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  1. Eh, more or less. I see more nicer cars and such things at a Arby's than I do at my other job. One guy even comes by in a 2020 Fiat 124 Spider. But for the most part I see beaters and older models at the other job. It's interesting the dynamic between the fast-food chains like that. Yeah, I mean at times you can find a good deal but it's usually a tactic to draw ya in but when ya do find a legit deal ofcourse I'll go after it myself. In SL I buy alot of military vehicles and they have their annual holiday sales. These vehicles such as ships normally run me 2,500L to 4K and when you find one on sale for 900-1000L? Can't beat that. I snag that *****e up instantly, often at times I got many Lindens in reserve saved up for the occasion. A long wait at times (sometimes I buy straight out if I wanted it badly) but the pay-off is worth it.
  2. It's true. I work in the food business and places like a Burger King get more business than a Arby's due to lower prices. From my experiences only the upper clientele go to an Arby's and there I've gotten about 5 100 dollar bills and a couple of 50 bills in over a hour. But you get very little of those at a Burger King. It only makes economic sense to have a little lower price than your competitor. Make it sound like a good deal with the ads (typical business strategy, it's kinda manipulation in a way as some of the ads are lies trust me) and everything and you get more sales than the other guy. For example, we have the 1.50 dollar nuggets 'deal' constantly and people always come in ordering like 30-40 nuggets, sometimes even over 100 nuggets and by the end of the hour or two we have made over 2,600 dollars in just that lunch rush alone. People don't realize the strategy and work that goes into this kind of stuff to make money. Because the majority of people are not well off as those that go to say an Arby's so they flock to a Burger King that has lower prices. So I agree with you, it's only logical. But it seems logic and reasoning is becoming rarer than before these days.
  3. Humm, good point. Ah sod it.. NSFW, take caution if you wanna view this page:
  4. It's a shame to see the statistics on the Freya being so low. I recently got into the Slink once I figured out how to do it but the Freya has always been my flag-ship as far as my female avs go. Great shape, curves that aren't too 'bombastic'. A natural balance and it can be thicc at that. I never understood why the Maitreya was so popular, for one thing with that being said it's too damned small compared to the Freya or Slink. You don't get much of a ass or anything. The Freya is overall a well balanced body IMO with Slink coming in second, they got BOM and everything and they're inexpensive too. As for males? I primarily use either Aesthetic or Jake and it's like one prior poster said; I'm glad to have a unique body not many people use anymore. I'll be rocking my freya or Aesthetics as my flag-ships into the next generations. While I'm curious about the new Legacy or whatever it's too damned pricey for one thing. I think alot of people also follow trends and what not and that's how some statistics can be at times. What I say? Just be your damned selves if that's the case. I was never on the Maitreya train since day one. Interesting results in the end...
  5. I've got a Flickr but I can't necessarily post it here since it's pretty NSFW (I'm a pretty naughty sort I'll say that much). Love taking nude photos and everything.
  6. One of my elves I made awhile back.
  7. While not a massive fan of the series, some tracks like these are super addicting. I love the build up and the guitars in this. Glory to the UED, glory to Stukov. Take down the damned Dominion.
  8. While borne in the US, I have ancestry in England and that's where my heart lies in the end. So anytime I see something like a Jeep (the SAS used a special version of it in WWII) it reminds me of the good 'ole tommies. I got a thing for Jags and Lotuses... and as a kid I thought I was into things like muscle cars and such but as I got older I realized a few things. I knew what kind of cars I truly liked and those being the aforementioned Lotuses and Jags. Tourer cars, tour car racing and so on. Also love Porsche and BMWs. Classic tourering in say Silverstone or Brand's Hatch? Count me in.
  9. I just had to make a double-post (sorry) beacuse I find this one game to be quite under-ratted. Everyone talks about Solid Snake and Sam Fisher but no one talks about Gabe Logan... and his feats. A true hidden badass. Logan: "Anton Girdeux, I hope Rhoemer's paying you enough to die for him." Girdeux: "Gabriel Logan, always the optimist. Look around, Logan. This hall contains a mosaic depicting the entire history of your country's wars and aggressions. WE are about to make an addition to it." Logan: "I don't think so Girdeux. It ends here." – Lian, I don't think this is an abandoned silo. There is an R-9 "Deviatka" sitting here ready to launch. Phagan WAS planning something big. – Can you see the launch computer? – It shows countdown in progress and the access codes I have won't let me in. – Damn, you won't be able to stop it from launching! You have to get its self-destruct codes and detonate it when it reaches the atmosphere. – Where do I find the codes? – There's a panel on missile itself near its base. Get down to level 3 before it launches. Once it's launched you have to get to level 2 to trigger its detonation. Lian: Gabe, I'm intercepting frantic calls from NATO Command, they're tracking the missiles launch. All European Commands are being ordered to DEFCON 3...if you don't get to the detonator on Level 2 in time...we're looking at World War 3... (So pretty much, Gabe destroys a ICBM while it's in mid-flight preventing WWIII, and then takes on a armour wearing flamethrower wielding terrorist, engulfing him in a fireball making him extra crispy, and then takes on a Mi-24 Hind on FOOT ontop of a comms tower using a rifle and grenade launcher or whatever else to take it down. All of this makes him the 'man'.) Oh and as a added bonus: 'Hitman'. Agent 47 is another unsung badass.
  10. Ah hell yeah, a thread for me. As someone with many horrid experiences with people I can safely say ***** this 'holiday'. "Good for you buddy! See ya next time you're single! Because let's face it, most relationships are superficial (just like how commercialized this holiday is) and people are just very shallow and primitive, and won't last". Besides that, it's sappy and makes me gag. Enough of the cheese and cliches already.
  11. Here's my setup, two PCs on either side of the desk and my 'armourly' to the left on the dresser. Computer Information: Manufacturer: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Model: MS-B90111 Form Factor: Desktop Processor Information: CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel CPU Brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz CPU Family: 0x6 CPU Model: 0x5e CPU Stepping: 0x3 CPU Type: 0x0 Speed: 2712 Mhz 4 logical processors 4 physical processors Operating System Version: Windows 10 (64 bit) Video Card: Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Primary Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Primary Display Size: 20.51" x 11.54" (23.50" diag) 52.1cm x 29.3cm (59.7cm diag) Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x Primary VRAM: 8191 MB Supported MSAA Modes: 2x 4x 8x Memory: RAM: 16334 Mb
  12. Things like Sonic the Hedgehog (recently grew an appreciation for him). It's a mixed bagged with that community. Some love it, some really hate it. ... Also busty anime looking chicks.... *Ahem*. Music like Dope's 'Die Mother*****er Die' (honestly gets me pumped and settled down at the same time after a stressful time) and so on.
  13. As of late I've been playing some new games, one of them being 'Spore' (it has a similar interface to SL's builder), where I've been designing vehicles from military to economic and so on and it would seem I've been on a roll. There are far too many to list here so I'll list a few samples starting with my latest creation the 'Hedgehog'. I thought I'd try my hand at designing my own MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launcher System) or as I like to call it 'Morales' as in your troops are gonna get a great 'morale boost' after this volley. It was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog with how the rocket tubes remind me of quils. I'd say with 8 of them in total it's gonna be pretty OP (gonna be testing it here in-game soon and see how it does). Next up is the Shakedown, a heavy tank destroyer/assault gun inspired by WWII designs. It's gonna 'shake-down' some buildings here. I'm rather on the fence about keeping this one however, as I find it to be a little more silly than my other creations. Looking back at it the treads alone would be a logistical nightmare but I figure if only a couple were produced and used for their intended purposes they'd pay themselves off in that way. And lastly I have the 'Disciple'. A medium tank inspired by the M4 Sherman if it had a futuristic design.
  14. I always said that Second Life is as limited as your imagination is and being in the name itself; being a parallel to real life you can do whatever you want. Something I found myself doing as of late (which is not really surprising given my fondness and fascination with SL history and it's lore as one of those side things) is riding the Tour Pods around each route and taking in the 'old days'. When I rode the Pod around my home away from home in the Vehicle sandbox/Ahern area it took me waaaaay back. Messed with my head abit but in a good way when I was listening to the Pod explain everything as I went by. I feel these areas in particular are pretty under-appreciated and in general the bulk of what LL creates. I've found myself realizing that LL has explored more creative freedom than ironically most community content providers. It's amazing the effort and time they put into their projects to make SL as immerse as possible with the high-way systems, the canals, the trams, the Tour Pods, the oil-rig in ANWR (which is becoming a favourite spot of mine), even discovered a under-water research center and it just goes on and on. That being said, there are many things I do in SL besides sex including sailing, flying, driving cars, general messing around in sims like Sandboxes testing and experimenting with items such as weaponry you name it. Other times I like to go around and study bots (been doing it for a few months) and it's interesting the behavior of each one and their intended purposes. I also enjoy kicking back and observing people socialize with each other in general and see how it goes. Like a scientist taking notes (sociology is one thing that fascinates me so you get the jist). You learn alot by doing that and it reminds me of a mix of The Sims, GTA and Animal Crossing (Second Life itself does).
  15. One of my latest avs I made and probably my favourite female I've done; a imp of sorts (even comes as a herm or whatever, I'm quite modular with my avs). Not sure if this would follow as 'risky' but here we go. And yeah, that's a '69 to '70 Dodge Charger behind me modded to my specs. Only thing on the outside are those vents; otherwise externally it's stock. Subtle but gets the point across. Not usually a car I go for but the specific year and all I thought was badass and just to be different (tend to be a Ford or British car or Porsche you get the jist enthusiast).
  16. You're welcome, always happy to help, especially in such fields. I've got immense passion in these things and I'd love to see more British vessels in particular. Utterly fascinating!
  17. Astrel Tek has a Type VII on the way and at the moment they have a S-18 (American sub class from WWI, known as 'Sugar boats'), Type XXIII and a Type-A (Japanese 'midget' sub).
  18. My expertise is primarily military vessels but I can at the very least suggest one civilian brand and that's Berdav Marine. I got a little tugboat I use from time to time and it's a pleasure sailing; a inexpensive boat for what you get. Edit: although I just realized they don't have sail-boats. My bad. I've seen alot of Bandits around, so I guess those are good? I 'dunno. I will say however, from what I've experienced in the Blake. The bigger ships like by Endeavor and so on are laggy as hell when they sail by.
  19. So many to name here but I'll list off a few that are dear to me; my Astaro Stratum (a 1995 Honda Accord). Reminds me of my 2002 Mercury Sable LS with how I've customized it (I use it as a stand in since they don't got a Sable in SL) and I love Hondas in general. The British flag on my house. I got the St George in RL hanging on my window and the Union Jack as a cosmetic plate and some flags for the Sable. It's my heritage. Then I got all sorts of military things like guns leaning against the wall and crates (I had a airsoft M4 and Walther P99 once and well, I got various military things like mini-figures of soldiers and a couple of tanks it goes on and on). Then if this counts, there's how I dress my av similar to my RL clothes (basically I look like a old-school SAS guy, the beanie, pants tucked into my combat boots, jacket with the patch all in black. Some have said I'm pretty 'militant' like that and I agree with that statement. Ever since I was a child. That being said, heritage is just as important to me. Something I love and respect alot, my origins, my ancestors. You know, honoring them, paying tribute by representing and genuinely loving the nation they came from. When I was a kid I had a model of a '90s Jaguar and at the time I didn't know why I liked these cars but as I got older I realized: "Ah, my ancestry that explains it".
  20. Sick of the masks and having to take temps before work the damn delays, sometimes the managers are off somewhere luling around making the wait longer, sometimes we just say ***** it and head in anyways and they don't even notice. I'm also sick of how everyone's all getting out at once, making our lives a living hell in the food industry. It's been busier than normal and it's been like this ever since; it's like they took the times they could get out before Covid for granted and are now capitalizing on that despite the risk of infection. It's natural selection at it's finest. I ask; why didn't they get out like this before Covid was ever a thing? If I gotta deal with one more family of 7-12 (one after the after), clean one more table, sweep the damned floor again because they're so much of pigs, clean the bathrooms after someone's *****ted all over the toilet and floors and walls and so on I'm gonna go off. Because, let's face it; I pull most of the weight while everyone else goofs off like on their phones and gossiping about trivial bull*****e like they're at high-school. Grow the ***** up. Ontop of that I work at another fast-food place as a cashier in a SINGLE window and having to deal with that is a whole other story... Also, the stimulus packages while a good thing is pissing me off because it makes this worse as everyone uses their checks for everything else other than the intended purpose of using it for bills and etc; "Oh gee, let's all go to the nearest fast-food place like a cult en-mass and ruin everyone's day there and leave with such disrespect to the workers and the place itself". These *****ers have the audacity to complain about our wait times while ignoring the six-feet rule. Isn't it any wonder why you're all waiting for your food? People coming in one right after the other; it's absolute madness and I'm thinking: "Why the ***** can't you people ***** off and go home or cook your own food for once; or do something else and let us have room to breathe. Do you all ever get tired of this place? The same customers at the same hours every damn day ordering the same damned food, it's cultish" and that's not exaggeration either: this happens everyday the same customers doing the same thing like blinded loyalists. It's bizarre. Sometimes I get thoughts of strangling them or something. Lowkey.
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