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  1. Yeah, in my emotionally weepy world, I advocate freedom and rights to do whatever one wants unless it would be harmful or abusive to others. I am one of the first persons to push a process to get rid of things on Mainland if they are abusive according to LL's own terms, or even if something isn't, but violates certain rights that most countries acknowledge and protect in the real world. The pods, whatever you try to prove your point that they are abusive, are not. It's like, just because I don't like white cars in real life, how cool it would be if they weren't able to drive in "my street", or
  2. It's not your opinion differing from others' that exposes your hate, but the fact that you keep yelling all the same things again and again, when it comes to pods. ("THEY ARE EMPTY. THEY ARE SPAM.") You don't even complain about other automatic vehicles at all, only the pods. So it is only against the pods for you, nothing else. Sure. See this from earlier: No. In fact, Yavanna isn't in the Maintenance and LDPW groups which would allow her to set her rezzers to those groups, to keep her objects on all Linden-owned public lands. The example of that is Kitto Flor
  3. I see your point, but there's a huge difference between "40-foot-tall around someone's property" and "6 feet high between two properties". This stands for SL as well, to be honest. While a 40 ft high privacy screen already looks ridiculous and disturbing, there are even much larger ones in SL. And 6 is usually not enough to try to cover the sight of whatever a neighbor just built, or if they have banlines. Good question though when it comes to restrictions, where to draw the line in certain situations. Limiting fence height at 4 feet is absurd for me, especially in the real world.
  4. That is basically the difference of the whole concept though. Mainland is pretty much as full as you fill it, with a variety of things, without much control. Belli is a nice, engineered, controlled residential environment. Especially this is why the control element is a viable argument in what Prokofy and you said. I tried to outline it too, but oh well. I agree with the rest of your post, that's why I didn't quote it directly. I would agree with Prok on these things too, if it wasn't for his flaming hate of pods. There's even an advantage of a rez-on-demand vehicle system on Belli,
  5. At first I thought this was hilarious, but then a really important question came up which makes me rather agree with her: Why the hell is there a limit on how high a fence can be? I guess that whole situation matches SL pretty well indeed...
  6. @Prokofy Neva Oh my god, Prokofy, thanks for trying to ruin this topic with this nonsense too. Did you forget it is a Bellisseria train topic? Wait, I'll try to help once more: Automatic vehicles on Belli could be controlled easily, if LL would allow only a few people to run them at certain areas, with properly thought out requirements. It could work like the ONSR. Especially on a huge continent with limited rez zones compared to its size, and the no object entry setting since it is Linden Homes, automatic vehicles would make even more sense than on Mainland. When you lose your car, train
  7. You stepped out of Mainland for a while and already missed the pods, hm? As long as object entry remains disabled on most of the protected parcels on Belli, there won't be "random" automated traffic, and it greatly reduces the chance of lost ghost trains as well. It would be great if Belli could have pods too, and some realistic automatic trains that fit in the theme, and it wouldn't be hard to properly implement it, the rezzers just have to be set to the LDPW group, and there are examples of that on Mainland, so I can see a chance for a bright future of automatic trains on Belli as well.
  8. Simply: No. In more depth, look at this newer topic with less chatter, it has all the necessary and valid info: The point is, if they are individual places and the political theme isn't meant for large-scale (networked) advertisement, it is fine. It is this set of rules (also linked in that other topic) that has anything regarding political ads, and started these topics: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_on_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers#Advertising_rules_and_restrictions
  9. You're right, I had some tunnel vision focusing on inworld stuff in this matter. I'm wondering though if selling hundreds of plots of virtual land where the owners do the same political advertisement one by one would really differ too much from this, though, when someone would look at it from outside of SL. Of course that isn't as obvious as one person with multiple ad parcels.
  10. The person that has complained here when these rules were introduced was basically the only person on Mainland that used multiple ad parcels (her own parcels), to host political signboards. In fact, those were really small signs, noticeable, especially at 50 locations on roadsides, but still entirely civilized. However, she was the only person that would have been effected by the new rules, and she removed all of her signs. At the same time, those that have converted thousands of square meters of their lands into huge political campaign eyesores, or rezzed huge fullbright prim boxes above thei
  11. Apparently it doesn't happen to many people at once, but it has been going on since August with the other group chat issues, people were complaining about not being able to see any group chat. Back then I even thought they were exaggerating, then a month ago it happened to me too. No group chat. At all. For a whole week. Then it was working again. I keep hearing about more people being hit by this issue though, and it's really not reassuring. It's interesting while chat of some large groups apparently doesn't work for about a month now, and others can't access any group chat, yet others e
  12. Or they can search directly for fitting rooms / dressing rooms, also freebie stores, as the large ones have dressing rooms. It offers more privacy than a sandbox or any random rez zone, and won't annoy anyone. Especially giving such advice to go to vehicle rez zones to rez random stuff and edit appearance is the worst idea, that's how you can annoy the most people, and that's what the OP wanted to avoid. @Robberinthemuseum If you use the keywords "dressing room" in the inworld Search on the Places tab, it will give more than 20 options right away where you should be able to change clothe
  13. Basically, you can always file a Linden owned land related ticket in Land and Region > Region Offline, just explain that the issue is not that, but something else, and it needs a specialist to look into it, then they'll sort it out. Sometimes a few things aren't working properly in the LMP, just like anywhere else in SL, so it's great if a few of us care to poke Support with occasional issues we find.
  14. That's it... especially it is highly inconsistent when they end up with a rollback for this, while they didn't do so for the previous large issues that certain changes caused. Why didn't they roll back after the group chats got messed up entirely? Now there's still not even a fix for the previous issues, but they managed to produce more. Great job. And in such cases, they could indeed explain what they intended to do and what they failed to do so, so at least those interested in the issue itself could see the issue themselves, instead of thinking the people working on the fixes are incompetent
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