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  1. Land prices in BC, Nautilus City and and Horizons are indeed absurdly high, although they all have a x2 prim capacity multiplier, so no wonder the prices are in the skies. You don't have to look for these places for a nice roadside land, though. Regular mainland has more roads, and much larger area, with way friendlier land prices. The closest to what you're looking for is Kama City on Zindra. (Look for Kama Center region on the map, and the area around it.) If you don't mind the adult rated continent, and the futuristic, metal roadways, it would be the way to go. The rest of Zindra is quite crowded as well, and you can find pretty cheap parcels on roadsides. If you just want streets for the atmosphere of the urban infrastructure, Zindra should win the "cheap and city-like" challenge. Otherwise, if you'd also like to be able to explore a large area by driving, Zindra is quite limited in size and incomplete infrastructure, so other, larger continents are better for that reason. Also, on any other continent, you can get a parcel for even as cheap as 1 L$ per square meter, either by catching a direct sale, or by an abandoned land request. To have the city-like feeling, you can look for city-builds in some areas, that usually take up 1-2 regions. To avoid lag, you can look for a roadside parcel in the neighboring region, so that you can live right next to a city. You can find such especially in the East River area (look up Grizedale and follow the road in any direction around), and Northeast Satori (between Allalinhorn and Toroge). Those areas resemble urban infrastructure quite well, as far as the atmosphere goes, but also there aren't always many available parcels. If you keep looking for a while, though, you can catch a nice, cheap one when someone decides to move. Otherwise, there is a huge amount of abandoned and cheap lands on roadsides on all continents, and even if it isn't anywhere near an urban area, it can be fun to have a plot at those areas, too.
  2. Privacy-wise and for a perfect identity change, the avatar name change isn't entirely effective, because your UUID remains the same. Thus, anyone that got your UUID written up somewhere can find out your new name easily. Let's say random trolls and stalkers don't bother with that, so they probably wouldn't keep your UUID forethinking about you changing your name and so they'd lose you. At least I'd expect people with such personal "qualities" not to be able to think about it. (Let's hope they won't read this topic either to get ideas.) There might be things in their possession that automatically stored your UUID though, either an avatar name cache file, or a calling card, both contain an avatar's UUID paired with their current name. They shouldn't have a calling card from you unless you gave them yours, or friended them once. If they have it though, your name as creator will show on it, and your UUID in the description. When one of my friends changed her name, indeed the active calling card in my inventory automatically changed its name to her new name. However, my calling cards folder is a bit weird, and I have almost all cards duplicated for some reason, then sometimes I just delete the unnecessary duplicates. In fact, the duplicate card still had the name of her original name, but of course her new name showed as creator when looking at its properties. The avatar name cache file is also weird for me, I just can't see the pattern in when and why a person gets added to the list, while someone else doesn't, but it contains multiple names paired with their UUID. So these are two ways you could keep track of someone that changed name, even if you manually didn't save their UUID somewhere to be able to look it up later. There might be other files as well that can store avatar names paired with UUID, not to mention various third party databases of SL avatar names that also feature their UUID. My point is, unfortunately there is no 100% bulletproof way to change the identification of your avatar, and to get rid of absolutely hardcore stalkers that know their stuff. For random trolls trying to mess with you, the name change should work fine. I'd actually just hit block on them, and file some abuse reports if they return with alts, for the record. There's no point spending money on a name change again and again if the sole reason is to try to protect yourself from those people.
  3. That scene would at least explain the looks on that gyazo capture
  4. Skinny girl avi walks into the cheap cosmetics clinic on the backside of a shady sim: Doctor, I wanna look like Kim Kardashian! Doctor (with a "Legit Doc" group tag above his head) holds a syringe the size of a fire extinguisher filled with silicone: Sure, Ma'am, lay down please and let's get started.
  5. Yes, as I've suspected earlier, this probably hits some users much more than others, and so when looking only at the rate of failed teleport attempts overall, it would definitely not show any big outstanding rate. 10 days ago I said I haven't had any failed teleports out of 300-400 teleports of the previous weeks. In the last 10 days, I racked up about 150 (or more) teleports, (30+ today), and only a single one failed (somewhere around the 100th one a few days ago). So I hope the team working on these issues will try to look into why certain people get a lot more failed teleport attempts, because if we blend the sample size of different users' teleports, the overall failure rate sure doesn't tell anything about the issue behind.
  6. They usually just stand in the middle of the road, and rez the boxes on the middle of the road, which can block it until autoreturn gets it. The whole idea is flawed, as the road and waterway rez zones are to rez vehicles, not clothing boxes. Sure, the minority that manages to stay in the bushes on the roadsides is fine. Yet I can't see the point of such a suggestion, when there are publicly available free dressing rooms that you can easily find with the Search function.
  7. Just to be clear and avoid mistakes: You can buy a region-sized parcel on Mainland, not "a full region". You won't have region admin rights, only parcel owner rights, obviously. (Just if it wasn't obvious, though.)
  8. There we go, someone had to pull the superhuman "I pay for mah land, I do whatevah I want, B*" card. Thank you for improving mankind and the smaller community with your mentality.
  9. As a matter of fact, and quite an interesting one, I haven't seen any Democrat campaign signs saying any even mildly offensive things about the opposition, while it is a common feature of the Republican ones inworld (until they get removed due to the curse words on them). Yes, people can get along fine at a party. It only depends on which party it is.
  10. But wait, this is a standard feature everywhere in this world! It should even increase its value!
  11. There's one way to get a proper sample size. Drive through all continents on the roads, then on the seas, lakes, channels to cover those regions as well, and scan them all with an "uplift detector". By the time you'd finish with the first scan though, there would be probably more few thousands uplifted in the next round, so you still couldn't make accurate statistics of the uplift process.
  12. Next time if you're already scrolling to the Land Forum, you could scroll down a bit more to this discussion: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/292-wanted-mainland/ (Edit: It's funny how such a comment becomes absolutely pointless after you get the topic moved to the right place. I'm almost tempted to put a cat picture here...)
  13. I don't really want to add too much more info (oh, of course not), but I'd rather assess the points above a bit differently, so I'll include some more info inevitably as well. First, if you by any chance meant a Linden Home on Bellisseria, as Qie mentioned, there are restrictions. (In fact Bellisseria connects two Mainland continents, but itself is the Linden Homes 2 estate, not Mainland.) These are the ones that you should consider in this case: 1, The parcel you can get there is 1024 square meters. This limits the area of your sky platform to this size, but actually, 1024 sqm is really not a small area. 2, "Skyboxes are only allowed above 2000m." On Mainland, however, there are indeed no such restrictions. As Qie (and then everyone else) advised, building the skybox above 1000m altitude is still a considerate thing to do. Especially since that way it will pretty sure not be visible from the ground from anywhere. It should be common sense not to build anything in a way that it exceeds your parcel borders, especially onto public parcels, other than properly building a "buffer" between any two objects to bridge them (to connect 2 skyboxes, or your driveway with the road). It is, however, not really common sense for everyone, so it's worth a note. Also, any object under 400 meters altitude leaves a map print on the world map texture. If you build anything below that altitude, and it would cover anything else than your parcel, it would be pretty easily noticeable. If you don't want to bother with the ground, road or waterway access, anything down there, you can easily find a parcel for your liking and in the right size. You might want to make sure you fly up to 4096m (rather teleport up and drop down) on the desired parcel to see the skyboxes on the neighboring parcels. Sometimes there are 100m diameter sky bubbles across a whole region, because one person didn't care about their neighbors. Sometimes there are even several ones in one region, at different heights. Make sure the land you pay for is clear all the way vertically at least when you buy it, so you don't have to find out about these things later and try to return those big, glitchy things to your neighbor. I would also avoid neighboring parcels that claim to be "multiscene rentals", because you can never know what kind of things are in their scene rezzers that might or might not reach over to your parcel accidentally. If the view around the parcel is quite clear, it should be fine.
  14. Okay, so if I interpret things correctly from what Qie posted, the intention is to only focus on the Uplift and rolls for the uplifted regions to work on the issues at the same time of moving more and more sims to AWS hosts, so we don't have to bother with rolling restarts for datacenter hosted regions anymore, right? (As they'll slowly roll out anyway if things go well.) (Edit: I realize this fails a bit at "which regions will be uplifted in the next round?", it's still important to let people know when there is a chance their regions will be uplifted, instead of suddenly realizing when it happens, without the chance to expect it.)
  15. I haven't got any failed teleports for about 2 weeks now, which means about 300-400 teleports without an issue. I guess at least statistically we can believe what Oz said, but this also means, just like the group chat issues, this hits some people much more than others.
  16. I don't know the numbers for other automatic transportation networks like the SLGI ships, but I think those are indeed smaller-scale than the pod service. The thing is, when any idea comes to a gridwide level, it is ought to be large-scale, as the grid has a huge area, let alone Mainland with continuous open-world. I think the two mainland-wide services out there are really enough to cover all areas that other smaller services don't.
  17. Yeah, in my emotionally weepy world, I advocate freedom and rights to do whatever one wants unless it would be harmful or abusive to others. I am one of the first persons to push a process to get rid of things on Mainland if they are abusive according to LL's own terms, or even if something isn't, but violates certain rights that most countries acknowledge and protect in the real world. The pods, whatever you try to prove your point that they are abusive, are not. It's like, just because I don't like white cars in real life, how cool it would be if they weren't able to drive in "my street", or on any roads so that I wouldn't have to look at them, no? No. Just because I don't like something, or it doesn't benefit my interests, I am able to accept it. I didn't speak about you, only "land developers" in general. As far as I know, you didn't even call yourself like that. It's interesting you took it personally, though. Again as much as using caps to highlight your point. I like to drive my own vehicles too, but I also love buses, trains, etc in both worlds. It's just people that I don't like to travel with in RL. I loved to ride trains and buses when they were literally empty besides the driver. This is just another personal, subjective aspect. Just like as you try to bring in politics. On whose alt you think I am, at least I know you're paranoid and your thinking is flawed by that, because I'm not anyone's alt. If what I say or do resembles someone from your past, maybe I'd like to know that person, they might tell interesting things to broaden my horizons in SL. Wrong. I know that from his statement here as well. Especially that topic that ended with his post made me be interested in the Forums and topics about land and vehicles. I'm an "infoholic". If I don't know about something, the only reason might be that I was isolated from the source, or the info and source were old and I haven't yet read about it. And obviously I favor new and relevant info over old and uninteresting things. I only tell you this because if you think I'm misinformed, you can slip on a thick, juicy banana peel when arguing against my points. I like to laugh at you when it happens, though. This is funny, because you were the one to bring mainland and the pictures of empty pods (next time please shoot a photo of some red ones, those are my favorite cuties) into this topic.
  18. It's not your opinion differing from others' that exposes your hate, but the fact that you keep yelling all the same things again and again, when it comes to pods. ("THEY ARE EMPTY. THEY ARE SPAM.") You don't even complain about other automatic vehicles at all, only the pods. So it is only against the pods for you, nothing else. Sure. See this from earlier: No. In fact, Yavanna isn't in the Maintenance and LDPW groups which would allow her to set her rezzers to those groups, to keep her objects on all Linden-owned public lands. The example of that is Kitto Flora and the ONSR tracks and maglev trains in the Snowlands, which are set to the Maintenance group. And that shows a nice project shared between LL and an individual creator. There's also a weird aspect of this anti-pod attitude when it comes to arguments like "they are empty, unused, unnecessary", etc. Especially when you support this with pictures of empty pods on empty roads. If the roads are nearly empty all the time, especially if we only consider them "used" if they are used by an avatar - there are more random people using road rez zones as dressing rooms than people driving on the roads - why don't you say they're also an unnecessary waste of resources? Thousands of square meters and prim capacity in a region which nobody uses or would be allowed to buy? Why don't we just campaign to get LL to remove the roads and sell the land to people who would expand their rental business with those lands? Interestingly enough, "land developers" as some of them like to call themselves, really like to tag their parcels as "Protected roadside for sale or rent", no matter that the road is nearly unused. It looks like that only makes them more appealing to everyone, since that is "protected" in a way that at least one side of your land is neighbored by LL, so random neighbors won't put up eyesores next to you on that side. It is interesting that people find this aspect perfectly fine, using it for their advantage, and to gain profit through renting or selling "developed land" on roadsides, but at the same time, they are against some people offering a service on those roads for everyone for free. To return to the Bellisseria train topic, I hope the SLGI ships will also be able to participate in Belli's automatic vehicle project (if there would be any in the future). They are big, green, and often fly over the roads at a height where they are even more noticeable than anything else. The deep green color also matches the vivid environment there. It would be a blast!
  19. I see your point, but there's a huge difference between "40-foot-tall around someone's property" and "6 feet high between two properties". This stands for SL as well, to be honest. While a 40 ft high privacy screen already looks ridiculous and disturbing, there are even much larger ones in SL. And 6 is usually not enough to try to cover the sight of whatever a neighbor just built, or if they have banlines. Good question though when it comes to restrictions, where to draw the line in certain situations. Limiting fence height at 4 feet is absurd for me, especially in the real world.
  20. That is basically the difference of the whole concept though. Mainland is pretty much as full as you fill it, with a variety of things, without much control. Belli is a nice, engineered, controlled residential environment. Especially this is why the control element is a viable argument in what Prokofy and you said. I tried to outline it too, but oh well. I agree with the rest of your post, that's why I didn't quote it directly. I would agree with Prok on these things too, if it wasn't for his flaming hate of pods. There's even an advantage of a rez-on-demand vehicle system on Belli, though. Those rezzers could be placed at areas where there aren't public rez zones. For example, bicycle rezzers at the streets. On the railroad, due to the track control system, they would have to be only at the rez zones (if I understood Squeaky correctly), but obviously, that would be still great for those that don't have their own rail vehicles yet, for example. Or those you mentioned that would rather be passengers than the operator of a train. The only thing that might facilitate an on-schedule service over rez-on-demand is the track control system. If there were multiple rezzers throughout a line, and several people rez trains at those points, it can be uncontrolled and cause issues, while a few trains that would run on a line on a not too frequent schedule would be more reliable, as there wouldn't be randomly rezzed automatic trains on the track at any time.
  21. At first I thought this was hilarious, but then a really important question came up which makes me rather agree with her: Why the hell is there a limit on how high a fence can be? I guess that whole situation matches SL pretty well indeed...
  22. @Prokofy Neva Oh my god, Prokofy, thanks for trying to ruin this topic with this nonsense too. Did you forget it is a Bellisseria train topic? Wait, I'll try to help once more: Automatic vehicles on Belli could be controlled easily, if LL would allow only a few people to run them at certain areas, with properly thought out requirements. It could work like the ONSR. Especially on a huge continent with limited rez zones compared to its size, and the no object entry setting since it is Linden Homes, automatic vehicles would make even more sense than on Mainland. When you lose your car, train, magic carpet, whatever on a bad crossing - and that's pretty sure crossings will still cause issues sometimes even after the uplift - you could hop on the next automatic thing for a while, until the next rez zone for example. Maybe. Maybe not. When I find a region too laggy while travelling through, I check the worn script stats of avatars in the sim. Most of those I happen to check are excessively scripted, probably for no reason. I doubt they would care about resources or unnecessary objects in their home sim. I also haven't seen any kind of intolerance in any related groups against the possibility of automatic vehicles on Belli. It looks like your intolerance is a quite unique thing.
  23. You stepped out of Mainland for a while and already missed the pods, hm? As long as object entry remains disabled on most of the protected parcels on Belli, there won't be "random" automated traffic, and it greatly reduces the chance of lost ghost trains as well. It would be great if Belli could have pods too, and some realistic automatic trains that fit in the theme, and it wouldn't be hard to properly implement it, the rezzers just have to be set to the LDPW group, and there are examples of that on Mainland, so I can see a chance for a bright future of automatic trains on Belli as well.
  24. Simply: No. In more depth, look at this newer topic with less chatter, it has all the necessary and valid info: The point is, if they are individual places and the political theme isn't meant for large-scale (networked) advertisement, it is fine. It is this set of rules (also linked in that other topic) that has anything regarding political ads, and started these topics: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_on_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers#Advertising_rules_and_restrictions
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