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  1. In the closed official group, I haven't received any messages in a long time! I had to join the open group after this blackout episode, and then I get the messages.
  2. I have absolutely nothing to do with it ... but I would really be happy to see LL doing a good deed! And no fees! 😁
  3. Guys, thanks for your time and attention! 🧑
  4. Gratitude for responding to IMs and notecards.
  5. it appears to be a message sent by approach or collision ... I need to go to bed ... tomorrow I'll be back there ... thank you all...
  6. Haven of Mermaids the landowner didn't answer me about the script ... at least ... not yet ...
  7. It's ocean floor, 90% plant textures ... everything appears red ... tomorrow i will go back there ... lol
  8. Thanks, but the script does so ...
  9. Just to make it clear ... I saw this in a hunting game land, and it is for this very purpose that I was interested. In the context of the hunting game he is curious, funny, and gives hints ... at no time does he cause discomfort to players. I go straight to the land owner to ask for the script, I just avoided receiving a "no, I don’t pass the script" or something like that, and I thought it was easy and someone and put it here, but apparently, the action of the scritp is not well accepted in general. Thank you all.
  10. I'm not a scripter, thanks. But you won the positive number 26,001. Unforgettable! πŸ™‚
  11. The script apparently by approximation, emits a dialogue as if it were its owner. It is impossible to know where he is to see the creator, or the name of the scripts ... Someone help? Thank you.
  12. Hello people! Is there any way to prevent, prohibit, an avatar from logging into our land, other than at Landpoint? For example, avatars that log in always in front of the Raffle board! Is there a way to ban this? Is it possible to make the avatar obey Landpoint? Thank you for your help!
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