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About Me

  1. This is the official forum thread for the SL Connect the Continents interest group. This group was created to grow momentum, popularity and plans to create a sim channel to connect the major continents in SecondLife; starting with a connection from Satori to Sansara, as well as a channel from Sansara to Jeogeot. Sailing, aviation, passenger and freight fans alike would benefit from a long traverse-able connection between the larger closer continents. Please join in world if you support this idea, and our list/forum will serve as a petition/interest gathering. We already have many memb
  2. Hello all. I decided to start a new thread specifically for my favourite continent, Sansara - where SL all began, as did it's precursor, Linden World. My first post for this thread fixes one of the biggest problems with Sansara, as there is currently no way to move by boat from Sansara's north coast to south coast, or vice-versa. Why? There is no contiguous waterway and water levels are much higher/deeper in Sansara's interior lakes. My plan involves a short relocation of a 16 region sized micro-continent called "Islandia North" (to the north-east of Sansara) and adding 38 new water
  3. Move in special - Pay 2 weeks get 1 week free (New residents to Saimya Estates) Available Rentals Link: CasperPanel - Available Rentals Beautiful views, Privacy in your home with access to several sailing sims or Protected roads. Affordable living, Tv with movies in the home. Furnished homes Apartments and sky boxes. The ability to return all furniture if needed. Some houses on certain lands may be return, note card will also let you know. Security may be used, change music stream and other land abilities on your land. 1. 115
  4. Land for Sale L18,000 Protected road in front, have access to lots of other sims. Items on land may be used or return. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sciliar/122/3/25
  5. Visit us at Tuarua Fiji Estates where we have all you need for a great time on the water. There is a race line in Anse Etoile Isle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anse Etoile Isle/17/129/23 that's open to all to use. There is a GTFO (get the frieght out) hub in Glacis http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glacis Isle/193/189/22 and of course our Cloud 9 floating bar in Banc auxCocos Isle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banc auxCocos Isle/31/208/22. Also we have great flying facilities with a 4 region air hub to the south based around Maho Beach and a smaller single region airfie
  6. TUARUA FIJI are for the enjoyment of all who visit and live here. Come and get yours now! Great land with guaranteed 24/7 online service Click the link below👇👇 http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?cmd=land&last=estate&estate=Tuarua+Estate&type=&rating=&zoning=&size=&prims=&position=&weeklyl%24=&texture=&language=&theme=&features=&single_estate=0&page=1
  7. Visit us here at Tuarua Fiji Estates! You can view our listing at https://tinyurl.com/y4hz93ky Don't hesitate to contact Surreal Chung =Owner Donald Chung = Estate Manager Margotfenring =Estate Manager
  8. We got a zombie shooting sim. Flying is deactivated in region and land options, but today i still saw someone flying, very fast. I think it's not the normal flying. She can even fly through alpha walls! Seems like she's wearing a HUD or so? Is there a way to make them stop flying? Scrips and rezzing must stay allowed on our sim.
  9. Where are all my fellow flying purple people eating dragons at?!!! I know your out there somewhere!! Now show yourselves!!! I cant be the only one in existence!!!!
  10. Protected Waterfront Parcels for Sale! This land will go fast as it is in high demand and priced to sell. There are three options to select from currently available all with direct water access to full protected sims, not just a border. Neighbors are lovely people, I've met them all. Quiet and calm simhood Please IM me directly in-world @Brandon Rowley Click to Tour the Properties PARCEL 1 2560m2 | 878 Land Capacity | L$ 22,528 ($13 USD/Month Tier Level: 2048 w/512 Bonus) PARCEL 2 4096m2 | 755 Land Capacity | L$ 36,044 ($22 USD/Month Tier Lev
  11. One of my helicopters is now showing a script warning, error, debug message, at every sim crossing flying the plane. I have to click off each one of the message pop-up, at sim crossing flying. Is there a debug section to stop this from happening? To know something is "amiss", there's planes hanging in the "air" to be concerned about the stability of the viewer.
  12. House and Decor can be used or Returned ... 4096m Land for sale - L20,000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Egill/102/162/22 Nice area no eye sores low lag ....Close to a coastal water way, anshe sailing sims and access to sail to the blake sea.
  13. Hello Everyone. I’ve created a new group in SL for kids and families who want to fly. This group aims to connect SL child av’s and their parents (when applicable) with airplane pilots, flight attendants, and flight nannies to facilitate the transportation of kids and their families in the air. Within the group chat, you can seek out airplane rides for yourself (the child), your family, or an Unaccompanied Minor (UM, a child flying without a parent or guardian). Pilots, flight attendants, and flight nannies can message in the group to provide services as well. Feel free to join here: http
  14. MOVE IN SPECIAL!!!! Pay 2 weeks get 1 free - Access to sailing!!! Option to buy Land available 1500 Saimya Bay - Route 7 Waterfront House and Furniture can be used or return to owner. Located on sail able waters access to Route 7 and access to lots of different sims. Tropical Beautiful and peaceful environment. You can control music, and other land abilities. 600 Prims/ L 650wk or For sale L18,000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maclane/248/90/22 1600 Saimya Bay- Route 7 Waterfront House and Furniture can be used or return to owner.
  15. When I log in I see a message in local chat that I have "Flight Assist is enabled". How do I disable that? Help and many thanks for any advice.
  16. Protected Blake waterfront. Sail or fly safely to the Blake Sea and beyond. Unlimited use with full permissions including terraforming. Land can be 90% above water or 100% below water. Commercial use allowed, sub-leasing permitted if you wish. All of my tenants are long term renters, with a 100% satisfaction rating for years. I will work with you to personalize your experience. Photo below is an example setup of land with house, yard, landscaping, runway, hangars, fire pit, and 9 vehicles - only using a little over 1/3 of the available prims. visit here ----> http://maps.se
  17. Rare double protected oceanfront corner at Gulf of Moles FOR RENT: 2500L/week 2800 prims FULL PARCEL MANAGEMENT & ABILITIES RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL NO COVENANT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunnylun/245/12/22
  18. Hello dear fellow SL members, Regular I have this: when my avatar flies up, she gets stuck and keeps flying up. At the same time camera controls and top screen menu (like Advanced, Develop etc) are unable to use. Only thing I can do is relog. But, as you can guess, as soon as I try to fly I get stuck again. I tried /99 stop but that doesn't work. How do I solve this problem? Thank you in advance for your answer/help 🙂 Zia Branner
  19. Green grass hillside, flat, very few neighbors. . 2048 sq m 703 prims. No covenant. Contact ladywolf5256 $L4,000 OBO - Just West of the Blake Sea (Stacey) Mainland Parcels - your land professionals rocking The Grid!
  20. Havna is a Scandinavian marina and archipelago estate at the end of the world. Peaceful and friendly it's a great base for your sailing with access to Blake Sea, but privacy too if that's your desire. We have islands and boathouses to rent, as well as boat-slips in the small dock at the public main area. On the main public area, overlooked by our lighthouse, enjoy the fountain area, with stage close by for events, the rock area with public bathing, and across the bridge the private island with its own sauna and places to relax. Rent an island and create your own slice of heaven, or rent a
  21. We are looking to sell our land which is a great location, off of the blake sea, and right on Route 8. Did not want to sell this land, but unfortunately we are looking to move near a friend. We paid much more than we are asking for this great land. -Already has BUILT UP TRAFFIC, perfect for commercial -Blake Sea Sky Access, -Blake Sea Water Access (very close to the water,through NHA) -Roadside Access to ROUTE 8 -Connected to SL's Famous Airport (New Horizons Airport) -GTFO Aircraft & Ground Vehicles Location 17792 SQM 6,108 Land Impact (prims
  22. Available again from 12-10! Blake Sea direct! 564 prims total (300 available with landscaping and house) 599 p/w Professionally landscaped with beautiful beach house. Security orb provided. Room for your your boat! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Impish Glee/172/57/23 Yes it is beautiful and truly a quick sail to the Blake sea sims. Other Sailing/Flying properties: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/De Newenham/14
  23. HOMESTEADS AVAILABLE FOR RENT WOODLAND COVE ~ Prims: 5000 (300 Prims are reserved for the tenants to fly or sail) ~ Price: 8000 L$/Week TELEPORT SHIMMERING SHORES ~ Prims: 5000 (300 Prims are reserved for the tenants to fly or sail) ~ Price: 8000 L$/Week TELEPORT PURE HEART ~ Prims: 5000 (300 Prims are reserved for the tenants to fly or sail) ~ Price: 8000 L$/Week TELEPORT If you're interested contact one of us: almm1000; amyalka; shelleyserenity; melinda rainfall; We're assisting you 24/7!
  24. Im trying to script a flying object that roams around my sim. Im trying to script it soi that it only "sees" an avatar that Is in front of its "eye" , and only in Line of Sight. I need to know how to make It roam, how to make it sense an avatar that is only in its line of sight, and only fire its weapons at people of a certain group. Any help is appreciated. Leave a comment here, or contact me inworld.
  25. Oh, my god! You heard that right. Excalibur Rentals is blowing it all up! Just look at all of these gorgeous mainland parcels! All sizes from beginning 512m, to expansive waterfront! We’re offering a special deal for new renters, and anyone who hasn’t been here for over a month~ Rent 4 weeks, and get 1 week free! What an amazing deal! We are sooo breedable friendly that most of the staff has KittyCatS, Fawns, WK, ABC horses, Biobreeds, etc. There's even Auction houses, Breeders and Sellers within our lands! Regular mainland is L$.65/prim Mainland waterfront L$.70/prim Adult main
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