhile they easily will engage in conversation with others literally right in your face is a red-flag. At times, they're the same ones that will say things are alright when in reality; it's the action that does more than the talking. That being said, I keep the person around for as long as they want me... I don't remove someone for too many reasons.
  19. A little bit back in the day, but now a days things are a little quiet on the front and it's been a lonesome road so I can say naw not really. It's a blessing and a curse, that road of lonesomeness like that. The curse is self-explanatory. The blessing: you get more of a opportunity to see how people are as they interact with one another and as you just generally go about, exploring every sim with that chance given.
  20. September 6th, 2006. 13 years. Still been logging in since. Found that our kind are thinning out... often I get comments like: "Wow, you've been around that long?"
  21. Damn, I was excited. I thought it was gonna be like some parody of Second Life as a show. *Shrugs* Oh well... at least we had 'Man versus Second Life'. Which is still accurate to this day.
  22. There are a few groups and places, but my best bit of advice is just to get out there and go sim to sim and chat with them in-person. Groups for the most part tend to be dead or, if anything full of some shy ones. Just YOLO it and see what happens; often at times I've found that if you explore sims aimlessly you tend to discover people and things in general.
  23. Oooh look at a raid boss of a character like this in Second Life we got here. People would be happy to help ya there but if ya get like that then they'd get a sour taste in their mouth. Come on now. It's not so much as someone *****ting on the conversation; it's more like they're trying to make you laugh and while I understand where you're coming from it's in better sportsmanship to shrug it off and laugh at it and then be on your way; otherwise the pot just gets stirred accordingly. Setting yourself up to be a target you know? Over something seemingly harmless.
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