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  1. I wouldn't mind being interviewed I got alot to say about things in SL with my 14 years (both good and bad). Same name as my forum name here.
  2. Ah, this is a easy one. My favourite things and communities are the ones where I can drive cars, sail ships, fly planes, tropical places and things like that. Military areas, shooting guns and so on. I sail warships in the Blake Sea or in the oceans of Sansara for example and it is so therapeutic while jamming my music in the background... and generally Linden owned sims with their unique landmarks and interesting lore about SL itself and open areas like sandboxes to generally ***** around in.
  3. Considered this one of my theme-songs. Gotta say it; you'll find no other badass franchise in Nintendo. Seeing that Arwing launch from the Great Fox with that guitar blaring in the background; you knew you were in for a great time and that guitar solo; the guitarist is underrated I swear. David Wise: what a genius. Another underatted gem. Assault did orchestra long before Super Mario Galaxy did and don't get me wrong; I'm not downplaying SMG by any means it's a great sound-track but Assault's speaks to me more (on a personal level). Especially this one. Seeing the opening for the first time, as that track kicks in when everyone's getting ready to blast through the enemy fleet blew my mind (and still does). It's one of the greatest game openings IMO. That moment at about 0:41 gets me so pumped up it says to me: "We've cracked the fleet, let's hit em' hard one last time and end this". My favourite part of the track by far.
  4. I picture like a bunch of factories pumping out tanks and everything and men suiting up getting ready for a heated fight, as the army assembles itself on the firing line, waiting for the approaching hostile forces and for a second it's a stand-off until all hell breaks lose as the generals go: "Get the bastards..." and then they march forward to the enemy capital with columns of tanks and legions of infantry in a glorious come-back.
  5. Not gonna lie, I do it when the floor is clean. When I personally clean it myself and I know it's more or less 'germ' free. ... I suppose I do many, what people may consider 'weird' things like that.
  6. Truthfully? I wouldn't recommend the Blake Sea for the socialization but sure for the flying and sailing courses it's nice but once you get to certain areas like Siren's Isle or Barbarossa where the undesirables are with their laggy yachts it becomes a slog of a experience. The Blake isn't what it used to be like it was back in the day.
  7. Second Life; The Sims on steroids. Petty disputes? Check. Crazy people and shenanigans all around? Check. Simply roaming around like a silly goof (AND offending someone over something minor)? Check. This track perfectly captures the essence of Second Life. 'Browsing' everything there is to offer at a glorious discount (what cheap entertainment!). Lovely music when you smack someone with a giant *****.
  8. Indeed, Covid has FUBARed pretty much everything... A casual time in a grocery store? NOPE! Here comes the horde to stock up on things and cause traffic congestion in the isles. ... Everytime. Every bloody time I swear...
  9. If you're some broad... with bazookas I'd love it. ... Yeah even a little smaller is fine I don't judge. You! Don't look at me... >,,> <,,< *Pats his tank* I know how to use this thing.
  10. Yeah, true. That's the difference... if some guy is lying and just playing mind-games with people then that's the issue I have. But if they're open and honest from the start then it's alright; live your fantasy my guy. In the case of female avs and cat-fishing; that doesn't fly with me. Me? I'm a honest guy, I'll tell ya up-front if I'm a dude behind a female av and my intentions. I like to think of it like this: Fantasy / malicious fantasy. A fine line between them both.
  11. Pretty much, Second Life is that fantasy land overall. I just don't question things anymore... I mean... it's what they do. I get some flack for having female avs and I'm thinking: "You know what you signed up for". When someone questions what you wanna do in SL, being the land it is and thus tries to change you and mold you into something you're not and what they want then it's a sign of a bad friendship. That to me is a friendship that's destroyed, not the other way around. And I'll put it bluntly; they can kindly piss off as such.
  12. I always say I'm like a armory or something. I come with many guns and assault vehicles to ruin (or enhance, depending on your definition) people's day by crashing through their walls or cruising around.
  13. One of the very few MMOs that I actually ever could get into it and say: "Yeah, I genuinely enjoy this and wish to get to know this world more". If you can get past the anime looking aesthetic (although I think this particular style looks great in the game), what lies within is a charming world based around Irish Mythology such as the tale of the Fomors. I can't exactly describe the feeling this song gives me except I think it's the song that defined the game and became the overall main theme for me and I just feel like there's a guy standing somewhere reflecting upon life and the adventures he's had; it comes with the bitter-sweet feeling knowing the past is the past and we've had good times... and the guy's thinking about what's going on in current events. Relatable...
  14. "Let's get tactical Marines!" Blow Me Away... after the fall we'll shake it off.
  15. So often I might as well live in a sewer.
  16. More often than not when someone says something it's usually the opposite of what they really say so yeah. *****ing loads I've encountered and hey, I mean yeah it's respectable trying to see the good in humans but let's be honest; at our core as a species we're primitive as hell and will do whatever we please as animals. Statically a good percent will turn on someone eventually for whatever reason be it power, money... just general greed... social status you name it. It's happened in such fiendish ways. I consider myself a realist, not a cynical guy or optimist like that. So whatever happens on average wouldn't surprise me knowing this. Anytime ya see something of the following: "No drama" ovoid it, usually the ones that start it. "I'm a nice person" ovoid it, usually are insufferable sods trying to bring you down to their level over some insecurity they have so they do such things to feel nice about themselves. Whatever. "I love IMs, chat with me" usually are something else. Ovoid it. Can often lead into a trap for their own personal amusement and etc (yeah, I've seen some *****e in my time). In many ways, having a filled out profile like that is redundant and contradicting. So I leave mine at a minimum and just show my interests and what not and what I normally do. Not how I am as a person when it comes to personality and all of that. Oh yeah and generally when you find a attraction to someone they usually don't hold the same feeling. There's that... I just let things go as they do and take what in I can like that. Humans, just fickle beings all around half the time. Technologically we're advanced, mentally we're cave-people. If another sentient race discovered us they'd probably just take our tech for experimenting and leave us be as people and be like: "Eh, let them sort themselves out, they got great loot though for such beings I'll give em' that one".
  17. Heh, depends on your definition of 'friendly' I suppose. For some of us we love a good of bit banter which can be taken the wrong way as: "Oh man that guy's an *****" when he's not; it's just his humour. ... I'd like to think maybe I can be friendly heh... as they say. Anyways, I totally get that... alot of people going off over the smallest and silliest of things; I've noticed alot of times when you comment on their profile it offends them for some reason eventhough you're agreeing with what they said pertaining to certain things. Makes me shrug. I guess being agreeable is offensive hah. I mean, if people wanna hit me up otherwise I'd be game for it. I could tell ya so many experiences I've had... it'd make you think you're in a alternate dimension or mental asylum at the least. Oh yeah, some of em' have reading problems I suppose... literacy seems to be in short supply as a commodity. Whabam, thank ya mam, it's in the ham. *Winky eyes* That said, I was once like you in the sense I'd hold back and not say much and let people approach me but you know what? Given how people are gonna judge us and whatever period and we got one life to live sod it. I've gotten ballsier these days and just IM who I think I might get along with. I got a saying: "When in doubt, yolo" but within reason ofcourse that's not to say jump off a cliff or hit someone but yeah. Besides, who cares about status or popularity anyways? George Carlin said it best with his idea of 'The Art of not giving a *****e".
  18. Remember my Brothers and Sisters; keep it Nod, keep it Kane, let the Tiberium continue to flow. It is the catalyst to the next stage of human evolution. Those GDI dogs are ignorant to what's around them. One vision, one purpose, peace through power. KANE LIVES!
  19. You could consider the sea around the Bay City area to be a nice spot to sail. Pretty low lag with about 24 or so sims to cross making a nice long cruise rounding up to 12 or so minutes round trip. It's pretty stable with the sim crossings there too and such; I have a overall relaxing time flying and sailing that particular course. To me, areas like Bay City and other older historical areas are pretty overlooked by the masses; they need more respect.
  20. This album was ahead of it's time, speaking volumes of everything in this world. Speaking what's on my mind.
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