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  1. You're right, I had some tunnel vision focusing on inworld stuff in this matter. I'm wondering though if selling hundreds of plots of virtual land where the owners do the same political advertisement one by one would really differ too much from this, though, when someone would look at it from outside of SL. Of course that isn't as obvious as one person with multiple ad parcels.
  2. The person that has complained here when these rules were introduced was basically the only person on Mainland that used multiple ad parcels (her own parcels), to host political signboards. In fact, those were really small signs, noticeable, especially at 50 locations on roadsides, but still entirely civilized. However, she was the only person that would have been effected by the new rules, and she removed all of her signs. At the same time, those that have converted thousands of square meters of their lands into huge political campaign eyesores, or rezzed huge fullbright prim boxes above their lands with political campaign signs, or those that use others' carelessly open lands to deploy spam objects on roadsides, can continue without any restrictions as long as their signs aren't seriously offensive. I don't really care about political signs on mainland, but if the recently imposed rules really only affected one person, it brings up the question for me whether it was really just against her (based on that many people didn't like her Trump signs "everywhere"), or LL wasn't aware of what kind of "political advertisement" they wanted to restrict, which actually wouldn't surprise me.
  3. Apparently it doesn't happen to many people at once, but it has been going on since August with the other group chat issues, people were complaining about not being able to see any group chat. Back then I even thought they were exaggerating, then a month ago it happened to me too. No group chat. At all. For a whole week. Then it was working again. I keep hearing about more people being hit by this issue though, and it's really not reassuring. It's interesting while chat of some large groups apparently doesn't work for about a month now, and others can't access any group chat, yet others experience the "usual" issues with just missing some messages all the time, fixing the only form of inworld mass communication takes so long and also seems not to be a priority. When the Marketplace or Bake Service goes down, it is treated as a priority and brought back to service ASAP. The post about "group chat issues" is out since September 1, and it says "We are aware of failures with message delivery in group chat which are impacting some users" like it was just a minor issue, "impacting some users", while in fact it impacts thousands of users. Maybe it needs to get as bad as nobody being able to access any group chat, to become a higher priority to finally fix this bug.
  4. Or they can search directly for fitting rooms / dressing rooms, also freebie stores, as the large ones have dressing rooms. It offers more privacy than a sandbox or any random rez zone, and won't annoy anyone. Especially giving such advice to go to vehicle rez zones to rez random stuff and edit appearance is the worst idea, that's how you can annoy the most people, and that's what the OP wanted to avoid. @Robberinthemuseum If you use the keywords "dressing room" in the inworld Search on the Places tab, it will give more than 20 options right away where you should be able to change clothes / edit appearance without any issues anytime.
  5. Basically, you can always file a Linden owned land related ticket in Land and Region > Region Offline, just explain that the issue is not that, but something else, and it needs a specialist to look into it, then they'll sort it out. Sometimes a few things aren't working properly in the LMP, just like anywhere else in SL, so it's great if a few of us care to poke Support with occasional issues we find.
  6. That's it... especially it is highly inconsistent when they end up with a rollback for this, while they didn't do so for the previous large issues that certain changes caused. Why didn't they roll back after the group chats got messed up entirely? Now there's still not even a fix for the previous issues, but they managed to produce more. Great job. And in such cases, they could indeed explain what they intended to do and what they failed to do so, so at least those interested in the issue itself could see the issue themselves, instead of thinking the people working on the fixes are incompetent. One thing for sure, ending up with more problems instead of resolving previous ones is not reassuring at all.
  7. You don't say... then why did you bring Support into this topic in the first place? I didn't, when I complained about the false notification. The restart you're talking about happened several weeks ago. And yes, it is obvious that the bot doesn't work well. Getting a couple regions restarted by a Linden manually is good for occasional standalone issues, but when the issues are happening gridwide out of the excessive uptime, it shouldn't be done like that. Not a bad idea though, if anyone wants to chalk up hundreds of mainland region names to get restarted manually each week. Would you?
  8. Nice edit. I started complaining here last week, because Mazidox keeps posting deploy plan notices here that are not true. It is enough to see these for 2 months with more and more issues coming up every week to make me comment on it. I'll just refer to your own topic from earlier, where you said they claimed to have fixed the teleport issues but you still had failed teleport attempts, then you said "all that was needed for all those sims with teleport problems was a restart". That's what I'm saying as well. Regions need a restart regardless of server updates to work properly. This is what Mazidox's post in question says as well, all the time. They just don't do it.
  9. Yes, some of us keep poking Support to restart multiple Mainland regions one by one once they start to produce issues. It's extra work for everyone. Of course not for those that only care about the sim where they live, or not even about it. By the way, can you address the part of my post about the other unresolved things too? Region crossing and teleport issues? Massive group chat failures? Support is unable to resolve those issues, and they're also unable to give proper information on what LL has or has not done yet to fix these things.
  10. The previously suggested system that detects flying avatars and boots them should be good enough for this. Once you disabled flying, those who want to play fair, won't fly even by accident. Those that arrive with the fly override and flying get booted. There are also some wearables that allow avatars to fly without avatar fly mode, like jetpacks, a few wings that aren't just props, etc. I guess you won't be able to easily detect those with a device, but the place looks pretty flat. Make the invisible walls high enough that anyone trying to cheat their way by flying has to reach a certain altitude. Then set up a security system to teleport home avatars above that altitude. If you do all that, and some people still remain able to cheat their way through, you could even give them extra XP, because they'll probably work more for it than properly fighting their way through. Oh, and don't underestimate the motivation of shooting zombies while flying. Shooting zombies or anything else while flying is super cool! There are also people with avatars that are supposed to be naturally able to fly, they have wings, and super weak legs because they rather fly than doing leg days. You could consider that you're violating their right to naturally fly while shooting zombies if you do everything to prevent them from flying.
  11. Even without anything terrible ever happening to my avatar through an Experience, other than one I trust and need for a few systems, and the 3 default LL-owned ones, all random experience prompts I get at random places go on the Blocked list, simple as that. It's especially ridiculous when a place only allows you to stay on the sim if you allow their Experience to control your avatar in several ways, it is just like telling you to wear their RLV relay, and who is going to be as naive to accept a random RLV relay object and use it? Well, I guess many people, unfortunately, and that's why I also don't support anything that can control others' avatars in a broad range instead of simple permissions like only animations. Maybe I'm too safety-oriented for these things, though. This is generally true, but there are some griefers, and a lot of people without a sense of responsibility, and/or a level of ignorance and carelessness that makes them unable to properly or responsibly use features that can be malicious. This could stand for anything, but especially when you get to control someone else's avatar in any way, unintentionally misusing a feature can be as bad as an intentional abuse. I'm not convinced that paying money is a stable source of responsibility as the user has anything to lose. Usually when money and the lack of responsibility are combined in the hand of one person, they don't care about any consequences or restrictions. Of course, only until the point where the consequences and restrictions finally reach them.
  12. This is still not true, my home region hit 17 days uptime today, so as "rolls" won't happen on Main Channel this week either, I'll be curious how long the region can run if someone else doesn't decide to request a restart for it. 17 days is simply ridiculous, and you guys are staying silent about the reason why this function doesn't work recently, along with the many malfunctions that remain unresolved for 2 months now. This is the point when copy-pasting the same things again and again turns into telling lies to your customers, instead of doing any kind of productive work.
  13. If only this was true, but it isn't, at least not lately, and there are always a lot of mainland regions with 10+ days uptime, until we find them and ask support to restart them, one by one, once they give up after 15+ days and go offline or become entirely unaccessible. Yes, nothing beats turning them off and then on again. What about 7 days, regularly? You don't have to change server code just to automatically restart thousands of regions to make sure they work properly for another week.
  14. Yes, there are a few things that you should know before even owning land for your own use, not to mention trying to rent it out for others. These articles should help with the basics of buying and managing a parcel: Lindal Kidd has also written about what you want to know, in her blog: http://acrossthegridwithlindal.blogspot.com/2015/01/how-to-be-land-baroness.html And she also holds a class inworld at Caledon Oxbridge University on Fridays at 12pm (noon) SLT, "Buying and Renting Land". I strongly recommend that as well, because she shows examples one by one, and even takes the students out to a few places to see in person what they were talking about, so it's much more interactive learning than reading articles.
  15. If you combine my technical answer with Squeaky's answer with the roleplaying aspect, it should make sense. While occasionally it wouldn't be a problem to have an oncoming train going through yours, it can be annoying, you would have to ignore it entirely in a roleplay scene, etc. It would be definitely easier to skip the block control system, but it's actually good that they intend to make something advanced. Once it'll work, it will be great.
  16. I think most SLRR vehicles work as non-physical, and it also allows them to be set to phantom, since they won't fall through the tracks for example. The non-phys operation means they won't collide with other non-physical objects. This isn't even especially important with oncoming trains, but the really tight corners with rocks and things, if you have a real-sized loco, that won't clear any of them, and being physical (and solid) would make it crash into all the rocks all the time. A non-physical train is also absolutely solid, if not set to phantom, because it can't be pushed away. It will, however, brutally push away physical ones, so you don't want to encounter one head-on. If all trains move non-physically, they can easily "go through" each other without any problem. If at least one of them is non-phys and phantom, it's still fine. There's the possibility of at least one being physical, so in that case yes, they would collide. I also like the idea of making the system somewhat realistic, so the block control is fine. As I explained above, it's the current implementation that doesn't work well. Ah, now I see clearly, along with the video Arabella posted above, the issue is that the system isn't overcomplicated enough! We humans love to do that, so it should be done on the new SLRR too! LL should consider hiring a lot of full-time SLRR workers, like Station Masters, Signalmans, Switch Operators, and Pilotmans, and everything would work properly, while filling and signing tons of forms. Sign me up for the Pilotman job, it looks fun!
  17. In my experience while riding through the railroad on Belli for fun and to see new developments (and new or fixed trouble spots) occasionally, one thing is 100% sure: anything that is sensor-based works unreliably at best. This starts with the crossings. Apparently, most crossing signals get activated by their respective sensor from only one direction, or the sensor is too close to the crossing, and in a laggy region you already pass the crossing by the time the signals get activated. Either way, most of time you already passed the crossing when the barriers go down. The same appears to be the problem with this automatic section control system. Especially since there are stations and junctions with manual switches, which make it more complicated, but are necessary. (And, to be honest, a mostly manual system would be easier and better for most people.) So when I'm approaching a loop, and there is no other train on the line after the loop, I should be able to stay on the main line, without being forced onto the siding. However, based on direction, this is what happens on most loops. If you approach from the "opposite" direction of the apparent "preferred" direction, the system forces you to the siding, no matter there isn't another train not only on the section you'd proceed onto, but on whole Bellisseria at the time. So this is either a programming issue, or the respective sensors don't work properly, but it doesn't make any sense. It would only make sense if there was indeed a train approaching from the opposite direction, so that you would have to wait for it to pass. At some switches, including Chippewa Junction station, where you can manually set the switch, but there is some kind of this same automatic control, no matter you set the switch to either position, you will be quite randomly routed to either line, and while at the station it doesn't mean any kind of issue other than being annoying, at the switch in Mountebank though, you would want to stay on the line that doesn't break at the river, so the unreliable switch is quite problematic. There's also the signal bridge in Deermoor that is accidentally named "Guide" and makes most locomotives shift up into it and get stuck, but you already know about that one. (Right?) I haven't focused on the particular issues at each site, especially not with the sensors, crossing signals and switches, but if it helps, I can collect more specific details.
  18. Perhaps. Some of us that do regular checks on large numbers of regions to see what condition they are in, tend to find quite the same pattern of issues recently - since the code changes in regard of crossings - which are different from the issues before those changes. Regions acting like they're "phasing" between restarting and running states, randomly accessible or not, vehicles stopping to work entirely upon entering, and failing to "escape", etc. These issues also seem to escalate with the amount of time the actual region is running. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of requests to support lately to restart sims and do a host change, while describing these same issues, and today I noticed the Linden that did a restart on the Blake on my request also decided to restart all the adjacent sims as well to make sure it'll be fine. In other cases, malfunctioning regions tend to be the same ones, producing the same issues again and again, a few days after they were restarted, and it stands for empty water regions as well, with no private parcels, so nothing like certain scripted objects causing issues. It keeps going on for weeks sometimes, and after several restarts, host changes, and whatever else LL can do with them, the issues apparently vanish from a specific region. My guess is that LL is actively on it, but not being explicit about it - just like they aren't about the group chat issues for example (maybe they are, on the relevant user group meetings which I don't attend, though) - so we just catch the cookie crumbs out of these interactions and statuspage posts.
  19. Yes, but it would also block all teleports, so it might not be the solution he wants. "Blocked prevents any attempt to teleport to your parcel. Any Resident who tries to teleport onto your land is diverted to the nearest available parcel instead." (From the Managing your Parcel KB article) Another not too effective way would be to put an utterly annoying landing point avatar mover thingy (I have no idea how those are called), but a big one, which would gently (not) move them to a significant distance from your raffle board. Or set up a big rotating device that would swing around constantly, and scoop out anyone standing under it. Otherwise, some people have a lifestyle out of having 20 or more alts just to camp at raffle / midnight mania boards until they get what they want. They either go elsewhere with the alts once they get what they want at yours (for all the alts, of course), or you ban them one by one, or you shut down the board. Or you can just ignore them as well, that's about just as effective in this case.
  20. I'm not surprised, I had severe issues with group chats not originating from my end, for a whole week before it got working again (this week), and I didn't hear from many people (actually, no more than 2) that they'd have the same issue, so it is possible that you're still getting serious teleport issues due to an error on SL's side. You can send a support ticket at https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new and describe the issue there, so specialists can see it and determine where the issue is coming from.
  21. There is always a chance for a teleport failure, based on several factors, mostly your connection to the SL servers, and the connection between the region hosts and other servers. It would be a miracle if LL could ever eliminate teleport and sim crossing failures entirely. The grid status incident you're referring to was probably an increased case of teleport and sim crossing failures reported to support, and probably had a common source which they might have fixed, but that doesn't eliminate the other factors which might sometime result in a TP failure.
  22. Honestly? If they pay, they pay, I really wouldn't care either. They pay for the service even if they aren't inworld, so that part is fine. However, on mainland, what happens on their land will affect at least the direct vicinity of their land, and other people, so they are responsible for it. Especially rights come with responsibilities, and it applies to services and use of services between a provider and customer. It just depends on the provider how they want to enforce their own terms. LL doesn't have terms regarding inactivity, so reclaiming lands that are paid for but the owner is inactive isn't an option. Just don't think simply by paying for premium and their tier (there are many large parcels on mainland with the owner absent since 2010-2017) they are clearly supporting LL and SL. If they failed to at least set up their lands properly, it can cause damage, and extra work for LL, again and again.
  23. In any situation you want a person removed, you should be able to do so by pressing a button yourself, you don't have to set the orb to do that automatically in every situation.
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