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  1. Alright, I was told to reset all the scripts in the head - this at least helped to keep my ears 'alphaed' after a relog. I still hope they're going to include the face-ao in the head itself instead of having to keep that giant HUD attached all the time. So, partially solved
  2. Well, answer was, they (all?) had internet issues and didn't receive my notecard. I should try deleting cache (did it several times, even manually in the file-browser) and try a redelivered head. So, i'm using v4 (w/ BOM), redelivery terminal sent me v1.1 (seems like w/o BOM)... So, still no solution so far. Oh and yes, I'd have to always have this giant HUD with the included face-AO attached, and there aren't any fixes or updated with "AO included in head" (like you have it in CATWA heads) planned.
  3. *sighs* ... re-sent to all these 3 guys: Dear Vista-Team! I already sent this one week ago to Vista Barnes, Hermione Mocha and Clif Sharktooth - unfortunately without getting any response so far I bought your VISTA Bento Head Emily v4 a few months ago, but I still haven't figured out two things: 1. Whenever I take off the Head HUD, the face animations stop. My buddy has a CATWA head and his "Face AO" also works without the HUD attached. Do I really always have the Head HUD attached to run the face animations? 2. Whenever I relog, my hidden ears are re-appearing. When
  4. Well, so far, until now, not a single response. There are 3 contact persons mentioned, all of them received my NC, not a single one answered. So, there's not a solution about this unfortunately, but I think this is still an important topic, so people are aware about it, before buying it. I will send a 'reminder' to all of them soon and will keep this thread updated, as far as I will receive an answer. Honestly I'd have expected a better service from a brand like VISTA. (Just in case one of these VISTA people read this, it was sent by my wife Battlecat Oh)
  5. I just did. Will post here what they answered.
  6. Sorry to push this up again? I still haven't found a solution here. Anybody any ideas on this?
  7. We indeed have flying... not zombies, but bats and mosquito-swarms Usually they've been set up to stop people feeling save on a higher spot, walking zombies and other crawling creatures can't reach
  8. it's there -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlight Heaven/56/246/4026
  9. Just to clarify, people shouldn't fly on our sim because: It's a zombie shooting sim. You have to fight your way through a forest. Then you reach the harder prison. There you have to find keys to open the last gate to the city. There are even alpha walls to stop people shotcutting their ways or to get a lame sniper location on roofs of buildings. Shooting zombies while flying is stupid and also cheating their XP/levels. It's just not fair to all the other players. Also, it's not immersive at all.
  10. It's working, still struggling a bit with banning, but warning and ejecting (pushing flying people to the edge of the sim) works and super friendly creator, and cheap!
  11. thanks, i guess i found something, testing it with my alt/wife https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/st-No-Fly-Zapper-Tran-permmis/15091410
  12. A pity it's possible to override rules settings Thanks a lot for the helpful answers.
  13. We got a zombie shooting sim. Flying is deactivated in region and land options, but today i still saw someone flying, very fast. I think it's not the normal flying. She can even fly through alpha walls! Seems like she's wearing a HUD or so? Is there a way to make them stop flying? Scrips and rezzing must stay allowed on our sim.
  14. Hey, I just wonder, this VISTA Bento head, whenever you take off the HUD, the Bento animations stop? Also after relogging, the set alphas for the ears reset, re-appearing. Is this normal, or do I do something wrong? 😅
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