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  1. Indeed, all the themed areas with the double LI capacity have such high rates. It is somewhat reasonable, somewhat. Without going into that, it's a fact they go for so high, many of those parcels have multiple "protected" sides (bordered by Protected Land), some of them have all sides like that, so you don't get direct neighbors. Those are usually set for sale for absurdly high prices - excellent for wealthy misanthropes. For example if you look at Bay City, it's rare to see a 1024 sqm parcel for under 100 L$/sqm rate in the Moderate rated regions. They're usually over 100 in the General rated regions too, but it's more frequent that they're below that rate, since it's General after all, you can't have and do certain things there, *coughs* if they would care about it *coughs*, so those have a lower value. In Nautilus City, the only real disadvantage is that none of the parcels are real waterfronts (the shore is Protected Land all around), so you can't directly sail out and keep boats moored, etc. There's the double capacity multiplier, the protected sides, the infrastructure - and it proves pretty well that people like the areas with proper infrastructure much more than the middle of nowhere - though, so it is obviously a popular area, and yes, if nothing else, you can walk down to a public rez zone at the water near your parcel, or drag your boat from your parcel to the sea, and head out to the Blake.
  2. Sometimes people have to tier down quickly, so they won't be billed one extra month (after the current billing month), and they might benefit from that more than waiting for it to sell and bring back L$, or so they think. Another reason is what you suspect, that they might not be able to pay for premium and their tier anymore. It is an increasing tendency since 2020 (guess why) that landowners, both fairly new and old, fail to maintain their payment, eventually get their account on hold, and then their land reclaimed. They might have been away from SL for years already, but their payment method was active so they automatically kept their land. (It isn't uncommon in Nautilus City, or anywhere else, to be fair.) Others were active, yet who knows what happened to them that prevented them from properly ceasing their tier, or their premium at all, quite suddenly (another "guess why"). In these cases, you, I, or anyone else won't really notice what happened with the landowner (there are subtle hints, though), but eventually their account will be put on hold - they still keep their land for some time, so probably by paying their overdue bills, everything could go on as before - but if they fail to do so, LL reclaims their land, and probably by protocol, they decide to set it for auction instantly (like in Nautilus City), or they'll abandon it after reclaiming it, so that someone can put in a request for that piece of land. And, yes, in the case of your second example, there's a good chance the smaller one will sell for such a rate, quite quickly. Waterfront parcels are always sought after, and that's a pretty nice sailable waterfront. The corner parcel for 53 L$/sqm? I doubt it. Parcels with such rates, unless they're direct Blake Sea access on Satori's North Coast, don't sell, no matter they're sailable waterfronts. I can see several large parcels with lower rates on said Satori North Coast too, and they seem to be for sale for a while, too. It isn't reasonable to ask for so much, unless the demand would be so high, but maybe the demand isn't as high now as a year ago. Maybe a business owner from the area could serve with more reliable info on that, though.
  3. You have to scroll down really far to reach the bottom of the page, and then the link is very small compared to everything else on the page, so it is almost like it's hidden.
  4. Actually, I had a great pod tour last night! How did you figure out? The rest of what you said, I don't know... I'll just pick this: This made me laugh. It's just funny you slipped on that one word and its meaning in the sentence. I could try to reword that part of my post, or just skip the word "authoritatively" because it is not even necessary there, I just like fancy, complicated words. I bet you'd still miss the meaning, though, since the first two contenders have done their best to do so as well, and you actually like to do this on purpose. If anyone reads my posts without the intention to find only what doesn't match what they want to hear and be heard, it should be fairly easy to understand what I've said. As I said before, it's amazing how that little spark of starting out with saying the first answer wasn't right, caused all this havoc. This is why I usually don't do that.
  5. I just saw this and I got curious as to what would be fixed, so I went out for a quick test. 4 crossings, 4 errors, 4 animation permission requests. Nothing changed. As Oz has said before, they haven't actually fixed the crossings, so that is something that still needs to be done. Nevertheless, I'm happy if camera issues are less frequent now for whatever reason. On my vehicles I've only got about 1 camera loss error out of 100 crossings anyway, so it would be nice if the entire out-of-sync issue could be eliminated once.
  6. You could've been done with it before even commenting. Also, pay attention: This was part of my answer, so whatever you guys added, wasn't new. Thank you for repeating me, though. Something's really going sideways in the interpretation of Kerchal as a woodland themed region, too. I haven't said you could live in Kerchal, I only pointed out to two things. 1, that Alwin's answer wasn't right, since there are landscaped, themed regions on Mainland in contrast to his lazy statement of "mainland itself is not landscaped". 2, The question "What area/regions feature forest/woodland type theming? Seeking that sort of vibe for a parcel." made me think about Kerchal at first, thinking of Mainland. Since she didn't say she wanted to get a parcel in the middle of said woodland she was looking for, but an area/region that features the theme, it is relevant. You can live next to the park, and open your front yard to it or blend in your land design with trees, shrubs, or even the super cute Linden pine trees. However, sorry for mentioning it to her, it is definitely something that she shouldn't have known of, and Alwin did the right thing to obscure the truth. Does this make you feel better?
  7. It's actually funny when people with lack of knowledge try to seem smarter. I provided a link to Kerchal so it makes it even easier to get there if it would mean any kind of trouble otherwise. Now if you do that, you'll see the whole region is Linden-owned. That park won't go anywhere. If you can get a parcel in a region next to Kerchal, bordering Kerchal, your land will be right at the park. So if anyone buys such a parcel, the most certain thing will be that on one side, their view will be the Kerchal Park. I usually stick to the facts more than the circumstances, but now I am really amused by how you and Alwin, who kind of always make sense in any topic, try to prove me wrong just because I started out by saying his answer wasn't right. It was a poor answer. It happens. That I pointed out to it, and then provided more info, won't change the actual facts. That being said, you can always build whatever you want on Mainland, with just a few limits, but that will never change the surroundings of your own parcel. If there's a Linden-built park next to your parcel, or if you get a parcel in an area where 20 regions have mostly woodland themed parcels at the time, then the theme of the area is woodlands. Not snow, not desert, and not "nothing", because the several regions with mostly woodland/park builds on them weren't done by coincidence, but because one influenced another. If you're looking for a theme, you can't only find it at places where people authoritatively force the theme, but it can exist with the contribution of independent people too, and it will form a theme. If you want to prove that isn't the case, that actually only proves that you don't drive through Kerchal, and the area north of there, or the actual trees don't rez for you while you're there. Most of the East River area on the roadsides and at the waterways is a big forest, and a year ago it was even more like so. In the future, it can be more, or less like that, depending on what people will build on their lands. I pointed out to that too, and that's why actually Belli is the way to go if someone wants to own the parcel instead of renting/leasing on a private estate, and wants to live in a woodland themed area. Since the OP asked a very simple question, all of the options might be interesting for her. I took the time to explain that all, realizing she might need the information instead of a one-liner advice to look for rentals. Of course that doesn't leave you much to do than to try to prove me wrong, since the options were already explained. Don't be lazy. Try to help.
  8. Read her question again. She wanted to know where to find woodland themed areas. It has nothing to do with pre-landscaped parcels for sale. And my answer includes pre-landscaped parcels for rent on Mainland, yours didn't. There are 3 parcels for sale in Alice right next to the park in Kerchal, too. A lazy answer is not the best answer, and trying to compensate it with bolding and CAPS won't do anything else but entertain me.
  9. This answer is just so not right, sorry... Let's fix it. Mainland itself is landscaped. IF the private landowners landscaped their parcels, and IF Lindens built some public place in certain regions, which are mostly roads, and some landmark builds. We can say, most of Mainland is not landscaped, though, mostly due to the abandoned lands and owned but not landscaped lands. In fact, there is a Linden-made park on the Sansara continent, in Kerchal. There is a road going through the region, and the rest of the land is decorated with trees. Not an esthetical marvel with today's standards, but it is woodland, and on Mainland. You can go there and take a look around: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kerchal/222/121/61 If you explore the area North of Kerchal, you can find much more woodland themed areas. Those are owned and built by residents, so it's not guaranteed they'll stay like that forever, while the Kerchal Park is a stable landmark. The East River area - you can follow the road from Ontario to Mowry, then turn right and continue Northeast to Coniston - is full of woodland/forest themed builds, there are rentals available by some of the landowners, and you can sometimes also find parcels for sale, which you can then also turn into a nice woodland themed land if you want. Now that we corrected the Mainland-related answer, it's important to know about the Bellisseria continent, which isn't Mainland, but the Linden Homes 2 estate, where the parcels are available to Premium members (if you want to own land on Mainland, you have to be Premium as well) for free. It is a vast continent already, and most of it is woodland themed, so maybe that's what you're looking for. I'll just grab a few SLURLs from the map to point at the public areas of a few of these regions, so you can take a look: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leighover/131/129/34 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red Hook/119/186/34 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Timpson/246/177/34 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palmer Lake/81/124/34 And if it isn't exactly what you're looking for, or you're not Premium and don't want to be, there's still the rental option that Alwin mentioned. For that, there are a LOT of private estates with woodland themes, and also the East River area on Sansara I mentioned above, and you can find other areas on other Mainland continents with rentals, in a woodland setting. Kerchal Park viewed from the parcels for sale in Alice:
  10. That's it! That's why I came here now to start a topic of, now I don't have to A few days ago I got this error for the first time, with my home region. I was logged in there with an alt too, while testing a new product of mine, at least I finished packaging, then while I was messing with the MP listing (through the viewer) I got both accounts disconnected. When I relogged, it took me to an infohub, saying my last location was unavailable. Okay. Let's look it up on the map. The parcel name info showed entirely different parcels! In fact, the names of parcels that were on a totally random other region, not even near the one I was looking at. Then the region restarted a few minutes later and was working fine again. Today, just now it happens again, with another region. I teleport to a lot of sims weekly, I guess it's not too bad if I only ran into this twice so far, but it isn't reassuring if it's not a rare issue lately. When I asked a few people about it a few days ago, they said they have never seen this "routed to wrong region" error, or the map showing parcel names of another region. Neither have I. It looks like some functions are getting really confused since the uplift, mostly the simulator and land info related ones.
  11. LOD. It is the LOD of most meshes that is horrible at low levels, the map print reflects that. Objects with good LOD (some mesh airplanes, helicopters, even rock formations included) get a very nice and accurate print on the map - when the print update works 🤣 - I guess this could be overcome in a way like the LOD factor setting in the viewer, but it's a waste of resources. It would be much better if creators took the extra few minutes per mesh object to make a Lowest LOD model that matches the outline of the full detail object, instead of letting the updater create a 3-triangle heap of placeholder.
  12. Okay. I'll go further explaining the situation from my side. While Support closed down for Thanksgiving in 2019, I've spent several hours around the Blake Sea to trace a griefer that attacked multiple places with "bombs". While I was messing with that, and knowing there was no Support for 2 days, so I reached out to landowners at private places to deal with them, since the objects withstanded autoreturn as well, and I just left the Linden-owned public places like Barbarossa as is, with nothing to do there at the time, some others even started other kinds of attacks in the Jeogeot Gulf, and possibly at other areas which I didn't even know of. This was quite typical, that some people started massive griefer attacks right when LL announced that Support would be closed for one day, two days, or even three days for a holiday weekend. The same thing happened on December 23rd as well, continuing on the 24th. Look at this, a scheduled maintenance post for the 24th: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/2j03l1mt9zr4 "Ticket submissions" are obviously available, since you send a ticket, and it can sit there until a Linden would eventually read it. You can easily determine if there's a Linden working at Support. They respond to your ticket. So Dec 23, afternoon SLT, nighttime for me (out of Linden work hours) a massive griefer attack hit 13 regions in an area where a group of us had an event, and subsequently, other areas as well. I filed a ticket listing all the affected places, etc. Wendi got to it on the 24th, responded to the ticket, then Governance Lindens showed up at the sites as well to deal with the griefing. They even kept running after newly discovered issues for several hours that day. She even gave me her bear afterwards. Ever since, they never entirely close Support, they're watching for issues, and there are actually way less ad-hoc inworld issues than last year. If they don't say they don't work, then they work.
  13. This is not a new occurrence. I took a few minutes now to dig up the Grid Status History from all the relevant months from this and last year. If you take a look at the maintenance posts of December 2019 https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/history?page=5 you can see a lot of scheduled maintenance posts before, during, and after Christmas, and between the holidays, and then on Dec 31, Jan 1, and also Jan 2: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/t2s1ffwkl094 and https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/bcv9ngjq4dsf respectively. If they wanted to let us know they simply wouldn't work during the holidays, they would. The last historical occurrence of such was at Thanksgiving, 2019: https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/5by9rk314fsf Ever since, they don't post "Holiday Observance" notices anymore, and in fact, they do have at least one Linden working during holidays, to watch out for serious issues. In light of what used to happen whenever they posted a "Holiday Observance, Support Closed" notice, this all makes sense, and it is necessary to have someone watching out for SL even during holidays. They're doing a good job at it since last Christmas. And we can definitely wish them a Merry Christmas and Thanks for their work throughout the year.
  14. My experiences since August are pretty much the same as Eowyn's, and the approach to blame only the slightly increased ping times for the vehicle issues on crossings is highly odd to me as well. I can say, while many people used to complain about region crossing issues all the time before this August, and people were always asking for help, advice "to reduce lag on sim crossings", etc, I have never had serious issues with crossings, other than the slightly annoying long interpolation times. I got used to that, though, and with normal region and grid (network) performance, crossings only rarely failed for me. When the code changes began in August to "improve" region crossings... um, no, I know, it was to prepare the Uplift, obviously not to make something to the benefit of the vehicle-user communities - something that a lot of us awaited, nevertheless - one thing for sure, region crossing time reduced so much, that with normal operation of two adjacent regions, it was already like there was no region crossing at all - well, except one problem: the errors thrown by the vehicles, or simply stopping to act on control inputs, etc. All the things that Eowyn described above, I have noticed as well. I have noticed there were several adjustments made, between August and November, which affected the region crossing behavior direclty or indirectly, sometimes they got overall faster or slower (slower, like, feeling like a step back to the original behavior, with long crossing and interpolation times). In its latest state, since the simulator servers got uplifted as well, region crossing time, with normal performance of the two adjacent regions, is insignificant (meaning: wonderful). Now if you pay attention to the words I outline in bold, the point is: Region crossings improved a lot in a way that they are much-much faster, so their time aspect is the improvement. The quality of the crossings, however, changed in a less reassuring... rather, worrifying way. One aspect of the quality of the crossing is that you won't get disconnected or stuck upon attempting the crossing. I dare to say, this has improved, overall. Heavily scripted, complex-linkset vehicles used to contribute to failed crossings before, now, the overall experience is that these heavy vehicles can cross much better than originally. Better, as faster, and with less risk of a failed crossing. However, while like Eowyn, I have never really had issues with "corner crossings" where roads or narrow waterways were fabulously built onto region corners, now I really have to slow down before the first crossing, stop in the middle, and slowly proceed to the second crossing, and it is still not a life insurance. However, I don't think it is a standalone issue. It is because of the "out-of-sync" issue we are experiencing. Another aspect of the quality of the crossing is that you would arrive in the next region with your vehicle, sitting and positioned on your vehicle, in the exact same state as you were in the previous region. Now this is what degraded badly, beginning in August, well before the simulator server uplift and the overall ping time increase. Also, the ping times didn't increase drastically. While I'm in Europe, and I used to have 180-200ms Ping Sim values before the Uplift, now I get 200-240ms. It is a disappointment for sure, but doesn't account for the issues we have. My observation since the beginning, is that objects previously took a long time to proceed from the previous region to the next one, experienced an extensive delay in their script events, in the meantime, the receiving simulator server would already recognize the operating (seated) avatar in the receiving region as well (and sitting on the object), and the permissions that are triggered by being seated on the object, could be triggered (control inputs, camera, animations, most importantly). My observations since August (after the code changes, but with still the original simulator server hosts and lower ping values) are that objects now transfer from the previous region to the next one much faster, thus their script events have virtually no delay. This results in the script almost instantly looking for the operating avatar sitting on the object, to trigger permissions, but the avatar, in fact, has not yet been recognized by the receiving simulator server as sitting on the object - what's more, as I suspect, in some cases the avatar has not even been recognized as being in the receiving region: this is just about 20% of the occasions, but there are script errors stating that the avatar is not in the same region, hence it failed to set permissions. In line with this, I have also noticed that the viewer struggles to get the "sitting" status of an avatar in the Radar function, if the avatar is not in the same region as you, and, after you move into the same region (or they do), the Radar still fails to show them as sitting - while they are in view range, and you can see them sitting in a boat, for example - which might or might not update within 1 minute after both of you arrived in the same region. My further observation directly related to the "out-of-sync" error is, that vehicles whose root is behind the sitting position of the operating avatar, have a better chance to avoid producing errors and loss of control and other permissions, while those that feature a sitting position forward to the root, are highly prone to producing errors on every region crossing. I am not sure though, whether this should really affect the transition of the vehicle and the avatar in a way that it would be significant, but it seems so. On the other hand, since all simulator servers got uplifted, and are basically running on the same server version, I have noticed better region crossing quality, as well as time. The vehicles I use that were less prone to the "out-of-sync" errors produce even less errors, but unfortunately the more prone vehicles remained as unusable as before. Crossing time, and being able to cross without getting weird force disconnections and other ugliness, have improved in a stable way, as much as I noticed. This is another point I don't believe a slight increase in ping time would account for the major issues with vehicles. Just to address the other issue as well, yes, as several others, I have noticed the same issues since the simulator server uplift: "very slow asset loading", "object and texture cache apparently failing, caused by something not on client-side", more severe FPS drops, along with weird stuttering if trying to move while not everything has been downloaded and rendered yet on scene. This is, however, an entirely different issue, as I've seen, and it really seems to be related to the higher ping times and other network-related issues. As a conclusion, I think it is important to keep looking into each of these issues thoroughly, one by one, to figure out what exactly causes them, and especially with the "out-of-sync" issues, to find a way that would somewhat restore the behavior of script events and avatar transfer to a synchronized manner on the region crossings, because expecting the creators to find workarounds to compensate for the issue (well, or silently leaving it to them), is not the solution. Many vehicles would be perfectly usable without these errors, while their creators are no longer active in SL, so without a fix for the overall issue on LL's side, those products would remain impaired and unusable forever. @Oz Linden Can you please try to look into these suspicions? We have been talking about the same in previous topics, in JIRA reports, etc, and it seems like these suggestions bounced off, while it is just becoming more and more consistent what we are experiencing is due to the above reasons, and not simply because of the ping time increase itself. It would be necessary to sort this out, because despite the improved crossing time and stability we have been waiting for, this is now two steps back first, then one step forward only, if we still cannot use our vehicles properly, despite all efforts made so far.
  15. I would think they got, and are getting repeated inputs from residents about the issue, and the sailing, aviation and driving communities are overall upset about the missing map. Of course, it doesn't mean most people would complain about it at the right place, most just like to whine in group chats. At least all of us could do it here, where some Lindens can see it. It is now over a month without map print updates, and about 4 weeks since the middle and small tiles are entirely missing, completely disabling the use of the World Map, along with all 3rd party map services that use the same textures. We're getting back to use maps that some people "printed" like, years ago, which is everything but useful or convenient. It's like folding out a map printed on paper in the age of digital, online maps, and GPS. There is also less and less use of the large (full zoomed-in) tiles, as they are stuck on their November 17 print, getting outdated day by day. It is really frustrating now, I am sure it is just as bad on LL's side, having to deal with several new issues every week lately, but it is really disappointing that some of the most massive services stop working, and we have to wait several months until they get fixed (see group chat). @Oz Linden Do you know any details about this issue, an ETA, or why the map updates stopped working in the first place? Is it so serious that it cannot be fixed easily and quickly? Do we have to file a JIRA on it to help with more info about the issue? Do we have to complain more on all fronts to get it considered a priority to resolve the issue? You know, we would have liked to have the World Map fixed in this year.
  16. The full zoomed-in tiles update about every 24 hours, the medium ones between 24-48 hours, and the full zoomed out tiles update the print about once per week. That is, when they work, because since November 17, they don't. Otherwise, you would be able to see that, if you zoom out from the high to middle zoom tile looking at a region where you made noticeable changes about 30 hours ago, by building or removing large objects, the print would be different (showing the print of the previous day), and the smallest tiles at the minimum zoom would stay the same for about a week (maybe just 5 days, I will test it when they'll work again). Oh and I forgot to add, while for the large tiles this doesn't really matter, since they would update daily, but for the medium and especially the small tiles, how quickly a print will update depends on when you or someone else made changes that affects the print, and which day the update happens. If the smallest ones update every Friday, for example, and you built something Wednesday late evening or so, I guess the smallest tiles would update to the new print about the same time as the large ones. (This is why I wasn't able to observe how many days it takes for the smallest ones to update.)
  17. Unfortunately, no. Yesterday, and in the previous days, or we can say, pretty much for a month now, group chat worked okay-ish for me. I usually leave my avi logged in even if I am not home, so that I won't miss things in certain groups that I might want to know of, or someone would need help with something but nobody at the time could answer them. So at least I know that it was, for me, the interval between 3AM and 11AM SLT when group chats didn't really pop up... and it isn't because nobody would say anything in any group I'm in. Today, the performance is really poor, even for that, with only 2 group chat popping up since I'm logged in, and apparently not too many people got them delivered, since there wasn't any reply to the messages. Or it is doing the same as between August and November, where some of us would see some of the conversation, others would see other messages, and basically none of us in a group would see the exact same conversation. Useless. So if this is the result of the adjustments today, they should keep working on it.
  18. Yeah it's great. 4 days with rolling restarts per week, the same regions get restarted at least twice (why?), map tile updates aren't working for a month, the group chat issues fade away then come back from time to time, so it is still just a random mess whether a community help group can function or not, some people are still clouds or gray, and now on top of these, we can't log in at all, and what's worse, I was already logged in, but of course region crossings still force people to disconnect. Of course at least if we can't log in, then we don't have to worry about the rest of the issues. Perfect.
  19. After having them ready for the all-uplifted future, are you guys going to return to the 2 (1 Main and 1 RC) restart days per week? I might have missed some info about this a few weeks earlier, but constantly running into restarting regions for 3 or more days a week makes any scheduling impossible. On the other hand, region crossing behavior is now much better, some vehicles are definitely getting much less errors out of not being in sync with the driver on crossings. Interestingly, though, it also seems like group chat service doesn't work too well, or at all, during these restart hours, while otherwise it looks like it returned to its usual not too perfect, but working state.
  20. This is just a guess since I'm far from knowing for sure, for that the Firestorm Support Group and SL Support should be the best to ask to find out. As you suspect this to affect only one account, this more and more makes me think about this issue: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/inventory_corruption It mentions crashing among its symptoms, but not in relation to teleports. Anyway, you can check for it the way this article describes, and if you suspect this might be the source of the issue, you can contact Support in this regard. (I remember you mentioned you have contacted them before, poking them again might be necessary to find out more.) Of course this can be still rather server-side than a specific issue related to your account, but it seems like many people now experience much less teleport failures and crashes (me included) since all regions got uplifted so we basically only TP between uplifted sims running on the same server version. There are still weird things going on in the background though, and I still strongly suspect the simulator server takes too long to recognize the avatar that arrived to a region, either by crossing or teleporting, and might fail to catch up. The latest example of this I noticed is that people's "is sitting" status on the Radar doesn't show if you're in another (adjacent) region, and after you (or they) cross so that you're all in the same region, it still takes more than 30 seconds (or never happens) to show people that are definitely sitting on furniture or vehicles, as "is sitting". There's definitely some serious communication issues between the simulator server, the viewer, and another simulator server (the destination's). I see a common pattern in the teleport failures, the workarounds that some people suggested, the parcel data showing and failing to show on the world map, and also the issue when you can't open a parcel's details from another (adjacent) region for a long time. All of these seem to be coming from a common source on our end. I'm curious if devs are able to isolate any of these issues to be coming from different sources, or not.
  21. The vehicles I've been using had nearly no problems before these changes, right after it the rate of producing an error was close to 100%, and now between two uplifted sims it's about 50% with some vehicles, still above 70% with others. Something has to be done on server side to fix it entirely, because many vehicles won't be updated to work around this issue. Especially not those whose creators have left SL for various reasons over the last few years.
  22. Especially this is very frequent and serious in this issue, which he also mentioned in his comment: "llStartAnimation: Script trying to trigger animations but agent not found" And the same with acting on control inputs. In both cases, the best thing you can do is to stand up from your vehicle, and sit back, so that it will do the permission request again without failure, and you can go on. When you're flying or sailing, it's not easy or possible to stop after every single crossing, and it makes sailing and flying impossible to enjoy, or impossible at all, if your craft all are really prone to this issue. If they lose control input, good luck to even stop, if they lose animation permissions, you will be probably stuck in a weird pose, half out of your boat or aircraft or car. I experienced some improvement on this in the last two weeks when crossing from one uplifted region to another uplifted region, but it doesn't entirely eliminate this issue. I hope a fix for this is in progress, because it's really like there's no point to take off with an aircraft now just to have to delete the craft 2 sims away and tp back to the airport and take off again, hoping it won't get messed up on the first or second crossing again. @Vicious Hollow This is actually the same sort of issues, because all of them came up after the crossing code updates in August, and their source is somewhere in the object and the avatar taking different amounts of time to be transferred, the object is considerably faster, and when the script would check for anything - control inputs, animation permissions, camera controls, etc - that needs the avatar sitting on the object, it won't find the avatar and throw the error. I'm still convinced that it's not even just that the avatar crosses much slower than the object, but that the destination simulator server has "no idea" of where the avatar is, at all, for an excessive amount of time, which then results in these issues with vehicles, and also the issue where you cannot see what you send in group or personal IM conversations for about 30s-1min after crossing a region, and where you usually have to come to a complete stop, wait for several seconds, and then you are able to see the messages you send to a group chat, as if it would take that long for the affected service to "catch up" with the position of the avatar. LL apparently rejected this suspicion, but I haven't heard a better guess as to what happened during and after those code changes that resulted in all these issues.
  23. Don't get offended by what I'm going to say, but this is hilarious. In fact that person isn't a Karen, but a troll. It's really not nice if they call you ugly, but in itself it isn't abusive, just their opinion. There are much worse things that people can and do say in SL. Now if they said anything explicitly racist, though, you could have filed an abuse report in the Intolerance category, or Harassment, and stated the situation in that report, while making sure the chat window with their supposedly inappropriate messages is visible on the picture of the abuse report. Of course, if they didn't type this in chat, but said on voice, there's not much to do, just block them as others advised. Voice cannot really be moderated because it doesn't get recorded, and so it is usually a mess, and you better disable voice to avoid these things. If they were naked and the maturity rating of the region and the policy of the store don't allow it, you can file an abuse report on them for that too, and you can also contact the owner/management of the store, and tell them about the situation. Just be careful so that eventually it won't be you to become a Karen.
  24. I haven't had map and other data issues today, but a few weeks ago, after the first round of region uplifts, there was an issue with "communication of uplifted regions", which resulted in symptoms you mention. What I am noticing in an increasing rate, and apparently now mostly in regions that got uplifted this week, is the "slow asset loading" issue that @animats reported, so that objects, and textures on objects take much more time to render, and the other issue that is apparently getting more and more serious is that profiles fail to load. Both personal profiles and group profiles, especially at crowded places, but sometimes my own profile doesn't load even if I'm alone in a region (so it's not just lag). At crowded places, even the radar doesn't manage to load people's age data. Trying to open the parcel details of a parcel that is in a neighboring region results in weird artifacts as well, such as not showing any info, showing the parcel where you're at, or the last parcel's info that you checked, or even your home parcel's info if you haven't opened any land info since you logged in. To me it seems like all of these issues were more prominent on datacenter hosted regions, but now the uplifted ones show these symptoms quite as much, so I'd suspect the source of these all isn't in the uplift of a sim, but of something else (other services). I've experienced relatively much more teleport issues as well (compared to my previous rate of 1 failed TP out of 500), with about 10 failing TP attempts out of 60, but out of all, only 1 resulted in getting disconnected, the other ones were recoverable by cancelling, waiting 3 seconds and then attempting to TP to the same place again. Some of them were uplifted regions.
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