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  1. "An open microphone can be dangerous". Sounds about right for me on a personal note.
  2. People sadly are that shallow. We actually have people that hate elves eventhough they're just as human. In most cases you get caught as anything but human you get crap for it.
  3. *Raise hand* Male in real life meanwhile whatever in Second Life. I love to experiment around and enjoy myself like that as the name of the platform implies. It's also interesting from a testing point of view to see through the eyes of both genders and how the world interacts with them. It helps you get a broader understanding of the world and the other gender and makes it easier to make friends like that. Like when playing as a female I can understand how it is to be harassed at times while playing as a guy I understand their frustration as well. Reminding me of The Sims and what not with all of these things that are going on. Simo, a man of science among other things.
  4. Driving a Lotus Elise zooming by the cops? Great feeling.
  5. Yeah, something just hit me here; it'll be a 50/50... it's amusing how oblivious some people actually are like that. My name isn't unisex but I'll get IMs like it's normal, disregarding the fact I have a male furry profile pic ontop of it and they're like: "Hey baby... what's your age?" or something like it. *Shrugs* Ah the delusion some people have... isn't it grand? "Ah yes, I am going into Second life completely expecting things will be like this and that and not realize it's in the name of being a fantasy world". >Logic and reasoning. Yep, it's all here... apparently.
  6. Ah man, what an amazing concept I can get behind. I've been fascinated by these 'icebergs' ever since myths like the ones about Mario 64 have been around since the get-go. There's quite a few things I'd gladly touch on such as the 'void under the overworld'; I have a pic from a few years ago where I had this vehicle that was scripted in a way to fly under it I deemed it as the 'Blue Hell' of Second Life (you know the underworld in Grand Theft Auto) and there's also what I call the 'bot phenomenon' where I've encountered many bots in SL and have been studying them for months now (it's a bigger issue than people realize). Turns out alot of these myths were true years later such as 'L is real'. Luigi's textures were confirmed to be found in the files of Mario 64. Neat stuff truly.
  7. Yep and in general how open-ended it is where there are no clear defined goals. Only the goals the person set for themselves and that's one argument people make "A game has a clear ending" but when we look at The Sims and carefully examine it as such we realize it doesn't have any of that so to speak. Sure you can set a Aspiration for your Sim to achieve like being a Astronaut but at the same time that stuff is optional and you can live freely in the game otherwise setting your own goals like you can live freely in SL and set your own goals there. By definition, The Sims is a video-game that's a life simulation and this can be applied to Second Life being within that catagory. That being said, this is more like a self-imposed rule by some of the community that SL is not a game when it's not fact. If we go by the self-imposed rule definition some of the community has then The Sims would not be considered a game either in how similarly it functions to Second Life, that would not be logical. SL is just that; The Sims on steroids, very big, potent steroids rich of protein.
  8. As to that, I don't understand the logic behind the comparison anyways considering SL is grander in scope in what you can do. FO76 is far too limited to compare it to; anything you really can't compare to SL. SL is in it's own unique league like that. I would say IF anything the closest thing to SL? The Sims. I use it as a great example of how Second Life can be considered a game.
  9. Whew whee, got me there mate... well, if we're going that route I was thinking more like a fighter jet of sorts. Gotta give em' a little of that *bang bang* if ya know what I mean.
  10. "Why don't you ask me what it feels like to be a freak?" Indeed, the 'freak' is inside all of us.
  11. I really don't give a sod if someone says I'm angsty or edgy for this. It's legit good.
  12. Happens alot with me man, I tend to have a dark, satire, parody sort of humour with me and misunderstandings run rampant. They think it's serious and then call me a racist or something.
  13. Probably 'cus you don't understand why someone chooses that kind of avatar. It's boring to think that only humans would exist.
  14. Oh I don't care it's just these guys think they're being badasses I mean and try to impress.
  15. Naw, the bots are legit bots programmed to do whatever man. They take a typical account and then program it in. Then the avatar does it's thing while the owner can sit back and watch if they want. As for the ToS? It's simple; rebels, people breaking the rules for fun you know? And yep! I genderbend, I bend my avs in all sorts of ways. From being a anthro wolf to a busty elven lady.
  16. The logic never made sense to me. All it is is a heavily stylized human; it's like a Team Fortress character. It's all human at the end of the day and speaking of; those rules in general are just a toxic mind-set to have considering Second Life itself has no imposed rule or whatever on what can and can not exist in the world. Infact, Linden Lab has established there are indeed alien pig people in SL's lore so this notion that only humans exist in these peoples' minds is as flawed as ever and in general it's a logical fallacy altogether since if a human can exist as a sentient species then another sentient species can exist, if not the human wouldn't exist either as logic dictates anyways. If people actually think there's only one bit of intelligent life in galaxy like that then they're mistaken. We're on a rock floating in space as much as any other planet so from one point of view we're aliens ourselves... and that's not even counting the possibility of a biologically engineered race like by the government. So many variables on this subject. ... Though I'm kinda getting abit off-track here with that but you get what I'm saying.
  17. Mhm, dancing with the car to speak, tap-tap-tap the throttle now and then, release and just let good 'ole inertia do the rest making a clean racing line and indeed; Porsche is one of my tops along with their counter-part Ruf which is a highly fascinating company. They take bodies of Porsches and add in their own original parts and make them Porsches on steroids. They are officially recognized by the German government as their own production models and not mods so they have VINs and so on. A really unique company to be sure. It's cool spotting the differences (though subtle) between the two; could say the average person would see a Ruf as another 911 but yeah. It's like that.
  18. Can't say I'm a drifter kind of guy. My driving style is more like turning and taking those turns, cruising through with precision etc. So I got a fondness for rear-wheel drive/rear-ear engine cars especially like the Porsche 911.
  19. Ah, I thought so... It's all good I mean, I got their Audi TT and VW Rabbit (the Gulf predecessor) at any rate.
  20. Lusch like the car company? I do miss some of their older models, like the VW Gulf replica (messed my chance to buy it).
  21. I'm more fascinated by what Russia is interested in... you'd think more of the West would be all about that hentai knowing the weeb situlation. Explains so much about the Blake Sea in particular being crowded with em'...
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