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  1. Your dream house

    I edited above. I did not join Cain Maven to you ChinRey. Error in translation. I understood your post well. Ty.
  2. Your dream house

    I do not know how with so many years of SL I did not know the constructions of Cain Maven, although the prices are many light years of my life! I will visit you. Already ChinRey I have a little house that I bought in the world and also I have lived in your community for a few days. ;-)
  3. Does the HippoRent system still work?

    I was testing in the world, since my ALT has version 5.65, and it is running yes. The rental boxes and the central server, which should be one for each SIM, if this information matters to you. Due to the language I think you meant that where you rent, they are using Hippo still, right? Sorry for some mistake. I also discovered that it was finally removed from the Marketplace! Wow, if Casper falls ???
  4. Does the HippoRent system still work?

    Hippo and his stuffs were only in the market xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! One of those I saw in the same SIM that I was, Brown, the creator of Hippo, Andy Enfield (the avatar is the same until today). Many say he sold the system and after that the fall came, but how does all the money go into his account? Now ... I never imagined the possibility of Casper collapsing ... however as I only see in MKT, at least 6 days I have filed ... this would be a world tragedy! lol Zadig ... please spend your money, I'm your customer, I have a Skybox of yours ... please spend your money and throw Hippo's baggage at sea ... ;-)
  5. Login

    Hey, do not open up two equal topics in different sections. The community thanks.
  6. Brasileiro fazendo Brasileirice... Não abra dois tópicos iguais! A comunidade agradece. Não pense só em vc! Obrigado.
  7. E aí? Domingão sem SL? Maridão vai ficar na pista... hahahaha... Qual sua velocidade? Já tentou logar outra conta? Tentou logar com o Viewer Oficial?
  8. Como isso aconteceu? Desligou num dia e no outro não acessava mais? Viu sua caixa de email se não recebeu algo da Linden? Verifique a caixa de spam também. Conta com 3 meses e casada com outra conta de 8 meses... isso é bem brasileiro mesmo...
  9. Coloque seu nome se quiser a bandeira!
  10. It would be interesting to use a subscriber parallel to the group, so through the internet you would have access to this type of data. It's a tip. I use the link below and it is free for up to 500 members.
  11. Desculpe, isso é viagem. Produtos NO COPY não são passíveis de re-entrega! Pior, se o criador ver que vc está fazendo revenda no MKT. Pior ainda, vc falando que jogou fora sem querer. Perda de tempo.
  12. No seu Marketplace todos os produtos são derivados de Gatchas... logo, não-copiáveis... perda total...
  13. Damnable breedables

    I remembered when we could live in peace ... Openspace SIMs ... These days were incredible ... the whole community united ...
  14. ganar lindens

    Bletaverse ?