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  1. 10 anos de SL e não sabe como as coisas funcionam??? E nem retorna pra deixar feedback??? De nada, precisando liga pro meu celular! 😣
  2. If your account is basic, all recovery will go to waste! This is my experience as a basic account! Many years ago SL became a mess and a symbol of freedom ... freedom that can pass over whoever is in front of you! Whoever complains is just a bore! But if it's Premium ...
  3. Send ticket to LL, for this type of problem, at least for those who are not Premium, the ticket must go straight to the trash! I complain about monstrous things, I return there two weeks, three weeks, a month, and the trash that destroys Mainland is still there ... When I went Premium, it was more dynamic! Basic Account Lives Matter! Hello LL, the Basics move the market!
  4. The subject is the body! Which by the way my brother loved and left the default avatar after more than 10 years! It was updated, which is important, as it demonstrates the creator's attention. Who wants to enjoy SL, does not have time to be beautifying, adjusting here and there for hours, wants to log in and live! BOM brought the facility back, and Altamura did well to bring us this avatar with his head, very good! I would give 5 stars if it was effectively free, but I keep the 4.9.
  5. About 15 days ago I caught a scene of pedophilia close to where I live ... I photographed to have the names of the avatars for me ... I reported it to LL, but the fact of never receiving a return, makes me intrigued and with doubts about the that was done. I think the whistleblower could be informed about what is done with his complaints. Then the photos I took for myself, I threw them away, I have a balanced family in RL and they were despicable images.
  6. Dear @Wulfie Reanimator , I opened what I thought was important, but I don't know what to do, I actually put the phototools button these days, but I never used it, maybe I bumped up somewhere ... I don't know what to do ...
  7. Hi guys! From one day to the next, using Firestorm, and only him, all objects or faces of objects that have brightness, 0.10, 0.20, it doesn't matter, any brightness is pixelated, spoiling the look. What can this be?
  8. I suppose you are saying that "mistake" was to assume that what happened on land would be caused by BoM ... Even because I came to find out ... or if it is the lack of language on my part ... it would be sad ...
  9. I was at a SIM yesterday for a BLM event ... as people arrived, obviously everything was slower ... ok, normal ... But there were many avatars appearing deformed and naked ... I do not speak English, but in my translator someone spoke ... "Oh, BoM is fu**ing this land!" and she said that after mentioning the infamous "forced nudism" ... Although I use BoM in my AV, I don't technically understand the subject, but I was curious ... Is BoM good? On any occasion? Was the BoM connected to the nudity and deformation of the Avs?
  10. Long live freedom! LOL
  11. Trash on the floor really rots all Mainland! I've already reported mega prim with images of the horizon, but that disturb the whole neighborhood! LL just does nothing! It is very difficult to live on the ground with so much garbage dumpster nearby! In heaven, over 300 anything goes ... I live in the skies! But the ground is the eternal shame of LL ... without any control since its foundation ... There are people in SL and RL who only exist to hinder ...
  12. If Firestorm can block for non-copyable items, LL must also know how to do something for general items ... I suppose ... Ok, ok ... I count my non-copyable products on my fingers ... I avoid them to the extreme! I hate them! 🙂
  13. This boring thing should be reviewed by LL ... this is too stressful! I support the appeal!
  14. Pago 10 lindens por uma bofetada sua em uma placa de estilo MM. Pago depois de recebermos o prêmio que ele oferece! Veja meus PICKS no mundo, o primeiro item (nº0) e siga as regras! 10 Lindens bastante fáceis! Faltam poucos números!
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