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  1. Hello, all I am considering to buy land and rent it and do not know how to operate thus. What are the duties and the rights of a landlord in second life. Are there any lessons to teach this in sl? Tks
  2. So if a visitor can violate the ToS in my absence in my house with a sex animation or HUD without poseballs, my question is: is there any way to prevent this if I want to? (Out of the question that I would be present when such things happening and I think that i>about land>objects>autoreturn other residents objects>1 may stop all visitors rezzing).
  3. Hello, I have a house in a general region and do not have nor like sex beds and furniture. Do not have any orb as the landlord does not allow it. Recently I was informed that there exist in sl sex huds, I'd like to know if a visitor can use a sex hud in my house -in my absence of course- although it is located in a general region. It is not quite an abuse and griefing question but I'm threatened that this might happen and wish to know if it technically possible. Thanks
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