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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I am trying to look for people that are active in SL that would be willing to sit down with us for an interview in-world that is recorded. We are looking for people in the "Boomer" age group between 57-75 years of age that have been positively or negatively impacted by the pandemic. We are wanting to hear how SL has played a role in staying connected. If interested, please fill out the form below so we can contact you. Boomer Interview Response Form If there are any questions or concerns, please message me at Rhia Janick in-world or reply here. Thank you!
  2. As some of you know: I am a bit of a hermit. Most of the time I am writing in my home at Regal (Sweet Grass community). But now I am going to leave my house to travel around SL! Why? I am planning to write a book (consisting of a series of blogs) about you, my fellow residents! I will travel around SL and visit people who would like to be interviewed. I have 2 main questions: 1. Please show me your house and: 2. What is your dearest passion? That can ben ANYTHING. Cars, a new found love, flowers, designing. They only thing is that it MUST be your dearest passion. But the most important question is: are there residents who like to cooperate with this project and like te be interviewed? And a secondary question: are there residents who have allready published a book inworld? I also love to hear from your experiences. Well, I am hoping At least a few of you think this is a good idea :-). Otherwise I will return to my villa and be the happy hermit as I always was ;-).
  3. Second Life is a fascinating world, which allows anyone to travel to fantastic places and discover cities, islands, entire continents traveling by any means: trains, cars, planes, ships. The pleasure of discovery and travel is the basis of GTFO! A logistics and exploration game for SecondLife that counts hundreds of players - enthusiastic transporters. DeNasty Tigerpaw the lead moderator of the GTFO community tells us his experience, but he also lets us know the players' experience, what are their interests and preferences by bringing us the data of an original survey conducted for this interview, absolutely not to be missed to understand the fascination of "slow" travel in Second Life. "Creating stories around the world helps to make a place more memorable," says DeNasty, and we agree. Read here the post by DeNasty
  4. How can an imaginary sea become a place of professionalism, a market full of opportunities, a place to live? These are the first three interviews with men and women who are making the history of Blake's sea. The next posts will be published in this topic. If you are interested, click on the follow button The Bald Elf Ey Ren is one of the adventurous Second Life residents who experienced the phase of the first expansion of the Blake Sea. Like many pioneers he set out on his adventure without a precise purpose, working day by day with passion he built his goal in the company of his community. Ey Ren: Blake Sea History #3 I knew the sea of Blake from Jacqueline’s boats. I fell in love with the sea in Second Life by browsing her blog, discovering her boats, testing them at sea. Jacqueline Trudeau: Blake Sea History #2 Vanity Bonetto, founder and CEO of Luxory ad Willowdale Estate and now also of Second Norway, a forward-thinking Berlin girl who in twelve years (she’s been in SL since 2007) has grown Luxory from a small property to one of Second Life’s leading real estate operators with hundreds of regions and thousands of residents. Vanity Bonetto: Blake Sea History #1
  5. Hello, We are looking for a few individuals who use virtual babies to bring something to their SL lives. We are looking to record these interviews in-world as part of a series of videos that take an inside look at various SL activities. These interviews will be hosted and shot by YouTuber, Lexy Nexen. Interviews should take less than an hour to complete, and will be posted to Lexy's social media channels. If you think you possibly have an interesting story to tell and want to participate, please do the following: Leave us a comment below with the following, OR NC the following to Rhia Janick Name: General availability in SLT: Short summary about why you have virtual babies in SL(no more than a paragraph):
  6. There are so many exciting things happening at HIGHER GROUND MUSIC MAGAZINE I hardly know where to start! First up, let me tell you about why this venue was created. I have been writing A BLOG since 2012 to support musicians not just in SL but RL also. I took a nice long break to deal with RL, but now I am back and HGMM is stronger and better than ever I interview musicians who stream their music into SL, but also RL musicians, sitting down face to face with them and hearing them play in person. The live music community is a marvelous one to be a part of. I have met some very talented individuals and made life long friends! My blog is shared on Facebook and Twitter and it is written on the Blogger platform. I wanted to take it a step further and create a place where those I interview can come and perform so YOU could hear them first hand. HGMM is unlike any venue you've been to. It's not a "club" scene. It has a feel of sophistication and it's casual atmosphere is a great place to meet up with friends and just hang out and chat, even when there is no event. I purchase only the best dance scripts and I spare no expense to make HGMM THE place to be! You SHOULD know though that events won't be taking place as often as most venues either. I have a very busy RL schedule so events will be held about twice a month with only the BEST that SL has to offer. You will want to be sure and join our group so you don't miss a show!! HGMM PROFILE You can teleport right into the club at any time and click the group joiner board located between Stage A and Stage B, or if your groups are full... slap that subscribe-omatic just below it HGMM VENUE LOCATION (https://world.secondlife.com/group/bb3564bb-ba26-ec0c-c0e0-ee651441fc02?lang=en-US) The GRAND OPENING is on Feb. 8 at 5pm SLT (8pm EST) with AcousticEnergy Nitely followed by AMFORTE. Mark your calendars! Are you interested in earning some Linden? Well, it so happens that I am hiring both journalists/photographers as well as a club manager and hostess. (I prefer experienced please. You need to know how to add to calendars and book musicians, send out notices and create notecards, etc.) As always, when you visit any venue or musician event, please leave them a little linden. It really does go a long way to keeping these places open for our entertainment! I'd like to thank SL for including HGMM in the SL Community of Bloggers!
  7. Starting at 12 pm SLT on 3/23/2017 PINK Gentlemen's Lounge will have on the spot interviews for DANCER, TEXT Escort, VOICE Escort & WEBCAM Escort(nudity not required). - ALL APPLICANTS REQUIRED TO VOICE VERIFY OUTSIDE OF SecondLIFE. - ALL APPLICANTS WITH REAL LIFE PICTURES DISPLAYED ARE REQUIRED TO CAM VERIFY. - MESH BODY REQUIRED. - ABLE TO HEAR VOICE IN SL REQUIRED. You can find Additional Requirements Here - http://www.pinkgentlemenslounge.com/ Visit Us In-World Here - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spinker/220/67/501
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