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  1. Hi friend! I am back to your place... Applewood Riverlands West One, is mine... Will I receive more land rights? Landpoint, land name, etc. After I paid the rental it disappeared! Your assistant doesn't seem to understand the subject of rent well ... When you can, help me. Thanks.
  2. He doesn't work anymore ... at least that's what happened to me. He's good, he's excellent ... and that's why I still haven't trusted anyone. I chose to archive my main project. Traumatic.
  3. View of the sea Sim low lag 8 weeks, get 10% back
  4. Se perder o boom do lançamento, relaxa, logo geral abandona...
  5. Then, Thomas Conover signed in, returned to SL and resold in the Marketplace! No updates at all, just sales! He apparently has a partner or alt who has shop in the world. However, product panels target the MKT, they are not selling in the world.
  6. Depois de cadastrado seu cartão, faça uma compra de pequeno valor no Marketplace, UTILIZANDO SEU CARTÃO. Assim, o mundo se abrirá.
  7. Primeiro terminar no mínimo o ensino fundamental para saber, quem sabe, talvez, o português correto...
  8. However ... if 4 years ago the company mentioned was commenting mistakes, or want to imagine how it creeps today ...
  9. Definitely yes. However, I believe someone might come along suggesting that you order a NASA computer, even if you say you want a "cheap" computer. 🙂
  10. In real life you can not duplicate things and resell them. Buy a cabinet, sell the same cabinet, and you have no cabinet. In fake life, we buy most of the things that are copied (much safer), so if you could transfer the objects it would take the creator of the object to bankruptcy. In the market, in a much smaller number, there are also non-copiable but transferable things (I hate and do not consume), and the Gatchas have their price, usually lower to play and play and play until one day you can that model that you want so much. I do not use Gatchas machines, if I want something I buy in resale, I save money and time. Remembering that an intelligent soul thought it would be a good thing to offer the transfer of transferable products for the same copiable model, and since then that has brought joy to buyers. If today I want something from Gatcha and the seller does not offer this exchange, I do not buy. LL has no power over it, just the one who creates the product.
  11. Oh, I am scared! Lady ... or Lord ... Defending a guy that at least for hundreds of people, like me, did not give support ??? Both he was wrong that he was banished, simple. Or if he left on his own, at least he logged in! I spoke of facts, after all myself I was his client, in fact I think all SL! I never competed with him, because my product came later! I did not suggest you go to my store! I have CasperSafe because I can afford it, but who can not have the right to have simpler and cheaper products. And with support! There are people with no character who keeps vendors of him scattered around the world ... they are as wrong as he is ... Goodbye.
  12. Did Conover withdrew its thousands of lindens by selling rubbish on the market? It was unplanned years, especially years selling the damn broken Orb. But there is another side to this story ... The last maybe dozens of reviews warned that the product did not work anymore, but Orb was still among the best sellers! Two sides of the coin ... He left late! Very late!
  13. Completing ... as LittleMe Jewell said ... myself, I do not leave marked "adult" content neither in the world nor in the marketplace.
  14. I do not advise, since your profile is definitely not an adult. Or it would be better defined, sexual. There are people who do not, even though they are of legal age. When I visit a place that is in sexual lands (adult), I never zoom, or I go out to see something on the street. I do not care at all. And I believe there are more people who think like me. There is also a price issue ... from what I see are more expensive land ...
  15. Maybe ... When they come back from Sansar ... 😉
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