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  1. Guys, I made a derender to blacklist and I don't know how to return the object! Help me please?! 🥴 Using Firestorm!
  2. I'm used to ... pay, pay, pay ... One day it ends ... Good times when there were camps, where the poor and beginner got some change dancing, sitting, cleaning the floor ... and shopkeepers or not, were happy to distribute money ... Today is pure usury in SL, in all ways and from everywhere ... Our world was happier ...
  3. TAX MORE the poor because he is poor. I thought it was a third world thing, but I think I was wrong ...
  4. Rapaz, que merda hein?! Com o dólar lá nas pikas!!! Nunca deixe o cartão cadastrado, a não ser que seja cartão débito/crédito de contas virtuais como Mercado Pago, Pagseguro... ainda assim desde que vc mantenha a conta sempre zerada, não usando como conta corrente... Assim se acontece um erro desse, a compra é recusada automaticamente... Como está a situação?
  5. Unfortunately a quick search and you would not fall for it. My opinion is that the land is abandoned waiting for LL to retake it. Both members of the group do not have payment information. Rental is very mediocre and has the name "object" and its script called "script". The worse the presentation of the service offered, always doubt! The price is out of market standards! Although I live in a place that is also cheap, the owner is known in the community, uses a quality rental system. It doesn't have to be the most famous! Make it clear!
  6. I apologize a thousand times for taking up your time ... Unfortunately due to the language difference and many problems in RL, in the rush of life, I received the email confirming the sale of lindens and forgot to actually request the transfer of dollars ... Well, at least the dollar has increased a little in value in Brazil, and I will receive a little more ... Ty so much
  7. I sold my lindens and requested that the dollars be sent to my Paypal.Since December 28th, I haven't received my money!Any opinions to help? Thanks.
  8. I sold my lindens and requested that the dollars be sent to my Paypal. Since December 28th, I haven't received my money! Any opinions to help? Thanks.
  9. Everything is just trade! Although Lelutka came out as the best surprise of the end of the year, donating REALLY male heads, and not rolling people up like the other brand did months ago by donating a generic head and calling it unisex. Donating with the penalty of having a loss is better not giving, or else have the courage to receive harsh criticism. TMP and Legacy I didn't understand until today, they do strange things, they receive harsh criticisms but they continue ... I'm out! Lelutka, yes, was audacious, is a good example. Oh yes, I don't work for any company!
  10. In the closed official group, I haven't received any messages in a long time! I had to join the open group after this blackout episode, and then I get the messages.
  11. I have absolutely nothing to do with it ... but I would really be happy to see LL doing a good deed! And no fees! 😁
  12. Guys, thanks for your time and attention! 🧡
  13. Gratitude for responding to IMs and notecards.
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