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  1. It didn't get any better yet, to be honest. It is still as unreliable as it has been since last August. No, not "as it always have been", because the massive fail of group chat is definitely rooted in some simulator server and agent presence communication issues, which began in August 2020. Fortunately in the last month, for me all group conversations work mostly fine, once they start to get delivered. The problem is the circumstances of getting the messages delivered. (Supposedly the viewer and the group chat servers doing the necessary communication to subscribe to group chat delivery, and s
  2. You misunderstood the point, then. I wrote it here first for people like you and me, so you can do the same tests if you want, if you notice failing group chat delivery, and then it won't be only me poking them on the Jira with this all the time, while others just silently accept the fact things are so broken, or even try to tell people off of seeking a fix when we bring it up here. It is nice you were able to read the first sentence of a consistent paragraph, but it doesn't take too much effort to quote myself here, so here you go, reading it again can't hurt.
  3. If only someone kept going there to remind them about fixing the map as well... I'm really disappointed the time that user group is at isn't good for me, but oh well. To stay on topic, yes, it might help some, and if it really did, then for example I wouldn't complain about it at all. It would be just another recent change in the line that might or might not have some real benefit, but isn't really important anyway. The problem with the change is that it didn't work, and it seems to correlate with the group chat delivery issues that arose right after the changes were made. A few hours ago
  4. There is one thing that I feel like I have to ask about this argument of yours, because it is either only unclear to me, or there's some lack of connection between your argument and the current issues. So if the "intended use" of groups was only land management, then why are group features virtually unlimited? Yes, I know, there is no such thing as "unlimited" in reality, there will be some processing or storage limit eventually. However, the group system wasn't designed with limits. All limits have been apparently implemented one by one when the Lab determined it would be necessary to do, lik
  5. When it is a topic about something that is still just as relevant as when it was made, I think it's much better to bump the original one. This way people that haven't known about the entire thing can learn something new and join the discussion as well. Who knows how longer it would have taken for me to find out about those videos and that feature request, if ever, if it wasn't for seeing "Mirrors" here now? I'm not here for such a long time yet, so as I haven't been around when this suggestion might have been a thing, it isn't actually easy to come across things like this if you're not di
  6. Alright, here we go again. I was happier not to come to the Forums for a while since Oz retired, since seeing these misleading, false, or directly lying, or largely incompetent and useless posts is more than disappointing. Oz at least answered questions and tried to help. Without that help, there's not much to hope, but what is enough, is enough, so it has to be addressed. I mostly stayed away from complaining here because at least I was less affected by these technical issues. Of course there is no usable world map, I wrote long pages on that so who cares. Teleport failures and gr
  7. Let's be honest, it's no wonder you guys fail to restore the world map's functionality, a simple rolling restart is too difficult for you now to carry out. Oh and this is false, main channel regions only got restarted today after exactly 28 days, the grid poking bot or whatever it is, is still broken. It would be much easier to just do a restart on an entire channel even without simulator version update every 7-14 days (1-2 weeks) just to keep their uptime low.
  8. I'll quote multiple posts to avoid making a bigger mess of this conversation. It is fun to just read it, and all the other topics that were opened for this one issue, but seriously, on our end there is simply no progress made in this case since November, as the map is still broken, and apparently @Oz Linden and his team forgot to update us with new info for a month again, if we count the Jan 21 update on the GSP as an actual update, while it actually doesn't contain any new, useful information, so it doesn't count. Anyway, we would certainly appreciate some new updates on where exactly the pro
  9. That's actually the original photo that I took the first time I drove there, while I was still new. I didn't expect the road to break like that, I thought it would be just a steep grade down to the canyon. I had to realize in a millisecond that wasn't the case, so I quickly pulled the parking brake, but it was only enough to produce this great photo, after that, I put it in Drive again and I properly fell down 😂
  10. It's in Fenric and Davros, and if you're there, there's something you shouldn't miss: So if we're at the challenging/impossible to drive roads, this is my favorite. Where is it?
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frostar/157/11/25 - Maybe it is supposed to reflect the unfinished nature of the Gaeta continents, or it was just some random idea to make that abandoned beach setting. It is at that part where the road is secluded from the rest and you'd have to use an amphibious vehicle to get there, so it looks intentional. I love Gaeta V, though, it's very sandy and pretty overall. I guess I want this to be the next one, I like that throne. Where is it?
  12. It is NOT mainland. It is Linden Homes. They do interact, though, those who want, at least.
  13. The East River Community is the only thing that I can think of, which might match these aspects you're looking for. Although if you're looking for something like the RP/community sims on private estates, there won't be a perfect match on Mainland. You can take a look at the ERC if you go to Helvellyn for example, the East River area is one of the most beautiful areas of Sansara, and the East River Community consists of multiple parcels in 13-14 regions. There are two airports, public transport, shops, residential areas, a harbor, a hospital, fire stations, a lot of parking lots, an internal ro
  14. It was a bit tricky, because just any of these places with the "hedgemoles" wasn't good enough for me, I wanted exactly the one in your pictures LOL. At least there aren't too many sims with U in the area, so the sign was a big help, it's at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shempo/183/139/76 I guess this is super easy, where am I?
  15. That is one of my favorite locations, in Durango, the Bridge of Light under Amundsen Road, and this lower end is on the border of Durango and Grindlewald. Crossing it with a vehicle is more than a challenge, it's a game of precision and time! Let's see another favorite location of mine, then. This is a resident-build, pretty old, it is in a well-known and unique area, and the most important clue to it is: Deep. (It is beautiful, and it was one of the first places I've explored in SL. It is a must to see if you haven't been there yet!) The same from the outsi
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